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America 911 Foundation Hosts Motorcycle Ride To Honor 9/11 Victims

A view of a rider joining hands with a grateful civilian in commemoration of America's 911 Foundation Ride

If you’re in the general area of Central Pennsylvania today, you’ll see a large group of bikers – 600 or so – in full regalia, with a mission on the mind and grins on their faces (or in their hearts. We don’t judge the stoic’s grimace).

A view of riders biking in commemoration of America's 911 Foundation

The riders started on Aug. 18 in Rhode Island before making their way through the Keystone State (Camp Hill, Lancaster, Harrisburg, and Gettysburg) and continuing through Connecticut, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. 

A view of a civilian waving a flag at America's 911 Foundation

The event is hosted by none other than America’s 911 Foundation – the non-profit organization on the other end of the country’s most widely known emergency line. 

This weekend, they are hosting the ride in commemoration of the brave lives lost during that tragic event of 9/11. 

A view of civilians waving their flags in commemoration of lives lost during the 9/11 ride

If you’re looking to be a part of this, to attend the ride and support a good cause next year, here are a few things to keep in mind, courtesy of the foundation’s website:

  1. As long as you have a license and a bike, you’re in. This includes sportbikes, foreign bikes, domestic bikes, trikes, sidecars, choppers, custom projects, that one beauty of a baby in the garage itching to hit the asphalt…anything that would require a DOT Motorcycle license.
  2. The ride will require payment during registration, to pay for the escorts’ rooms during the ride, the breakdown crews’ rooms, and to help fund other scholarships supported by America’s 911 Foundation.
  3. This year’s ride was limited to the first 600 bikes, so make sure to show up and register nice and early next year!
  4. Any bit helps. America’s 911 Foundation is 100% volunteers, so many riders find it helpful to set up a place for friends and family to donate in anticipation of the ride. Every penny goes back into the community, where it is most needed.

A view of a rider being helped at the gas station during America's 911 Foundation

One neat perk of the America 911 Foundation is that they take good care of their own. 

The non-profit raises money for the children of their first responders – and according to this report from Fox43, they’ve already raised more than $420,000, with over $530,000 given away to the 911 departments.

A view of the riders that participated in America's 911 Foundation

For a non-profit, that’s incredibly impressive,

Let us know if you intend to register – you might even see a few of us out on the road with you.