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Buzz Walnecks Buzzzzz Rag Magazine

Buzz Walnecks Buzzzzz Rag Magazine is the latest, greatest publication for Buzz and Company. If you’re looking to buy or sell a Classic Motorcycle or parts for one, check out The Buzzzzz Rag.

Pixie and Buzz Walneck.

As you can imagine, Buzz is something of an expert on classic motorcycles. Here he sits on an expert panel at Auction America’s Q&A held in Las Vegas.

Buzz gets to have some fun too.

Buzz Walnecks Buzzzzz Rag Magazine

Buzz Walnecks Buzzzzz Rag Magazine follows the formula perfected by the Walnecks over the years. It’s loaded with color ads for classic and used motorcycles and parts, and also great reprints of old motorcycle magazine articles from days of yore. Old road tests of the 1950s, 60s and 70s make for fascinating reading, particularly if you own one of the bikes today that was being road tested as a new model, way back when.

If you’re into Classic Motorcycles, you will enjoy each issue of the Buzzzzz Rag. If you can’t find it in your local newsstand, you can subscribe by calling (630) 985-2097 and Buzz will probably pick up the phone. It’s the way things used to be done. And it’s wonderful. Or you can mail a $25 check to:

Walneck’s Inc.
76923 Janes Avenue
Woodridge IL 60517

With a nod to the modern age, you can also pay via Paypal at:

Canada subscribers must pay $40, and it’s $61 for Europe, England, Japan and international.

Their website is:

Our hats go off to the Walnecks. They have done more than they realize to advance this twisted hobby of ours. They’ve also managed to make a business out of what made them happy, and that’s we all dream of, isn’t it?