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ARCH Motorcycles Partners With Motul 

a view of the MOTUL race-derived "Ester technology" oil

Motul has just partnered with American-based ARCH Motorcycles to create a no-compromise approach to improving their motorcycles – and the timing couldn’t be more perfect, considering ARCH is on the cusp of releasing their 1s and ARCH Method 143 models.

According to the press release, the world-class French company will be providing high-tech solutions for ARCH, as well as the formulation, production, and distribution of their motorsports and Powersports lubricants. 

a view of ARCH Motorcycles's KRGT-1
The KRGT-1 from Arch Motorcycles

Gard Hollinger, co-founder at ARCH Motorcycle, says, “As ARCH celebrates its 10th Anniversary this year and we look ahead to the future, we’re honored to have the opportunity to work with a brand that’s created a legacy like Motul has. The ability to work closely with Motul’s team plays an essential role in the performance and reliability of our current products.”

a view of Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger, founders of ARCH Motorcycles
ARCH founders Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger

“We’re excited to work with Motul to evolve our lubricant collaboration further through our ongoing product development program.”

Arch’s motorcycle will likely use the Motul Twin Line oils (using race-spec Ester technology) to guarantee a quality ride. 

ARCH Motorcycle Method 143
The Method 143 motorcycle from ARCH Motorcycles

As if that weren’t enough, ARCH is also planning partnerships with other big company names in the near future. 

Stay tuned for updates, and save your pennies.