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Braaap unveils first Aussie electric bike

Braaap MotoE electric motorcycle
Braaap MotoE electric motorcycle

Tasmanian motorcycle company Braaap believes it is the first company to make an electric motorcycle in Australia and is giving early adopters a special offer.

The Braaap MotoE electric motorcycle has a claimed top speed of 165km/h and a two-hour or 200km battery range.Braaap MotoE electric motorcycle

MotoE will sell for $14,995 plus on-road costs, but Braaap is offering a limited number to early adopters at $9995.

While technical details are scarce, it appears the bike has a charge plug in the “fuel tank” and is run by a rear-wheel Osmotor brushless electric motor.

Braaap general manager Toby Wilkin says they have been working on electric technologies for three years, partnering with “some of the best in the world”.

“This is a pre-order only at this stage for delivery in January 2018,” Toby says.

“We have a series of test units that we have been working on but no test rides at this point. Our main test bike is at our registered production facility in Launceston, Tasmania.”Braaap MotoE electric motorcycle

He expects the bike will be “road legal and ready to go” in January.

Orders can be made via email or phone 0400986352.Braaap MotoE electric motorcycle

A brief history of Braaap

Braaap began in 2005, when founder Brad Smith, then aged just 17, sourced factories in China to make bikes to his specifications.

He was named 2008 Australian Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Tasmania’s Young Australian of the Year in 2010 while the company has won the Australian Ret­ailers Association’s Small Business of the Year four times.
Braaap has experienced sales growth up to 400% in 2015, including international markets.

The company is now fighting charges of rebirthing vehicles and Toby says they are confident of successfully defending the charges brought by the NSW Property Crime Squad.

They have not yet had a chance to submit their defence evidence and are unable to comment further as the matter is still before the courts.

Meanwhile, Toby and Brad have said it is “business as usual”.

  1. Looks decent with loads of cornering clearance, and the claimed range is reasonable. It should make a useful commuter.

  2. Give them a break you arseholes!
    Or are you attempting to drive another Australian business into bankruptcy, you pathetic bunch of overpaid arsewipes!

  3. “Hats off” from the guys here at
    Many have tried electric and failed to get market traction.
    200km is more than than average commuter needs
    and also more that a cafe racer does at the weekend.
    Good Luck

  4. Two hours isn’t much of a run time – I guess it’d get me to work and back as long as I didn’t get stuck in any “traffic” down here in Tassie (or took the long way home). I recon it’d be worth a test ride once they have a unit ready, just to see what the eBike fuss is all about! Doesn’t look like it’s going to be all that powerful with the single disc up front.

    With a price tag of $15k it puts it in a high and competitive bracket. Even at the pre-order price you could get a trusted new LAMS MT-07, SV650, Ninja 650 or similar bike of great value and quality. Big call. Will be watching with interest.

  5. I would have loved to have something like this when I was commuting to work, but 15k is too expensive. Unless the government can give some incentives like low rego it’s got a big hill to climb.

  6. It’s something for “early adopters”. Old school riders are most often addicted to the sound.
    For newer riders, there’s Cool factor, acceleration, handling and for now, being different.
    I think you have to hand it to Braaap for having the “proverbials” to pull the trigger and for getting involved. Timing is everything. If battery pricing drops in the short term and I think it will, they’ll be in the pound seats.

  7. For me i would of loved it if they had made a URBAN E , you get all the Honda Grom bits and electric, Or even better moved into the Electric scooter market which has yes to come to Australia properly.
    Not to sure about the hub motor, I myself would of gone motor and belt drive but hopefully it has the torque that makes electric bikes exciting to ride.
    2 hours is more than enough for a commute but we have yet to see what range you get when you are actually riding normally or even less if you are giving it the berries.

    After looking at a ZERO ($20k) you can see the market is going this direction. Yes i loved my noise and the feeling of a vibrator between my legs (very manly) , but as all old bikers know you have trade offs with the vibration giving you numb hands on rides and all the noise sends you deaf. After riding my first electric I have always lusted after one but they to date have always been in the too expensive basket, this bike will allow people to experience the silence of riding through the streets at night and know your not attracting attention to yourself .

    Electric is coming and fuel will be sent to the sheds to be brought out on weekends and show days.

    In the end Early adopters will get a bargain if it lives up to the said specs.

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