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Dakar-Ify Your Honda CRF450L With New Bolt-on Kit

Trailblazer To Professional Dune Hopper For $1700

RebelX Sports has made a name for themselves making rally kits for various off-road bikes over the years from the larger displacement KTM’s, Yamahas, and even Husqvarnas. Today is the day they bring a kit to the Honda realm.

Built to be specifically bolted on directly to your CRF450L without any need for cutting, this kit has all the features you may be itching to expand the functionality of your honda bike.

If you’ve ever seen a Dakar – or any other rally for that matter – race, you may have taken note of the awkwardly large column of plastic that sits above the headlight. For the uninformed; that is called the nav tower, which is particularly useful to keep your directions open and ready while simultaneously shielding both you and them from mud and other elements.

This kit provides you with the power of a nav tower (that can house up to 2 devices), OEM dashboard riser, voltmeter display, two USB charge ports, wire for power, toolbag compartment (throw medical suplies in there if you’d like) , and a stainless steel on/off LED switch.

All of those little creature comforts are great, but what you really need is a bigger tank. Dirtbikes aren’t often designed for long distance riding in mind (dual-sports aside), so RebelX gave you the option to include a larger 11.3L (3gal) tank for an extra $642

If you really are planning on sending this bike into the Baja or Dakar (or want to feel like you are..), there is an optional roadbook mounting kit for the purists.

The base kit is currently on pre-order on a special “pre-order” sale for ~$1750 and with various optional additions you can send that up to $2710.