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Candidate says speed cameras ineffective

AMEP candidate Judith Kuerschner with her partner's 2015 BMW 1200 GSA
AMEP candidate Judith Kuerschner with her partner's 2015 BMW 1200 GSA

Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party candidate, motorcycle crash widow and passionate rider Judith Kuerschner says speed cameras are ineffective.

“A speed camera is completely ineffective in stopping the fatality that may occur several minutes after a vehicle has sped past. It’s like smacking a dog on the nose for pooping on your lawn two weeks after the fact,” says Judith whose husband died in a motorcycle crash.

Judith, who rides a Can-Am Spyder F3 and is running for the Senate in South Australia, says AMEP advocates for the acknowledgement of motorcyclists, particularly in the area of vulnerability and in the promotion of motorcycles as economical and environmentally friendly transport.

She has good reason to be passionate about road safety. Read her tragic story by clicking the image below:


With her background in education and training, Judith is a strong supporter of improvements to both driver and rider education and training, with national consistency a priority in both road-user training and in road rules.

She says minimising government interference is a key value for the motoring enthusiast and motorcycling community, particularly the over-reliance by governments on speed cameras rather than visible policing to regulate road use and, allegedly, reduce road crashes and fatalities.

Judith with her 2016 Can Am F3-S Spyder
Judith with her 2016 Can Am F3-S Spyder

“A further push towards personal responsibility, where all road users take care to consider others while using our roads, would go much further in helping reduce crashes without the reliance on external punishments detected by unmanned technology to regulate behaviour”, she says.

“The application of AMEP values to a wide range of legislative proposals is what maintaining representative diversity in the Senate is all about; without this, motorcyclists, motoring enthusiasts, and a large part of the wider community will be ignored as legislation is bulldozed through the Parliament by the major parties.

“Six above or 12 below the line, minor parties are the way to go; this is how the AMEP is encouraging people to think when it comes time to vote. Motorcyclists are a growing minority group, and we need to have a voice to ensure we’re not ‘run off the road’ by the rhetoric of the major parties.”

AMEP is one of several major and minor parties that has replied to our request for motorcycle-specific policies in the lead-up to the July 2 Federal election.

Their sitting Victorian Senator, Ricky Muir, has been highlighted in Motorbike Writer on several occasions. Just type in “Ricky Muir” in the search section at the top of this page.

Senator Ricky Muir - candidate
Senator Ricky Muir


  • Motorbike Writer does not endorse any one party or candidate.
  • We have contacted all the major and many of the minor parties asking them for their polices that affect the more than one million motorcycle riders in Australia.
  • We have asked for policies that reference motorcycles, riders, road safety, road rules and road infrastructure.
  • We have also asked whether any of their members or candidates are riders.
  • If or when we receive responses, we will publish them for our readers’ information.
  1. I have news for this candidate. Speed cameras are worse than ineffectual that actually contribute to the death toll.
    Because of the ready cash they generate Speeding fines in general have gone from a means to get people to obey the speed limits to a form of taxation and so they have been both overused and inappropriately used. And because of this there are now many more crashes and fatalities than there should be. Some fatalities have been directly linked to the presents of a speed camera but the greater number is caused by more indirect and incidental factors. The first of which is the fact that speeding fines punish exceeding the speed limit but rarely is exceeding the limit the cause of an accident due to excess speed. 98% of accidents where excess speed was a factor occur at speeds equal to or below the speed limit. Because of the confusion caused by both exceeding the limit and excess speed being called speeding governments have gotten away with what is in effect theft and murder in the name of revenue raising claiming it is for safety. I say theft because they are taking money under false pretences with threats. And I say murder because they are fully aware that the lack of education regarding what speeding is results in people speeding to their doom thinking they are safe because they are doing less than the limit. A more direct cause of deaths is the now prevalent speedo gazing. Deaths due to fatigue and falling asleep can also be linked to speed cameras.

  2. I agree with Al, a speed camera’s main purpose is just revenue raising. Only yesterday a car slammed on it brakes to slow down after coming around a corner and seeing the police camera van (hidden in the trees) and I had to swerve out its way.

    I hope Judith can have an impact.

  3. The worst killer of motorists is abnormally low speed limits, considering the improvement in modern cars and roads. The politicians actually want to kill us because in the end they want to take us out of our cars and put us on this dismal pubic transport.

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