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Brembo Launches UPGRADE Program With Moto Range For Bikers

A view of a brake from Brembo


Since their official statement at EICMA, Brembo’s been in the fast lane for advancing the company’s technology, as well as offering their customers the utmost support. 

To that effect, the Italian brake manufacturer has come out with their all-new ‘UPGRADE Program’ – a system designed to help riders find that perfect setup for their machine of choice – especially when the bike in question didn’t pop out of the factory with the ultimate system. 

Brembo UPGRADE Program

Source: Brembo’s official website

The report from Brembo’s EICMA Press release states that riders can choose from four different unit lines: Custom, Road, Offroad, Racing. 

“These four options guarantee a wide range of solutions that are able to meet the needs of those who want to upgrade their own system for a sportier performance, improved safety or simply to give their own vehicle a unique and personal style,” continues the EICMA press release

The following quotes are an excerpt from Brembo’s press release on the program itself

A view of the logo from Brembo

Source: Brembo’s official website


This category was designed for riders in need of special systems, with a focus on “improv[ing] the thermal resistance, reduc[ing] the vibration and noise, and extend[ing] the durability of these systems.”


The ‘Road’ category features “a range of products that combine racing heritage and road knowledge to deliver an experience to bikes that is conceived for long journeys and requires a braking system that is comfortable, durable, and capable of offering excellent performance at all times.”


For off-road riding, it goes without saying that you need grip, stability, and control. Brembo states, “reduced lever strain and consistent performance in all conditions are the requisites of our line of products dedicated to this segment,” so it looks like you’ll be covered there.


“Braking systems that transfer our extensive experience gained in motorsports to production bikes with a range of ultra-stiff braking systems to deliver maximum performance in terms of braking power and control at all times.”

A view of a motorcycle wheel using Brembo brakes

For more information, be sure to hit up Brembo’s website. Drop a comment below; we love hearing from you – and as always, stay safe on the twisties.