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Bane Motorcycle Helmets and Masks

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If you search the dictionary, ‘bane’ is defined as the source of annoyance or anything that causes distress. The fictional character “Bane” certainly personifies this. He is an archaic enemy of the Batman who is also known as the Caped Crusader or the Dark Knight.

Batman has had crazy enemies like the Joker who love spreading evil and destruction, just for the fun of it. However, Bane is different because he has the enviable combination of unbeatable strength and extreme intelligence that has made him the only enemy go Batman that seems to have ‘broken the bat’.

There are several popular enemies that superheroes have had to face – Loki, Lex Luthor and Joker, to name a few, however, it is the past of Bane, his childhood, that made him who he was. He wasn’t born evil, but was made one because of the situations and circumstances in his life, that he had no control over.

Early childhood

Bane’s father was Edmund Dorrance, also known as the King Snake. Edmund was a revolutionary and had been imprisoned, but he managed to escape and his son, Bane, had to serve his father’s sentence since he had fled. As a result, Bane spent his childhood between the prison walls in the fictional Caribbean country named Santa Prisca, instead of spending time with books.

However, his natural abilities ensured his personal and intellectual growth, even in prison. He was a voracious reader and read as many books as possible, developed his own distinct style of meditation and worked out at the prison gym and picked up survival strategies, living among other prisoners. He could speak English, Spanish, Portuguese as well as Latin. He was quite an extra ordinary child who certainly had an extra ordinary childhood.

How he became the Bane that the world knows him as:

Bane killed his first victim at the tender age of 8! His victim was a prison man who wanted to collect important information about the prison through the child, but Bane had other plans in store.

He had a teddy-bear with him at all times, named Osito. But the surprising fact here is that Bane had a knife hidden in it. His life forced him to become the villain that he ultimately did. He was also selected as a subject for testing a drug called Venom. In fact, he volunteered for the experiment as that could set him free.

Venom had killed every other subject that it was tried on, but somehow, Bane survived. Venom was also the reason behind his immense physical strength. However, he had to keep taking it through a pipe that was attached to his brain.

Why Bane and Batman?

Bane had first heard about the hero named Batman in prison and decided to escape to Gotham once he broke free from the prison and take the city away from Bruce and prove his superiority. Once he came to Gotham, Bane blew up the Arkham Asylum and helped several enemies of Batman like the Scarecrow and Joker escape.

Because of this sudden, overflowing evil in the city, Batman had work to round them all up. In the meantime, this gave Bane the time to observe Batman and his skills and techniques. In this way, not only was he very smart, but also very sly as not only could he observe Batman, but he could also do so without making Batman suspect anything all.

What makes Bane special:

You might be wondering what makes Bane different from the other enemies that Batman has ever had. For starters, he is one of the few enemies of Batman, who discovers this secret identity of Bruce Wayne. While the rest of the world knew him to be the Caped Crusader, it is Bane who realized that it was none other than Bruce Wayne of Wayne Enterprises. He confronts Batman at Wayne Manor and even breaks his back. He was one of the rarest people who ever had the chance to enter the Bat cave. He left no stone unturned in his attempt to become a great source of annoyance and distress to the superhero that the world knew as Batman.

After being injured, Batman asked his friend Azrael, to assume his role and save Gotham. Azrael also developed a stronger version of the Bat suit with the help of which he later manages to defeat Bane. Azrael managed to defeat Bane by severing the piped that were attached to his brain, cutting off the supply of the drug that Bane relied on.

His skills:

Bane, also known as Dorrance sometimes, his real name is not known, is not just a man who depends on drugs to help him fight. Although, yes, his height increases from 6”2 to 6”8 when he is on drugs and his eyes turn from brown to green and his weight also goes up from 225 lbs to 350 lbs when he has taken Venom.


However, the man, also has unimaginable strength, and unmatched speed, he is highly intelligent because of all the books that he has read, has great endurance powers and an enviable photographic memory – he remembers what he’s seen and can use it to his advantage.

It is said that a man who speaks several languages is highly intelligent and that applies to Bane as well. He is fluent in speaking Spanish, German, French, English, Urdu, and Latin. Apart from Batman, he also tried to break the back of Captain America but was not successful as Captain America got hold of his shield and knocked him off for good. So he nearly broke his back too. Also, he always wanted a father figure in his life and this weakness of his was manipulated by Lex Luthor and Ra’s al Ghul.

The Bell Rogue Motorcycle Helmet with Airbrushed Bane Mask:

The Bell Rogue has a removable front mask that is the perfect canvas for custom painting. Here are a few more variations of this front muzzle.

And here is a step-by-step video on just how to do it yourself, like the pros do.