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Dozen best quotes from Freedom Rally against anti-association laws

Thousands attended the Brisbane Freedom Rally against the Queensland Government’s anti-association laws today. A comprehensive series of reports will be posted on MotorbikeWriter over the next few days, together with photo galleries and videos. Meanwhile,  I want to share the dozen best quotes from the speakers at the Roma Street Forum.

1 Peter Wellington, Independent Member for Nicklin and supporter of the Yandina Five: “Today on Australia Day we usually celebrate our freedom and are the envy of other countries … but no longer are you equal before the law … that is not the Australian way.”

Peter Wellington
Peter Wellington

2 ETU state secretary Peter Simpson: “There should be blood in the streets over this. It’s an outrage.”

3 Zeke Bentley of Irish Bentley Lawyers who is heading up the High Court challenge to the laws: “The people who are affected by these laws can’t even be here today.

4 Jamie “Cyclone” Evans of the Misfits MC whose YouTube video of a police interception went viral: “That’s 50 minutes of my life I won’t get back.”

5 Motorcycle small business owner Ned Kelley talking about Cyclone’s video in which police asked him why he was wearing a leather vest on a hot day: “Why are you wearing a bullet-proof vest when you’re not in the middle of a war?”

Tracey and Kassie Kosenko
Tracey and Kassie Kosenko

6 Tracey Kosenko, wife of Rebels MC Member Little Mick: “I worry when he goes off to work if will he come home at the end of the day or go to jail for six months.”

7 Kassie Kosenko daughter of Little Mick and Tracey: “Campbell Newman does not know the damage he is doing to families like mine.”

8 Zeke Bentley: “I protested in the Joh era and didn’t think I would have to protest the same laws again.”

9 Tracey Carew, wife of Josh of the Yandina Five: “Eight children under nine have been affected … My mum has been hospitalised with stress over this.”

10 Katrina Soakai, Logan mother of five: “Everyone in Logan has a criminal history so I can’t even go outside (for fear of being an associate).”

11 Caroline Stewart, mother of Jacob Little, doing 23 hours a day in solitary confinement: “I can’t even touch my son or hug him.”

12 Paul Keyworth, founder of the Motorcyclists Australia Party: “Who says democracy is dead?”



Harley-Davidson Breakout
Harley-Davidson Breakout



  1. Good turnout in Brisvegas today. Not being a Facebooker I had no idea the venue was changed or if there was a ride organised for those coming from the west. Something that could be sorted out better for next time.

    And there should be a next time. It has to be bigger, louder, and SEEN by more people. The Sunday protests were fine, but to make an impact they need to be done on a Saturday or weekday.

    1. We had no idea when it was being held or we would have been there too. We are not bike riders but we resent this draconian governments laws which will in time affect us all regardless of wether we wear leathers have tatoos or ride motorcycles

    2. There is a March Oldie, I was handed a flyer yesterday and there is a March and Rally i Tues 11 Feb 530pm King George Square followed by a march on Parliament house. this one is organised by the QCLN Queensland Civil Liberties Network. Might be a bit late for me by the time it finishes as I have to train by myself probably unless my little friend that I took in tow yesterday is working as she can get parking in town for free 🙂

  2. I made it to the first Freedom Ride, but I had to work today, so I didn’t go but I will go to the next one, my fellow Ulysses members don’t go because of the repercussions, but I fully support these Freedom Rallys.

    1. Well Im a member of the Ulysses as well and I have attended Both rallies, but am amazed by the lack of support from other riders in the club. Amazed? No, perhaps Disgusted is a better word!

    2. WHAT !!! I didn’t have my Ulysses vest on I had one with a map of Australia & The Eureka Flags Cross emblazoned across it… The smaller patches on the front were the I Will Associate with Whoever I Want, & Queensland Bikers Civil Rights Removed 17 October 2013 with RIP FREEDOM in the centre. No BLOODY EXCUSES be at the next one for Queenslanders Rights to ride and associate with “Whoever we Like”.

  3. I so wish I could have been there, hopefully if I’m back on my feet I will be next time. It was wonderful to see the thousands who supported this. Well done to the organisers! To Campbell Newman and Jarrod Bleijie and all government agencies who support these laws; When you treat your citizens like criminals, when they have done nothing wrong. When you imprison people with no evidence. When you take away our basic justice system. When you take away our basic human rights, our civil rights and our freedoms. When you tell us who we can talk to and who we can’t. You are creating a new ‘Legion’ of people who, despite their differences, despite their completely differing lifestyles, will band together and become a new club, they will and are the Freedom Club. You will be voted out at the next election and I guarantee, the LNP, will suffer such a severe and shocking defeat, they will not come to power again for a very, very, long time.

  4. @Juanita Kammholz, I hear you sister I hear you. But whatever we do we must keep the fire going as it is 14 months till the next election, rallies, talks and such, but I agree with you 100%.

  5. Wow !! Look at all those people associating. How many got arrested?

    As for the “blood in the streets” remark … he can take that and shove it. Any vestiges of support left in me have vanished due to that disgusting attitude.

    1. Jude, the “Blood in the streets..” remark was by the ETU State secretary!! Not a motorcyclist !

  6. Rod, resign with a letter stating your reasons. There’s no place in Australia for a club that agrees with these laws. The two “clubs”, hog and ulysses (they don’t deserve capitals) that support them will never be forgotten for their treachery. I’m trying to gather as much info as I can on my website to help fight and inform people about these laws. I’m a 1%er and affected. I will do my bit, but as far as rallies are concerned that’s out of bounds atm. Help document everything that happens at . Facebook is a useful tool but all good relevant information is buried after a day or so.

    1. Gus, the Ulysses Club and HOG are apolitical and, as such, have decided not to take ANY public stand on these laws. What has been suggested to members is to decide for themselves what they want to support as individuals but not draw the club into taking sides, or misleading the public into believing either of these clubs have taken sides in the issue, by members wearing club identifiers at any protest rallies or other event.

      To me that is true freedom … the individual members can make up their own minds. I don’t belong to either club so have no vested interest in this other than alarm at some of the hate speech that is being spouted 🙁

  7. well I think that civil wars have started over less than this. thanks to all who show their support in other ways too, keep telling everyone you meet how these laws can effect them or their loved ones, we gotta keep up the word on the streets. ride safe all

  8. Well if that is the case Jude they deserve all the flak they get…they’re all happy to strut around in their leathers on a sunday ride to the coffee shop for a latte but lack the balls to stand up for their rights……

    1. I’m a HOG member and I prefer rum to latte , and the good stuff , not that Bundaberg or Bacardi rubbish .
      I’ve also been politically active since the late 1970’s when I was a committee member for Bikers Ltd , I have no control over the official stance from the HOG management , in fact , I wasn’t even aware until now that they had an official stance .

  9. So the 2 largest social clubs in the country support newman. …registering rides and openly not opposing the laws….
    Their lack of support in this fight will long be remembered…………

    1. That should read , ‘ the hierarchy of the 2 largest clubs , but not necessarily the rank and file members ‘ …….

  10. ETU state secretary Peter Simpson: “There should be blood in the streets over this. It’s an outrage.” Says it all. There needs to be a complete worldwide outrage, not just Australia. Queenslanders, you are not alone in this. I hasten to remind you that no matter what the varied opinions of all involved, we all stand united on the fact that these Anti-Civil-Liberty Laws are not in the interest of the general person in Queensland and we are not going to go away.

  11. I resented the Courier Mail saying that thousands of bikies attended the rally. They didn’t mention all the rest of us non-bikies who are equally appalled by this injustice, and who attended the rally as well. signed, Flea, crewmember of the Knit Your Revolt Tricycle Gang.

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