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Bike dating service says riding is fun

Dating service
You meet the nicest people on a bike

A biker dating service has found fun and finances are the top reasons for people to ride a motorcycle, despite them being risky and vulnerable to the weather.

Southern California dating service, BikerKiss, asked why people chose to ride instead of taking a car. The top answer they received are what most riders would say – it’s fun! But that was just one of five aspects that attract people to motorcycles.

The top five reasons people ride, according to the BikerKiss motorcyclist dating service, are:

    1. Fun. A set of good curves on a good road is just the best feeling to ride along on. It’s fascinating how human bodies can respond to the gravitational pulls and pushes. The best thing is when someone’s on a motorcycle, he feels everything out there, the nature, the road right under the foot, the wind in the face… Nothing will ever compare.
    2. It saves money. Motorcycles burn much less gas (petrol) than most cars in general, so it really helps save money. Also, at some point, motorcycle riders are leaders in conservation.
    3. Easier to park. Is it a pain when someone spends half an hour in the parking lot but still can’t find a place to place his car? That’ll never happen to a motorcyclist.
    4. Super flexibility. Remember the helpless feeling of encountering a traffic jam on the road? Being stuck in a car with a line of vehicles in the front blocking the vision and not knowing when the traffic is going to move? A motorcycle can solve all of this! Besides, a motorcycle can literally stop anywhere along any road.
    5. Easier to maintain. Motorcycles are easier to repair. Firstly the engine is more accessible. Go to the bike, pull off a side cover or seat, and there is the engine. Secondly, there is less to maintain, e.g. two wheels not four. In many ways, a motorcycle is only half a car. Finally, many repairs can be done without having to go to a mechanic, like changing spark plugs or fitting a new battery.

Well, some of those answers are a little flawed – for example faired bikes can be a pain to access the engine and lane-splitting or lane-filtering isn’t legal in many places. However, you can right that last wrong in Queensland and possibly the rest of Australia by completing this short survey.

Anyway, the riders on BikerKiss have the right sentiment!