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Kawasaki and Bimota Team-Up Could Create the KB4 Retro Sportbike

bimota kb4

Retro Style, Modern Japanese Engineering

Bimota and Kawasaki are working together. The rumor was that Kawasaki actually bought Bimota, but I’ve since learned Kawasaki owns 49 percent, according to Moto Station. All you really need to know is that Bimota will be using Kawasaki engineering to create unique, Italian-styled motorcycles. The Tesi H2 is one of the collaborations that came last year at EICMA, and now there’s the possibility of a retro-styled sportbike called the KB4. 

The bike is not a sure deal yet, but I want it to be a real thing. It will use the Kawasaki Ninja 1000 SX engine with new styling and updated chassis. In place of the unique front end suspension that Bimota is known for are some standard forks.

While the design is a bit more conventional than Bimota’s usual designs, there’s also certainly something very Italian about the overall look of the bike. It’s a kind of vintage sportbike, and it’s a beautiful machine. Bimota posted a video to its YouTube channel showing the bike from several angles. There really isn’t a bad angle on the bike. With the Ninja 1000 SX engine, you’re looking at a displacement of 1,043cc. Power should be about 140 hp and somewhere around 82 lb-ft of torque. This will be a great bike if Bimota and Kawasaki decide to make it happen.