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Ducati Motorcycle Repair and Maintenance

Ducati Motorcycle Repair and Maintenance

Desmodromic Valve Adjustment: Ducati Desmoquattro Valve Adjustment at Ducati Tech  |  Pictorial guide to adjusting desmodromic valves  |  All sorts of examples of desmo engines from the “desmodromology” site by Henk Cloosterman; check out the list of all sorts of engines(with photos) using desmodromic technology  |  Desmo for Dummies; on the Ducati site  |  History of Desmodromic Timing; a nice, short and interesting article on the history of desmodromic valve actuation; on the Ducati site  |  Two valve Ducati desmodromic valve adjustment  |  New MBP collets claimed to extend the interval between valve adjustments to 18,000 miles; Learn more at Martin Brickwood Performance  |  The Andyman site has some technical tips and photos on installing MBP collets on a Ducati; click on “MBP” from the home page  |  Ducati desmodromic valve adjustment video  |  Neil Davies used to have a website with instructions on how to adjust Ducati valves; the website appears to have been taken down; if you know of a site with details on adjusting desmodromic valves, please let me know

Ducati Performance Parts:   Ducati engine case guard  |  Dymag carbon fiber wheels review  |  ST2 and ST4 headlight upgrade

Ducati Repair – Maintenance:  Also see the complete listing of all wBW Technical and Maintenance Articles  |  Brushes for cleaning alloy and stainless steel available at Machinery Cleanery; they also have a downloadable degree wheel for engine timing  |  Ducati valve collets claimed to extend the interval between valve adjustments to 18,000 miles  |  Martin Brickwood Performance Ducati engine and cylinder head performance  |  Desmodromic valve adjustment – see the desmo valve adjusting section below on this page  |  Check out the Tech Cafe at – articles about hydraulic brakes; the new ST4S with the 996 engine; diary of building the MH900e; how a 4-stroke engine works; and more  |  Ducatitech has info on (what else?) Ducatis  |  Ducati Suite has a Ducati maintenance schedule, Ducati technical articles on maintenance and performance and articles about adjusting desmo valves and belts  |  Here’s a story about mounting Heli-bars on a 916  | Another nice article from the Ducati Garage on some things you need to know before installing Heli-bars or a Karbacher seat on a 916  |  Installing a tachometer on a Monster 900  |  Monster single-sided swingarm conversion by Ducgirl  |  Parts diagrams, owner’s manuals and other technical and maintenance information for Ducatis is available on the Ducati site  |  More on LED’s for use as directionals on Ducatis  |  Moto One has a pretty neat Ducati Performance Notebook with information on upgrades and performance modifications for Ducatis  |  Manley Cycle has all sorts of Ducati performance tuning technical articles and test results  |  Lots of Ducati technical questions answered in the Ducati Technica Q&A section of the Ducatis Unlimited site  |  Richard’s ST2 pages has tons of information on the Ducati ST2  |  For more technical articles, check out the wBW Ducati page

Fuel Injection: Fuel Injected Motorcycles – site with info and products for remapping fuel injection for BMW, Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Laverda, etc.

wBW Ducati Tech Articles
Ducati engine case guard Carbon fiber motorcycle wheels Installing Scotchcal paint protection film on a Ducati 916 Ducati Designs headlight upgrade
Ducati Engine Case Guard Dymag Carbon Fiber Wheels Installing 3M Scotchcal Paint Protection Film Ducati Designs Headlight Upgrade

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