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Could Tesla Build an Electric Dirt Bike?

Tesla truck with aTV in it

A Tesla Two-Wheeled Off-Roader

Recently, Tesla showed off its new Cybertruck. It caused quite a stir. A small part of the Cybertruck presentation was a Tesla four-wheeler ATV. It was announced recently that the four-wheeler would enter production at some point in the future. Even more recently, Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO floated the idea of an electric dirt bike. 

Musk tweeted that “Electric dirt bikes would be cool too.” He said that in reference to a question about the ATV and if there were any updates on it. Musk said that his company will try to have the ATV out at the same time that the truck comes out but he failed to say when the dirt bike would come out of if it really would.

If you’re hoping for a Tesla road bike, then you’d better not hold your breath. Musk said that Tesla would not do road bikes. He called them too dangerous and said that he almost died on a motorcycle when he was 17 and got hit by a truck.

I wouldn’t put much stock in Musk saying he would not do one. If he can get autonomous vehicle technology to the point where he wants it, an electric motorcycle that can be detected by autonomous car technology actually makes a lot of sense. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Tesla and electric bikes in the upcoming years.