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Ducati and the Matrix: A Modified Scrambler for the Big Screen

A view of Reeves and Carrie-Anne trying out a Ducati bike for the Matrix

When the first Matrix hit theatres, people went wild. The concept of reality having multiple layers was a catchy thrill, and it helped that directors Larry and Andy Wachowski took huge risks in the movie’s budget to realise their vision for the story – because it paid off in spades. 

One of the most memorable moments of the series was (at least to me) the first time a motorcycle showed up. In the 2003 sequel “Matrix Reloaded,” an epic stunt sequence was performed with a rich green Ducati 996. If y’all remember, Ducati came out with a series of machines shortly after (though these were technically 998 models, since Ducati had halted production of the 996).

A view of the Ducati 996 that Reeves was able to keep from the Matrix Reloaded action flick

Source: DriveMag Riders

Now, we’re seeing a reviving of Ducati for the new hit flick “Matrix Resurrections” – and the chosen beastie is Ducati’s own Scrambler, tweaked in anticipation of participation. 

According to Ducati’s press release, “Scrambler Ducati now takes up the high octane mantle with a modified motorcycle set to feature in the Matrix Resurrections, forming part of a mind-blowing set piece.”

We’ve yet to have an idea of what that ‘modified motorcycle set’ would look like, though it looks like some sort of 1100 Pro with a revamped exhaust system. 

A view of Reeves and Carrie-Anne trying out a Ducati bike for the Matrix

Source: DriveMag Riders

We also see some sort of cover on the back end of the bike, though that could just be for safety purposes instead of aesthetics (check out our article from February 2020 showing Reeves and Carrie-Ann astride Ducati’s machine to look at the bike with us). 

Regardless, we’re looking forward to what this collaboration brings in the bike department – and hey. Keanu Reeves on a Ducati? We love it, and apparently so does he, if his recent track day on a Ducati Panigale V2 is any indicator. 

A view of a Ducati Scrambler 1100

Source: Ducati’s official press release

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*Title Media Sourced from Page Six*