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Criminal trial for head-on bike crash

Teo Jock Ross head-on crash committal criminal

A daughter of renowned neurosurgeon Charlie Teo will face a criminal trial later this month over a head-on crash with former Comanchero boss William “Jock” Ross in September 2019.

NSW Police will allege Nicola Annabel Teo, 24, was driving her LandCruiser on the wrong side of the road for 200m before crashing head-on into a Harley-Davidson near Wiseman’s Ferry, NSW, on 26 September 2019.

Nicola Teo Jock Ross
Nicola with her LandCruiser

The bike was being ridden by former Comanchero William “Jock” Ross, 76, who suffered extensive, head leg and internal injuries and still walks with the aid of a crutch.

Teo was charged with dangerous driving occasioning grievous bodily harm, negligent driving, not driving on the left hand side of the road and not giving particulars to the police.

Criminal trial

The matter has proceeded through the Windsor Local Court before being moved to the Penrith Local Court where in February Teo was committed to stand a criminal trial.

The arraignment for the trial  was set last week and will be heard in Penrith on 26 June 2020. An arraignment is the first stage of a criminal trial where the indictment is read out.

If found guilty, Teo could face a substantial custodial sentence.

Police are expected to provide the court with CCTV footage, witness statements and physical evidence.

Teo is currently on conditional bail.

Jock Ross

William Jock Ross Teo
Ross with his Harley

Ross, a Glasgow-born former soldier and Rural Fire Service volunteer, says “god was looking down” on him on the day of the crash.

He was one of five founders of the Comancheros on the New South Wales Central Coast in 1966 and was ‘supreme commander’ when they were involved in the 1984 Milperra Massacre.

Four Comancheros, two Bandidos and a 14-year-old girl died in the infamous shootout.

Ross received gunshot to the head and suffers permanent vision loss and a brain injury.

He was jailed for murder in 1987 over his role in instigating the massacre and was released in 1992 after serving five years.

  1. A story with so much pain & sadness on multiple levels, leaves me reflecting on how lucky, that I’m not newsworthy.
    My support of both the driver & rider who carry emotional & physical disabilities currently from this accident, with my condolences to families & friends lost in Milperra 36 years ago.

  2. What on earth has fathers occupation got to do with it. How on earth is it relevant to anything. That is not journalism, its dribble. Please enlighten me on how this is relevant. You aren’t the only writer that does this, indeed there are media outlets that live and breathe this sort of rubbish. Doesn’t make it right.

    How many other people were charged with Dangerous Operation Causing GBH last year, did you report all of them?

    And as for the sensationalist sentencing comments. Yes theoretically she could face a custodial sentence, the actual sentencing reality is that a first offender with no significant criminal history with a supportive home environment will not get a custodial sentence unless there is drugs or alcohol involved, even then for a “dangerous causing GBH” rather than death it is unlikely. I am not saying that is right or wrong, – I am saying that is the sentencing reality.

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