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Palmer backs judges over bikies

clive-f-palmerOutspoken newly elected politician Clive Palmer has rejected financing a High Court appeal against the anti-bikie laws.
“I think the way to deal with this matter is by an election,” says the Federal Member for Fisher.
Clive has been a vocal defender of the judiciary this week after Premier Campbell Newman attacked judges for not complying with the no-bail requirement of the Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment (VLAD) Act.
“Why? Because I’m an Australian and everyone needs to be treated equally under the law,” he says.
“At the moment, public servants across Queensland are being dismissed, services are breaking down in the regions, the government has an agenda to sell hospitals and foreshadowed they want to destroy the Southport Hospital and do more for lobbyists and while all that murkiness is going on they attack the judiciary.
“That effectively takes the political heat off the things they should be accountable for. It’s a smokescreen.”
Clive says “Lady Justice” wears a blindfold so she has no prejudices.
“If you take the blindfold off her, people are judged on prejudices; that could be race, geology, affinity to a religious group or any of those things,” he says.
While pointing out that he is “not siding with any group”, he says everyone should be treated individually not as a member of any particular group.
“Crimes are committed by individuals and they need to be accountable for the law and punished in accordance with what they do so that we have a deterrent,” he says.
Under the VLAD Act, people deemed to be ‘vicious lawless associates’ will be automatically subject to mandatory extra punishment above what would apply for the declared offence, including an additional 15 to 25 years imprisonment, and be subject to the potential waiving of bail and parole and a reversal of the onus of proof.
“No one should be dealt with more leniently because of their wealth or contacts and no one should be dealt with more harshly because of their poorer circumstances,” says Clive.
“Many times I’ve been to court and lost many times – losing and winning is part of the role of he judiciary.
“We all have to accept that if we want to be a law-abiding.
“You can’t take away from judges the right to give a fair sentence.”
He rejected the idea of financing a High Court challenge to the VLAD Act.
The Australian Motorcycle Council has opened a fighting fund to raise money for any High Court challenge to the laws.

  1. I’m with Clive on this one, 100%. So now it’s tissue droppers who are feeling the full force of the law! Read this and weep.
    Selective application of laws discriminating against minorities is disturbing in the extreme. Untrammelled power in the hands of those ill equipped to apply them sensibly is the greatest threat to civil liberties any society can face.

  2. I am beginning to warm to Clive Palmer. At first he was just a rich man trying to make miners happy, I can now see that he has real Australian values, and good on him for that. Newman must be stopped.

  3. I don’t know. I can see his point but if these laws can be overturned by the High Court, then that would set a legal precedence instead of just a political revolt to the other side who probably leave the laws so they could use them to their own political interests.

  4. Words are simply that and Mr Palmer has, respectfully , said nothing different nor done anything different than the Leader of the Opposition did when damning the laws and then voting for them.
    Us mere mortals, indeed serfs, need someone like Clive to back a challenge to restore our honour.
    I don’t know who will finance a challenge but I do know if someone steps up to the plate they will be seen forever as a true patriot.

  5. I will await the outcome before I allow any warming. Talk is cheap, actions are not. Let’s see what happens with this story in the long run.

  6. Once in ‘parliament’ the principles of ethics and conduct usually evaporate like morning dew.
    That’s usually because the winners of the big raffle are only selected from a select set who have some ‘previous form’.
    In Clive’s case that’d be anything that could be dug up from those court cases he mentioned.
    It’d be a minefield for him if he, in some fit of altruism, decided to fund a case agin the VLAD fiasco.
    The press and the thought police would never relent until HE was locked up as a ‘bikie associate’.
    He’s aware of the implications of it all in direct difference to most queenslanders.

    In any case who out there has mentioned yet the connection to ‘Vlad, the Impaler’?
    Definitely a psycho-sexual acronym with distinctly sadistic overtones.

    Most definitely something wrong with the present regime in this state of ‘newmania’, ‘boganvillia’, whatever.

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