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An Adventure Segment for Bimota’s Tesi Chassis?

Bimota’s Lab Might Have Some New Buns in the Oven

When Bimota revealed their KB4 at EICMA, we were pretty jazzed – after all, Kawasaki’s hands in the ‘boutique brand’ were resulting in some pretty neat machines – and now, we’re told that Bimota plans on branching out into other segments. 

A view of Bimota's new roadster

Source: VisorDown

“We are developing something new with a Tesi chassis and we will see it either next year, or the year after,” Marconi tells MCN at EICMA.

“Until now, Tesis were only made for the sports segment…we’d like to put the Tesi name to…adventurers, tourers and bikes like that.”

A side view of Bimota's roadster

Source: RideApart

For those of you that don’t know, the Tesi chassis boasts a long-established front swingarm and steering system unique to the brand. Kawasaki had considered something similar in a few patents, but nothing’s come out yet …which explains Kawasaki’s major buy-in to Bimota.

“Kawasaki…sees hub-center steering as a means of cutting development and mass-manufacturing costs via adaptability.” a report from CycleWorld comments on a 2020 Kawi patent. 

A quarter view of the Bimota roadster that was at EICMA

Source: Adventure Rider

Ever since Kawasaki linked themselves to the Italian manufacturer, we’ve been expecting that the Bimota to churn out the projects that they’d been previously unable to properly punt out to the masses…and boy, are they delivering.

ADVRider thinks that we will be seeing either an adventure or touring model for EICMA 2022 – what do you think? 

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