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Anti-bikie laws grow despite failure

Anti-vlad vest vlad laws

South Australia is set to introduce anti-bikie laws similar to Queensland’s Vicious Lawless Associates Disestablishment (VLAD) laws, despite those laws failing.

The only person so far convicted under the former Queensland Government’s VLAD laws is Joshua Robin Rohl who smuggled $16m worth of cannabis on commercial flights between Melbourne and Brisbane.

In 18 months of the legislation, several people have been arrested and charged under the VLAD Act, but Rohl is the only person convicted.

While he was found to be part of organised crime, he is not a bikie, not a member of a declared criminal motorcycle club and he used an airplane, not a motorcycle, to commit the offences.

Perhaps Frequent Flyer Clubs should be included as criminal organisations!

Yet the architect of the social-profiling laws, former Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie says it proves his VLAD laws work.

Protestor at the January 26 rally
Anti-VLAD protestor

“I feel confident that kids in Queensland can sleep tonight knowing that this man is behind bars for a long period of time,” he told a fawning mainstream press. 

So is he saying that there are no other laws to convict drug smugglers?

New Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath says the VLAD laws “go too far” and has set up a review of the laws which she says will take away the anti-association and mandatory sentencing sections.

That should be good news for recreational weekend riders caught up in unnecessary and misguided police harassment.

“Recreational riders should be able to jump on their bikes and go up the coast with their friends for the weekend and not feel harassed because that’s what these laws led to,” she said when she took office.

It should also ease the minds of law-abiding people who may associate with members of motorcycle clubs arbitrarily and secretly declared criminal organisations by the police and government.

However, the review is not expected to be finalised until later this year and we are not guaranteed anything.

“There are elements in the laws that work, there are elements in the laws that go too far,” D’Ath has said.

Riders will undoubtedly remain skeptical until the amended laws are made public.

Freedom Ride protest in Canberra
Freedom Ride protest in Canberra to stop the spread of anti-association laws

Meanwhile, the South Australian government is poised to declare 27 motorcycle clubs as criminal organisations and make it unlawful for more than two members of these clubs to be together at one time.

Have they not learnt anything from the farcical Queensland experience?

  1. I was expecting this from the SA Government, it is full of morons and idiots. We don`t even have a bikie problem…

  2. I am getting sick of police eyeballing me every time I’m out.I ride a Harley I’m 69. I’m an exservceman and ex court officer. I’m not a crim. should i have a sign stating all this on my bike .

    outlaw bikies have sweet FA to do with social riders whom are made up of people who like to ride

  3. If the government were serious about this,,, the associate bikie and son of a notorious club member and debt collector who filleted my mate with a cut throat razor, while off his face on ice at the wrong house looking for a 19 yr old female neighbor who owed them $2000 for ice alledgedly permanently dissabled my mates arm and nearly killed him when he refused to let this 18 yr old man search his house. Well the police caught him at midnight and released him on bail at 9 am the next morning so he now started harrasing my mates girlfriend and 12 yr old daughter of the injured man as this perp believed they had called the police on him (the ambulance called the police) so he and his friends bashed this poor girl yelled intimidating things at her almost daily, terrifying her when the police were told this as many complaints were made about what was happening the police responded that he was so sorry for what happened he even cried and they did not believe he was behind the terror campaign. So this person goes to court and was eventually sentenced to ten months jail thats it. With intent he did set upon my mate he bled out at the seen went in to cardiac arrest twice and has a debilitating permanent dissability today as a result his arm is stuffed his hand is cuffed resulting from muscular, tendon and nerve damage. 10 months jail, A joke…I got sentenced to 9 months for $20 of pot once a vast difference in crimes but apparently pot is very dangerous to smoke, im likely to laugh at such sentences by judges who are to cowardly to exact justice on such barbaric crimes…

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