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Ducati Has a New V4 Engine in the Works

ducati V4 teaser

4 Is Lighter Than 2

Ducati recently sent out an email that says it will have a new V4 coming out soon. The company’s email said that it would be posting weekly updates. The next update apparently will come on October 1. Then October 8 and then 13. The official reveal will be October 15.

The company has what it calls four theorems that it is using to create this new engine. The first is that “4 is lighter than 2.” Future theorems will be revealed at a later date. What I take this to mean is that the new V4 the company has will be lighter weight than the V2 it has that goes in the Panigale V2.

On a page on the company’s website, it posted about the new engine saying the following:

“A new V4 engine; a technological pillar based on four theorems expanding and improving state-of-the-art innovation. A new paradigm that elevates the sportiness written in our DNA towards fresh horizons of versatility and reliability. Stay updated on this page to discover the four theorems every week.”

You can bet I’ll be checking in regularly to get the good info on this motorcycle engine as that information becomes available. Check back for future updates.