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How To DIY Ceramic Coat Exhaust Pipes

If you’d love to add ceramic coating to your exhaust pipes, but don’t want to pay someone else to do it, you’ve come to the right place! In this video by Justin Macnevin, you’ll learn the exact steps necessary to get the job done on your own!

The first two products you’ll need are VHT Flame Proof, a high temperature ceramic coating, and a high heat-primer from Rust Oleum. Before you get started, consider wearing gloves and eye protection. Then remove the pipes and wraps, if you have them on.

Do the primer first and be sure to use gloves. He used three coats of primer on each.

The next day, coat the pipes. He used four coats. After they are coated, they must be cured. Curing the pipes is a three step process. The first step includes 10 minutes at idle, followed by a 10-minute cool down. Then, 20 minutes at idle, 20-minute cool down. And thirdly, 30 minutes at idle, followed by a 30-minute cool down.

If you want to do any additional coats, be sure to wait a week. Other than that, you are all set!