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Compass Expeditions Mongolia tour

Compass Expeditions
If the Compass Expeditions tour I did earlier this year in the outback with Charley Boorman is anything to go by, their latest tour to Mongolia should be a blast.
It will also allow travellers to retrace some of the tyre tracks of Charley and Ewan McGregor on their first epic journey, The Long Way Round.
Compass Expeditions is a thoroughly professional tour company conducts trips in Australia, South America, Russia, Eastern Europe, South Africa and South East Asia.
Now it has added the remote and exotic Mongolia to its agenda with a
38-day tour from Europe to the Mongol Steppe. It’s actually a cut-down version of their 105-day Road of Bones Expedition.
It wasn’t an easy task, either, says Mick McDonald co-founder of Compass Expeditions.
“Traditionally it has been all but impossible to ride into Mongolia without it being part of a major expedition”, he says.
Mick describes Mongolia as “biking nirvana”.
The tour includes flights and shipping of clients’ bikes back to Europe or you can hire a BMW.
The ride leaves in July 2014 from the annual BMW Days held in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, which attracts up to 35,000 enthusiasts.
It passes through the Ukraine, Russia and travels the Trans Siberian Highway via the Ural factory and Lake Baikal before entering Mongolia, ending in Ulaan Bataar.
Time to start saving my pennies!
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Or you can contact 1300 887 327 (within Australia) or +61 3 5368 2113 (outside Australia) or visit