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Arai: New Colorway for Off-Roading VX-PRO4 Helmet

A view of the new colorways available with Arai's VX-PRO4

Arai’s got a new set of colorways for their tried-and-true VX-PRO4 helmet – and considering all their lids are hand painted so meticulously, the red and yellow schemes are nothing short of stunning. 

Back in the beginning of September, we covered a neat neon-wedge design that Arai had just debuted for the VX-PRO4. Arai, I feel, is one of the few companies that pays such devoted attention to the riding styles of their clientele, so I wasn’t necessarily surprised when I saw yet another color scheme emerge before Q1 of 2022.

It’s proof the company cares, that they don’t mind getting a few extra paintbrushes wet if it means that you can express yourself with quality and safety on the road proper. 

A view of the new colorways available with Arai's VX-PRO4

The newsletter release from the company states that, “just as in every Arai helmet, the basic and simple organic shell shape is based on the R75 shape concept. The absence of exaggerated edges or protrusions on the shell should not be mistaken for a lack of imagination.”

“It’s a visual demonstration of our commitment to maintaining the integrity of the shell for maximizing real-world impact performance.”

“Every Arai helmet is meticulously handmade by craftsmen and women who are active participants in our mission to present the highest level of protection and quality,” states Arai’s official website

“From the shell to the paint to the liner, the work is performed by hand by experienced, focused specialists.”

A view of Arai's website logo and newsletter logo

Looking to give the colorways a whirl?  The new ‘Resolute yellow’ and ‘Resolute Red’ are currently available on Arai’s website for $1048.95 USD, with 15 other color variants to choose from, should you be a fickle pickle like myself. 

For more information, visit Arai’s website, check out our lists of helmet reviews (we’re rather well-known for these), and as always – stay safe on the twisties.

*All media sourced from Arai’s newsletter release of Thursday, December 2*