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5 Best Security Gadgets for Your Motorbike

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(Guest post on bike security for our North American readers)

Motorbikes are excellent travel options for those who cherish adventurous trips on and off the road. Moreover, it is one of the most cost-effective and eco-friendly ways to beat heavy traffic in highly populated cities. Therefore, your motorbike is an investment that you need to protect against criminals who target to take this asset away from you.

In the recent past, bike theft has been on the rise with thousands of bikes stolen in the US every year. Even though there are ways to track vehicle history to prevent buyers from buying stolen motorbikes, most of the stolen bikes are never recovered. Thieves will quickly piece out the bike and sell the parts or reassemble it on a different frame. In this article, we have compiled 5 best security gadgets to help you secure your motorbike.

Aldi motorcycle cover Aldi annual sale securityMotorcycle Cover

Thieves do not steal any motorbike; they usually spy around to identify particular models to go for. Keeping a cover on your bike hides most of the important details that the criminals could be looking for, thus making it a less attractive target. Besides, there is a time-consuming hindrance for the thief. Though the cover is a basic accessory to keep your scrambler in good condition, it also provides security benefits.

Motorcycle Anti-Theft Lock and Alarm

A bike lock is one of the most effective preventive gadgets, making the job of a thief more risky and harder. However, with the right tools and techniques can break any lock or even carried in a track but using a strong lock along with other security device or mechanism is a great way to secure your bike. Some of the recommended anti-theft lock devices include:

Fork (Steering) Lock – This makes it impossible to steer the motorbike, so the thief cannot wheel it away.

Disc Lock – A small type of motorcycle lock fitted on the brake rotor to prevent the wheel from turning.

Digital Smart Locks – It can either be the steering or the disc lock that integrates it with the alarm system. Whenever a thief tries to break the lock, it activates the alarm scaring away the thief. Some smart locks in the market like Lock8 have a Bluetooth feature, which detects when you are away from the bike and automatically activates the alarm. Additionally, the device has a motion-sensing feature that activates the alarm when it detects motion. Some even have mobile apps that will alert you when the alarm starts.

Lock theft thief stolen steal clever steal security

Kill/Stop Switch

A motorcycle kill switch disables the connection to the ignition circuit stopping the bike from starting even if the thief has keys. Not even hot-wiring will start the machine. However, some criminals know how to flip the kill switch and can easily wheel away with the bike. Hiding the kill switch is an extra step to help you prevent theft of your motorbike.

Motorcycle Chain/ Cable

Some intelligent thieves have the techniques and powerful tools to break the steering or disc lock to escape with your machine. Combining the lock with a chain or cable enhances the security of the bike, making it harder to steal. The best way to use the chain/cable lock is on the back wheel as the front can be easily removed. Additionally, it is advisable to anchor the chain on an immovable object such as a street lamppost. You may also chain through the back wheel and the bike frame.

Motorbike GPS Tracking Device

Though the above gadgets can prevent bike theft, it is never a 100% guarantee. A GPS tracking device does little to nothing in preventing your ride from being stolen. However, it is a clever investment to help you recover your scrambler in the event it is stolen. Mostly the GPS tracker is attached in a hidden part on the bike. The device transmits the live location and other details about the bike such as movement and speed to a service which you can track online from a web-based or mobile app.


Losing a valuable possession like a motorbike can be a painful experience for anyone. While the unexpected may happen to you at any time, investing in advanced bike anti-theft gadgets can save you from this pain. Other bike safety measures include removing the keys from the ignition even when you are a few metres away from the bike, locking it in your home garage and parking within your sight whenever possible.