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How To Clean and Care for Matte Black Paint

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Automobile maniacs and automakers have locked horns over the years to generate the most reflective and eye catching paint textures possible. However, now-a-days to float in the recent market, many of them changed their prime material to matte finish paints. Though matte paints contain non-shinning finishes and also don’t contain any reflective material. So, they don’t possess the shine, gloss and appearance of usual new cars, but they can look extremely suave on the right vehicle.

The problem with matte is that the treatments demand particular attention while cleaning; or else they may get damaged irreparably. But no need for worries! We have done extensive research including talking to a large number of experts to create this guide for cleaning and caring for the matte black paint on your classy automobiles.

Who Makes Matte?

Matte finishes have been a major element of automobiles for a long time. They were utilized to stand out a model car from the crowd of shiny ones. Many big automobile brands have introduced matte finish paints to the public in recent times. BMW unveils its Frozen matte shades for the first time in M3 (special editions).The company has also launched Frozen Bronze for $3500 on their latest 6 Series Gran Coupe. Hyundai has also made matte grey paint available with its impressive Veloster Turbo which is optioned for $1000. If you are looking for more extensive options for matte paints, Mercedes-Benz is the one to go with, with options like Magno costing around $3950.

Although several methods are there for creating matte finishes, most of them utilize a different material in clear coating. While regular automobile paints are intended to be reflective, glossy and clear, the coat on matte finished surfaces is somewhat hazy and diffuses the original color and texture of the base coat slightly. Aftermarket suppliers are also offering many options to repaint the cars in a matte finish for the owners.

Glamorous car manufacturers such as Lamborghini have now made it regular to showcase their customized matte painted cars in auto shows and expos. Vinyl wraps (matte) are also available in the market which can be coated over the existing paint on the vehicle. But we won’t be touching that here as those have some different cleaning techniques.

Things to Avoid

The main intention while cleaning the matte paint finishes is avoiding scratches and damages to the surface of the paint. The damage in matte finish is permanent, unlike traditional shiny paints where minimal scratches or damage are easily being corrected using special waxes along with some other methods. Any attempt to mend even small scratches can lead to an alteration in the surface properties of the paint which makes for a discordant appearance.

For the above mentioned reasons only, all the famous auto giants recommend avoiding using automated car washing centers because most of the time the hard nylon of the washer scratches and permanently spoils the matte paint. That’s why you are advised to wash the paint by hand each time.

At last, you should also avoid liquids or sticky car washing waxes as they contain some chemical agents that can alter the polish on the surface of the paint. The three giants of the automobile industry (Mercedes, BMW, and Hyundai) also warn not to ever use any type of scrubber or polishes made of wax on the matte finish.

How to Clean the Matte Safely

The matte painted vehicles are washed more frequently and are considered a bit tender than shiny paint finished cars. You need to be more careful while washing these cars to avoid any scratches and spin marks. So, you will have to use microfiber towels which are superior in threading and quality along with soft mitts. You will also have to thoroughly wash them after every car wash. You are free to use any kind of specified car wash soap or liquid.

Keep two buckets while washing — one for a soapy mixture and the other for keeping only clean water to avoid mixing. Washing the mitt in plain clear water after cleansing the car with soapy water helps the mitt to wiggle out. It also helps to prevent the contamination of clean soap bucket.

It is also recommended to use a different mitt to wash or clean the wheels to avoid the introduction of scratchy and corrosive brake mud into the paint finish surface. Additionally it should be done with a different clean water bucket. Hyundai suggests starting every washing session by means for varying pressures during which the nozzle will be kept apart around at least 10 inches from the paint surface of the vehicle. After that, use the same methods described above.

Mercedes and BMW both have stated that anything sticking to the paint finished surface such as dead bugs, bird droppings, or tree sap should be immediately removed. As aggressive rubbing can easily de-color the matte finish, the experts recommend soaking the mitts in bug remover or auto-wash soap and then rubbing it away gently.

According to Pennington, avoiding unnecessary friction is the key while removing foreign materials stuck over the paint surface. Even water spots resulting from a garden sprinkler should be rubbed as gently as possible.

Washing or cleaning your vehicle with matte black finishes can be simple if you follow these points. Some new matte-specific wax have come out in the market recently which can be used on the matte paint jobs, but you must be sure about their effectiveness before using them. Any minor ignorance from you can ruin the classy matte finish of your beloved car.