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Black Friday discounts for our readers

Black Friday

Even though this Friday is not the 13th, it’s still considered Black Friday in the retail world with a host of discounts being offered.

Black Friday is the informal name given to the day after America’s Thanksgiving Day on the fourth Thursday of November.

Many Americans take the day off to start their Christmas shopping spree.

It has now become a big day for online discounts.

Even though it’s just more American consumerist nonsense, we thought our readers deserved some pre-Christmas discounts anyhow.


We are offering generous discounts from 20% to half price!

So we have put together this list of stocking-filler products that should please any motorcyclist and their pillion:

  • Gold Coast Barz Optics motorcycle riding glasses with your choice and combination of bifocal, Polaroid and photochromic lenses that darken in the sunlight;Barz Optics photochromic, polarised, bifocal sunglasses prizes black friday
  • The clever EZ-GO helmet strap that allows you to carry your helmet freeing up your hands;
    EZ-GO helmet strap black friday
    EZ-GO helmet strap
  • Motorcycle t-shirts that reflect your style and sentiment;Historic motorcycle Indian Chief Vintage Moto-T t-shirt black friday
  • Ventz which provide cooling air up your jacket sleeve;Ventz motorcycle jacket vents - pain dry black friday
  • Smart Turn System that makes normal indicators self-canceling for your safety;smart turn system black friday
  • Fast-drying, non-smelly bamboo socks, underwear and t-shirts;Bamboo socks t-shirts, underwear black friday
  • Decorative American-made, biker scarves with Swarovski crystals for the ladies; andShow her you care! Buy your pillion-in-a-million a biker bandana encrusted with genuine Swarovski crystal. Visit our online shop now. black friday
  • Keyrings that tell a story about you as a rider!Motorcycle theft hot spots keyring thieves miserly CCTV black friday