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Celebrate The Summer With Harley Davidson’s “LET’S RIDE CHALLENGE”

Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper, featuring the iconic Harley Davidson Panhead Chopper

Harley Davidson has just announced their “LET’S RIDE CHALLENGE” – and the sweepstakes are sweeter than a double-dipped vanilla cone on a hot July afternoon.

The “LET’S RIDE CHALLENGE” starts in two days, on July 30th, and will continue through September 30th.

a trifecta of riders wearing military-style helmets and scooting down a bridge on a blue skied, sunny day.

Riders hankering to rack up the miles and unlock prizes can register via H-D’s website or through the H-D App, where riders can log the miles for the challenge.

Theo Keetell, VP of Marketing for Harley Davidson, has said in a statement:

“We want to acknowledge and reward our Harley-Davidson riders, in the United States and Canada, for all the miles they’re putting in this summer. The ‘Lets Ride Challenge’ sweepstakes will encourage our riders to seek out new adventures, unlock new prizes via the app, and experience instant win games as part of the Harley-Davidson community.”

a view of a rider enjoying the tail-end of a ride, taking off her helmet in the sunset

Prizes for the “LET’S RIDE CHALLENGE” will be won when riders visit a local H-D dealer and participate in ride-related activities and milestones.

Harley Davidson will be giving out bigger prize chances by stacking the challenge’s activity, and milestone successes as the sweepstakes continue through the summer.

A view of a Harley Davidson rider enjoying the view on a sunny day

Harley Davidson boasts one of the strongest communities this side of the Hemispheres, and we at WebBikeWorld can’t wait to see what y’all get up to with this challenge.

Stay safe – ATGATT always! – and see you on the road.

  1. Unfortunately, one company alone cannot stem the outgoing tide. Several years ago, Canadian demographics showed there were more 65+ than under-15 year olds. The US will be at the 65+/under-15 tipping point soon. The average North American motocycyle rider is in their mid-to-late 40s. Plus we have politicians, environmentalists, Zero Vision/safetycrats and insurance companies working in concert to make it as unappealing and inconvenient as possible to start or keep riding.

    So unless all the companies get onboard with a coordinated effort worldwide to counteract the above issues and groups, this piecemeal approach (no matter how good and needed) will not amount to much.

    As much as I wish it were otherwise, these are the demographic, social and functional issues facing new and existing riders, particularly in North America and Europe. Motorcycling will not be positively viewed by the Great Reset crowd. “You will own nothing, rent everything and you will be happy.”

    Trudeau says that by 2035, no gas or diesel passenger/light truck vehicles will be sold in Canada. No mention of bikes, but how long before only electric motorcycles sold? And gas/diesel fuel sold for commercial use only, so don’t think you can keep your running petro-bike indefinitely.

    So yes, get out and ride your Harley, but don’t think it will encourage soccer moms to suddenly allow their kids to ride a motorcycle “while living under my roof”.

    There will finally be a warm-weather Port Dover Friday the 13th in August… it will be interesting to see how many show up in covid-frantic Ontario. No US visitors, a biggie considering Port Dover is only an hour’s ride from the US border. In it’s heyday, F13 attracted literally many 10’s of thousands of riders for an event where literally nothing of note happens. No race, no organized rally, nada. Unless you count a moto-flea market and a few more bands playing in the bars. Canadian Superbike would love to see even the current level of F13 attendances. Not since the 1980s have Canadian grandstands been full at our races.

    Those were the days, sigh…

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