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Ducati Motorcycle News Archive

Ducati News Archive:  Note: Most recent news listed first; selected articles only, others may have been deleted.

2008 Ducati News:  Ducati Monster 696+ announced  | Ducati 1098 R Photos and Specs  |  Ducati 848 info and photos


2007 Ducati News:   Bleeding the brakes on a GT1000 with the Actron vacuum pump  |  Ducati announces availability of Spiffy Spokes  |  Ducati GT1000 fuel line recall fix illustrated!  |  Rusting and pitting on new Ducati GT1000 chrome  |  Ducati and Puma announce…sneakers?  |  Recall notice for SportClassic fuel line disconnect problem  |  Ducati announces three new SportClassics – the Sport 1000 Biposto, the Sport 1000 S and theGT1000 Two-Tone  |  Ducati announces the Ducati 3D Extreme video game for mobile phones!  |  Information on the Sportclassics fuel line problem  |  Ducati announces very limited edition Paul Smart print

2006 Ducati News: Updated photos of the production version Bimota Delirio!  |  New Ducati electric Monster for children  |  Ducati releases Sport Classics specifications  |  Multistrada 620 detailed specifications and information  |  The Ducati Sport Classics will finally be here this fall, starting with the Paul Smart replica, then the Sport 1000, then the GT1000 in 2006  |  Fast throttle cam for Ducatis reduces hand grip and opens at 75% of the stock cam

2004 Ducati News:  Cucciolo puppies!  Ducati’s stuffed toy for the holidays  |  Piaggio buys Aprilia and Moto Guzzi