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Could This Be the Fastest Dirt Bike Out There? Meet the Electric Stark Varg

Stark Future, a new Spanish electric dirt bike company, has just unveiled its first motorcycle called the Stark Varg. On paper, it seems like this could be the most capable electric dirt bike we’ve ever seen. In fact, the company claims that it’s the “world’s fastest motocross bike.” 

Stark Future was founded by Anton Wass and Paul Saucy in Barcelona. Jalopnik reports that the Stark Varg is powered by an electric motor that produces the equivalent of 80hp. With a 6kWh battery pack acting as the power source, the bike should run for a claimed 6 hours.

Most other gas-powered motocross bikes produce around 55hp, so the Varg does have them beat with its numbers. On the flipside, it weighs 242lbs, which is about 30lbs more than the average dirt bike.

The report by Jalopnik also points out that Stark Future has not released any other performance figures, like top speed, for its motorcycle. This would’ve been excellent information to have, considering the company’s bold claims. 

However, it has revealed some other interesting information on what the bike will offer. For starters, the Stark Varg uses a carbon fiber, aluminum, and magnesium chassis to keep its weight in check. Suspension is handled by Kayaba units — offering 310mm of travel — at either end. The company has also mentioned that a rider can choose from 100 riding styles, which is probably 97 too many, in my opinion. But, Stark claims that this makes the bike accessible to newer and more experienced riders.

It’s also got some pretty neat features, like a detachable touchscreen dashboard that displays speed, power usage, airtime, and riding routes. There’s also an innovative clicking chain adjuster, which should make it easy to adjust chain slack. 

Pre-orders for the Stark Varg are now open, and the company expects to begin deliveries in September 2022. Prices for the bike start at $11,900.

  1. You are comparing the weight to other bikes listed (dry weight). Once you add oil and gas most lightweight bikes are about 3 pounds less than this bike. This horse power to weight ratio is by far better than anything on the market.

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