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Crashed riders praise B4BD service

B4BD volunteers Cheri and Greg Nunn

Crashed, sick and injured riders have heaped praise on the B4BD (Bikers 4 Bikers Down) service that started in May 2017.

Hawkebsury couple Cheri and Greg Nunn (pictured above) started the free service after suffering their own motorcycle crash on Anzac Day 2016, followed by prolonged rehabilitation.

“We now have over 3000 members on our page, around 500 registered volunteers and have helped around 50-60 people with various needs,” says Cheri.

“So it is doing what I saw in my head and the friendships this has brought is great.

“It makes me really happy to see how it has and is still progressing.”

The service caters to riders who are injured or sick and provides a wide range of services from bedside chats to mowing lawns, running errands, etc.

B4BD Greg and Cheri Nunn volunteers Registry
Greg and Cheri

Apart from the work of volunteers, Cheri and Greg have also done a number of hospital visits since recovering enough to be of assistance.

But don’t just take Cheri’s word for it. Here are some words of praise sent to us from injured riders assisted by B4BD volunteers:

B4BD testimonies

Guy Winnall

B4BD Guy Winnall
Guy Winnall

I’m 25 years old and I run my own business, Guy’s Custom Works, which creates many different products from blacksmith forged items to handmade hi-end knives, as well as custom panel work and motorbike customisation. 

I was in a motorcycle accident a little over three months ago. A vehicle lost control and swerved on to my side of the road causing a collision. I suffered life-threatening injuries and as part of my recovery I went through Royal North Shore Hospital ICU and spinal ward.

This was where I first meet Cheri and Greg, helping another fellow biker down and we immediately became mates. They have helped me greatly with moral support and some incredible goodie packages.

I am absolutely astounded by their generosity and that of the many other volunteers of B4BD. I have many more months of recovery ahead and I look forward to every visit from Cheri and Greg, and the many other volunteers.

Jono and Gypsy

B4BD Jono and Gypsy Bikers 4 Bikers Down
Gypsy and Jono

My husband Jono and I (Gypsy) have been living within the hospital system for over three years. We have stayed at cancer care in Brisbane for up to four months at a time. Hundreds of km from home. Your whole world upside down. And days were you just want the world to come to an end. You lose family and so called friends. They either get tired of the effort or just don’t know how to cope with what we are going through.  And friends we have made in Cancer Care are no longer with us. Most pass. And conversations are often limited to sickness, funerals and treatment. Everyone trying to survive but no one really living. You can imagine the strain that puts on our relationship, our finances, our health and our mental state.

Then one day when you think you just can’t take anymore an angel appears in the form of a flyer pinned to a notice board. 

It said Bikers 4 Bikers Down. B4bd. The flyer said that you can call one of their volunteers who could offer anything from company, help buying groceries, mow lawns, take people to appointments or just support etc. Just ask and this group of people will help where possible from the bottom of their hearts. Who would have thought that we could pick up the phone and get heart felt support from complete strangers?

We had nothing to lose so we phoned the B4BD group. We spoke to an amazing woman Cheri. We explained where we were at within ourselves and that we just weren’t coping. We needed some new hope to encourage us to keep going. We had already been in cancer care for about a month this time and had another six weeks to go. Over those next six weeks, we had calls to Jono from Mark and Steven. Just offering an ear and support. Exchanging motorbike stories, reliving their youth and getting to know each other. Just for us to talk to people not in the system was a huge relief. For Jono to talk to like-minded people about living life, passed and future adventures out on the open road, was the new hope Jono needed. You could see the life returning to Jono’s face. He looked forward to talking to the guys. All he could think about was being able to ride his bike again. 

B4BD Jono and Gypsy Bikers 4 Bikers Down
Mt Coot-tha ride

I also had a few melt downs while Jono was struggling with treatment. I made a new friend support with my own little angel Nikki-Anne. She would talk to me while I walked from the hospital back to cancer care unit. She’d listen while I cried and waffled on. She’d still be listening when i got down to just a sobbing mess. By the time I got to my room we would be laughing about anything and feeling 100% better. It was Nikki-anne that arranged a bike ride for us. Bless her beautiful soul.  She got a group together to take us up to Mt Coot-tha. I was so anxious about Jono being to weak etc. But everyone looked after us so well , they were awesome. And by the time we got to the look out, Jono was a different man. The colour in his face. The spark of life in his eyes. And you couldn’t wipe that smile off his face if you tried. Life turned around for us that day. And there is nothing that we can do or say to express our feelings, gratitude  or explain the life changing hope, to that small group of B4bd that took us out that. They saved us.

Glenn and Anne Forrest

Glenn and Anne

Earlier this year we found ourselves interstate after a motor vehicle accident, within days Cheri had put the word out and we had multiple visits from fellow riders at a time when we were feeling very vulnerable and stressed.  The support and good well from fellow riders was greatly appreciated when were many miles from home.

The support didn’t stop there, within days of being transferred back to New South Wales we were blessed with a visit from Cheri and Greg and other riders.  The moral support these visits represent cannot be under estimated.  The ongoing contact and support by B4B is greatly appreciated.

How to volunteer

Volunteers simply have to contact Cheri and Greg via their Facebook page.  

They keep a register of volunteer locations, skills and hours of availability, then assign them to various injured or sick riders.

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  1. Hi fellow riders, Countrymen and Woman

    Greg, Cheri and I have become close friends despite the distance apart that we live. There is never a day that goes by that she never checks on her Bro. I first met Cheri at a rally in Canberra where we just clicked She gave me a slow and easy riders patch and wear it proudly on my vest.
    My injury happened in 2011 on a zero turn lawn mower and when I had to be rushed to Brisbane earlier this year for an operation My beautiful wife contacted My Sis and she arranged for Steve from Ballina to run me to the hospital in Pindara. She said that she could not see her bro miss out on an operation despite my injury was not related to a motorcycle accident. Steve followed my directions with great gusto so when we got lost he just took it in his stride. When I offered to throw in some money for fuel Steve refused to take it. Sony Wife being an artist gave Steve a painting of a man carrying someone out of a fire fight for running. I could see the tears in his eyes as he humbly accepted our gift of appreciation . When when Steve picked me up I recognised him straight away because of our love of motorcycles and a little time in B.A.C.A. After telling Siri to take that map and shove it we found where I had to go. I felt bad because Steve had left his work, drove from Ballina to Lismore to pick me up and drive me to the hospital.
    He then drove back to Ballina and went back to work. I owe an eternal gift of gratitude to my Sis and Steve for getting me to the hospital for my 13th back operation Where I coded 4 times during the operation and after having a full dental clearance, 13 back operations, multiple staph infections, 2 facial reconstructions and 6 on 4 dental implants which 2 failed on the top because my jaw had deteriorated that much that there was no bone left to screw into for the dental work. I ate through a straw for 18 months because of the extensive damage Don to my mouth and bones because of the medications that I was on caused dry mouth syndrome which in turn degrades the bone. There was never a day went past that Sis didn’t contact me in one way or another to check oh her Bro. Cheri and Greg are part of our family of bikers and even trusted me to have a look at 2 Bikes in the area so that they could get back in the saddle again. Me being a complete knob when it comes to Harley Davidson’s. Honda Goldwing’s are our way of life. My wife’s Silver GL1800 Trike (Angel) is a real head turner and I have a GL1800 (Guardian). But never underestimate her ability to ride as she stepped off a Triumph 1050 sprint onto a Goldwing before we turned it into a trike.
    Sis rang me and ask me if we could look at the bikes for them and my beautiful wife Cheryl became the negotiator for our Sister and Brother Greg and manage to get a couple of thousand knocked off the bike that they both fell in love with. After the drove from Sydney to Lismore they had to return the next day but they were happy with their purchase. I remember how Bikers4Bikers Down first started with Cheri having the idea after finding it hard to keep up with the maintenance of their house and general tasks like getting to a doctors appointment. Now not being a sit on your her bum and complain about the lack of services for bikers she did what she did and got it going. I have watched it grow from a group discussion on the late night pain people chatting to what it is today, a network of selfless bike enthusiasts willing to drop everything to help a fellow biker in need. I am proud to be a part of this amazing group of selfless people that will drop everything to help a fellow biker when they are in need of assistance. When I can I drop a spare $50 into the account for Bikers4Bkers Down so that Cheri and continue to do her amazing work as this is a non funded organisation of people with a passion helping each other and I urge everyone who takes the time to read this article to do the same Cheri and Greg are funding this with sales of patches made to show that you care about other riders.

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