Arai’s Goes ‘Quantic’ With New ECE 22.06 Standard


The First and The Only

The new ECE 22.06 test is a nightmare for helmet manufacturers. Although it may be a nightmare for them, it’s a blessing for us riders. The stricter ECE certifications get, the safer your helmets are as a result (and the more expensive they get… oops). Arai’s new sport-touring lid is the first and only helmet to pass the newly introduced ECE 22.06 standard testing. 

Arai has always had somewhat of a leg-up on the helmet game (with Shoei) thanks to their heavy involvement in high-level motorsports. Helmets must be as safe as possible for the riders going 350km/h+ around a closed circuit with 19 other adversaries dualling for podiums. This dangerous competition often breeds high levels of safety R&D, which later translates to the tech we find in our road-wearing helmets.

The older ECE 22.05 test saw a weighted anvil be dropped on the helmet at a speed of 7.5 m/s (with six sensors measuring the forces exerted throughout the helmet). The new 22.06 certification sees 7.5 m/s, 8.2 m/s, and 6 m/s in addition to a 45-degree impact at 8 m/s to evaluate how the rotational forces affect the rigidity and safety of the helmet. As I mentioned earlier, there were 6 total sensors in the older test. The new 22.06 test doubles that amount to the tune of 12 live-tracking sensors. 


Arai’s new Quantic helmet passed this test with flying colors thanks to their impact-absorbing (and newly designed) EPS liner in addition to a reinforcing ‘super fibre’ belt taken from their Formula 1 helmet designs. 

The Quantic weighs in at 3.6 pounds with the Pinlock inserted, but we can forgive the extra pound of weight when being compared to today’s lightweight sub-2.5lb helmets, and attribute it to the added safety of the helmet.

The Arai Quantic is arriving at local dealers near you in the next month and a half, and pricing will start at £499.99 (~$695 USD) for solids.


  1. Dan
    April 23, 2021

    Is this helmet for sure coming to the USA?

    • Darren-p
      April 29, 2021

      North America Arai has different nomenclature for their helmets.

  2. Darren-p
    April 24, 2021

    It’s a looker
    Arai need to get with the internal visor times though.
    And do something about their antiquated visor mech and locking system.
    Their graphics also make me want to fall asleep
    V bright was the last arai thst had fun colours.
    Had my quantum for many years until it finally fell apart

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