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Confederate Motorcycles Changes its Name to Combat Motors

Combat Motors CEO

A Change Overdue

The high-end motorcycle company Confederate Motorcycles has decided to make a much-needed name change. The company will from this time forward be known as Combat Motors. The CEO, Ernest Lee, of the company sent me a press release that was posted to the website about the name change. In that press release, it explained the reason for this name change, if it’s not already obvious.

“We stand with those peaceably fighting for change in the United States and are very happy to contribute an overdue but small part of that change,” the release said. “We feel that the new name better exemplifies the spirit and values of our company, our manufacturing partners, and our clients.”

The move comes after large numbers of people continue to protest due to racial injustices and police brutality across the U.S. and the world. I’m not usually one to bring politics into the world of motorcycles, but this move makes sense for the company. Confederate Motorcycles is a name that simply can’t work these days. It wasn’t a great choice, to begin with, and it’s good to see the company make a needed change. 

The name Combat Motors honestly works. The company’s logo and much of the branding still works (it was obviously adjusted a bit). Many of the past and current bikes were named after military aircraft, too, so even the names of the bikes still work. Overall, this is a good move by the company and one that I hope brings them success. 

Combat Motors Headquarters
Combat Motors Headquarters

The release also said the following: “Our brand needed to be something that would match the values of the company and the feeling that people get when they see our motorcycles for the first time. As long as we have motorcycles on the road, we want our brand to shine through their owners.”

All former Confederate Motorcycles will still receive the same level of support. The company will also continue to build all of the models it has in its lineup, including the new Hellcat and Hellcat Speedster, and continue to expand as it can in the future.