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Shooting For The World’s Fastest Tilting Trike

A press release photo of lightning motorcycles collaborating with Arcimoto

Arcimoto Inc. and Lightning Motorcycles have just made a pact to create the world’s fastest tilting trike – and both companies are stacked to succeed.

The collaborative effort is live as of today, with both companies hoping to blast through a few records in the process.

I know what you’re thinking. 

“Why on earth would I want to read about a tilting trike?”

…Here’s why this three-wheeled thing could be super cool. 

Lightning Motorcycles SuperBike that won fastest land speed record with solar power energy
Lightning Motorcycles’ SuperBike, in possession of an SCTA official World Record of 215.960 mph, with 218.637 mph as the best-timed run.

Lightning Motorcycles already has a badge under their bonnet with their very own SuperBike, setting records for the world’s fastest production motorcycle back in 2011. 

The best part is that the bike performed entirely on solar energy, costing Lightning Motorcycles only 8 cents in overall fuel while blasting out an SCTA official World Record of 215.960 mph, with 218.637 mph as the best-timed run.

Arcimoto doesn’t come empty-handed to this partnership either. 

Acrimoto’s Chief Tilting Officer, ‘Bonneville' Bob Mighell
‘Bonneville’ Bob Mighell breaking the land-speed record for 3-wheeled motorcycles at the 2013 Motorcycle Speed Trials held at Bonneville Salt Flats, in Utah.

Arcimoto’s Chief Tilting Officer, Bob Mighell, has broken a very pretty 3-wheeled motorcycle land speed record at the 2013 Motorcycle Speed Trials in Utah – and his reputation for getting trikes airborn is legendary.

Given their track record (literally), it’s obvious the two companies are a match made in heaven – and they’re off to a good start.

According to a report from RepublicWorld, the Trike will be electric, using Arcimoto’s leading tilting three-wheel conversion kit for touring motorcycles (labeled the “Tilting Motor Works Trio”(TMWT) tilting trike technology). 

Acrimoto’s Chief Tilting Officer, ‘Bonneville' Bob Mighell
Arcimoto’s Chief Tilting Officer, ‘Bonneville’ Bob Mighell

“From the moment I met Richard Hatfield and saw the Lightning for myself at Bonneville, I knew there was the potential to create an electric trike unlike anything in the history of motorcycles,” says Mighell. “This will be the first time we outfit an electric bike with the TRiO kit, and it certainly won’t be the last, as we drive toward a sustainable future faster than ever before.” 

Richard Hatfield, Founder, and CEO of Lightning Motorcycles, also has words to say about the trike and the merger:

Richard Hatfield, Founder and CEO of Lightning Motorcycles

“Our vision is to see Lightning’s electric motorcycles provide performance-oriented and environmentally conscious transportation, as well as adrenaline-inducing fun, for both new and experienced riders all over the world. This collaboration amplifies our vision. It’s an honor to build the first electric bike outfitted with the TRiO alongside ‘Bonneville Bob Mighell,’ who has proven throughout his career that trikes can, and should, fly”.

I don’t know about flying tilting trikes, but this collaboration is loaded with talent – and I can’t wait to see what they have next in store.