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BMW Patented an Electric Supercharger for the S1000RR

BMW Electric Supercharger

The Need for More Speed

BMW wants to make its S1000RR even faster. The company just recently filed a patent with the German Patent and Trademark Office for an electric supercharger. Adding a supercharger to any bike will increase power and make it more responsive. It’s better than adding a turbo because the supercharger’s power can influence the bike at any rev range whereas turbochargers have some lag.

Adding an electric supercharger to a bike is a fantastic solution for getting more power. You can use the engine you already have and with a few tweaks and of course the added supercharger it will make more power than before. The benefits of using an electric supercharger as opposed to a mechanically driven one is that it can collect power for the charge when the engine doesn’t necessarily need it, according to Bennetts. This means cruising around, decelerating, or idling could all be times when the electric supercharger is collecting power for when you need to go fast.

Bennetts also points out that a motorcycle engine with an electric supercharger could also create a lot of power at lower RPMs. Without a supercharger, you’d really need to rev the engine out to get a lot of power. Want to increase power in a regularly aspirated engine? Increase how high it revs. With this electric supercharger, that’s not necessary. The engine will make more power at lower RPMs, meaning it’ll be more efficient and more easily meet emissions standards.