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California: New ‘LiveWire Experience Center’ Includes Demo Rides

A view of the experience centre devoted to the LiveWire One

Harley-Davidson is working their buns off in the bid to cater to the current clientele – and their most recent homage to electric brand LiveWire’s presence in the community proper is nothing short of ingenious. 

Let’s start with the basics.

According to a tip from Zac Kuralykylyk at CMG, the new ‘LiveWire Experience Center’ is a 1,766-square-foot space in Cali that “incorporates [a] virtual showroom to support live video chats with LiveWire representatives, displays of LiveWire technology and design, a collaborative showcase featuring displays by LiveWire partners, [a] socializing and event space and LiveWire One motorcycles available for demo rides.” 

A view of the experience centre devoted to the LiveWire One

In short, it’s the pen-ultimate experience for everything LiveWire. We apparently even have the option to get our hands on a ‘One’ while at this Center, completing the circle of electric inspiration with the please-and-thank-you purchase of one of their premium machines. 

The concept of Harley immersing their consumer in an experience catered to target a specific market – also known as ‘market segmentation strategy’ – is a common tactic with other big brands. Giants like IKEA benefit greatly from curating showrooms devoted to giving viewers examples of what ‘home’ can look like, tugging the heartstrings just hard enough to give the consumer’s purse strings a jingle – and with H-D on the upward swing, we can only imagine what’s next in store once their cost-efficient Arrow electric platform launches. 

A view of the experience centre devoted to the LiveWire One

“California is one of the most established electric vehicle markets in the world and is an ideal location for the first LiveWire Experience Center,” says Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, President and CEO of Harley-Davidson.

“The LiveWire ONE motorcycle is designed for the pursuit of urban adventure and the Malibu area offers superb riding in a variety of environments, both urban and beyond. The Experience Center will give both riders and non-riders a chance to engage with the LiveWire brand and ultimately experience the thrill of riding the most desirable electric motorcycle available today.”

A view of the experience centre devoted to the LiveWire One

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*Media sourced from CycleWorld*