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21st licence check a case of harassment?

VLAD harassment axed
"Harassed" Misfit Jamie Evans on his Fat Boy

Cops1A YouTube video of several police harassing a rider at a Beenleigh service station with a protracted licence check is not the end of the story.
Fat Boy rider Jamie Evans says that after being held up for about 40 minutes by police in five patrol cars, he was pulled over moments later by a sixth car for a drug test.
His video shows the police poring over his bike and licence and asking him questions about his clothes and how many friends he has. He is also going to post a video of the second incident.
“The police need to learn some people skills. They speak down to us and speak to us as a criminal before we even get a chance to say anything,” says Jamie who should know as he’s been pulled over 21 times since she bought his 2012 Harley.
Queensland Police Media have responded to Jamie’s video saying riders and the public have “nothing to fear” from the increased police presence.Cop 2
Jamie is a member of the Misfits Social Motorcycle Club and wears a “Misfits” vest when he rides.
“I’ve been advised by the police on many occasions to take the vest off, but I will always wear my vest. I’m proud of it,” he says.
However, the harassment has now got to the stage where he says he can’t take his nine-year-old son for a ride.
“How do you explain to a nine-year-old that police aren’t bad but I ride a bike so they see me as being bad. He’d lose any respect he has for the police,” he says.
Despite the grilling by several police, Jamie filmed the whole incident and managed to keep his sense of humour.
“From what I witnessed at the servo, the tide is turning against the government on this,” he says.
Cops 5“I was amazed at the amount of people coming and going who filmed it and gave me their names and contact numbers and said to get in touch if I needed a witness.
“I’ve been an LNP voter all my life and I will never vote LNP again.”
The Australian Motorcycle Council has condemned the incident.
”It’s a matter of concern that occurrences like this are still being reported despite assurances from the Minister and the Police Commissioner that ‘legitimate’ riders are not being targeted,” says AMC secretary Tony Ellis.
“The sheer waste of resources in having seven police and four vehicles present at the scene should also be a matter of concern to taxpayers.”
Cops 4Jamie moved from Mackay to Brisbane 21 months ago, joined the Misfits about 14 months ago and that’s when the harassment started.
“I’ve probably been pulled over 10 times have since this VLAD bullshit started and one week I was pulled over four times,” he says.
“I’ve had a couple of really rude ones in the past and once was made to stand with my hands up against a paling while they did a licence check.
“In all those times only one cop that was decent and spoke to me like a human being.”
Jamie says he has no criminal record and nothing to hide. See my story here. However, he has had two infringement notice issued and he has fought both and won.
The first was a speeding fine for 113km/h in a 100 zone when he was tail-end Charley in a Misfits group ride.
Cops 3He says the police video evidence was their downfall because the office sped up to catch the group, didn’t get an accurate speed reading and was dangerously close to Jamie’s bike.
“My pillion could have reached around touched the car when he hit the siren,” he says.
The second infringement was for a bald tyre, but Jamie had it professionally checked and the police rang on Thursday to say the charge has been dismissed.
“The police need to start looking at areas where there really is crime, not out on the open road” he says.
“The police only seem to be targeting motorcycle riders and if you ride in a group or ride a cruiser you will be targeted more.”


    1. If this video was watched 256000+ times, all of those watchers should send a My Will letter to the PM’s office, and cc those also to the State Governor General and the Governor General of Australia, not only to repeal these laws but to stop this State Government making any more decisions by sacking them forthwith.

      To: The Premier of Queensland, current Ministers and Members of the Qld Parliament

      YOUR DUTY: As my respected and elected representatives, you have been entrusted to execute My Will in accordance with your duty of office and the Australian Constitution. The sole purpose of Government is to act and administer services in accordance with the WILL of the people it represents.

      MY DUTY: It is my duty as a resident to keep you informed of MY WILL on anything that comes before the Parliament, or that should come before Parliament, so that you may execute My Will accordingly.

      IN BREACH: The three (3) Bills known as The Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Bill, The Tattoo Parlours Bill and The Criminal Law (Criminal Laws Disruption) Amendment Bill and the execution of said Bills are in breach of the Australian Constitution, The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) & The International Covenant on Human Rights, both to which Australia is a signatory and the common law principal and right that all persons are Innocent until PROVEN guilty.

      The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act provides: S80. The trial on indictment of any offence against any law of the Commonwealth shall be by jury. S109 provides: When a law of a State is inconsistent with a law of the Commonwealth, the latter shall prevail, and the former shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be invalid.

      Article 21 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: The right of peaceful assembly

      Article 22 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights:- Everyone shall have the right to freedom of association with others, including the right to form and join trade unions for the protection of his interests.

      Innocent Until Proven Guilty: The laws reverse the burden of proof, forcing those accused of being ‘vicious lawless associates’ or ‘office bearers’ of the association to prove that they are not participants in criminal associations. The combination of the broad definitions and the requirement for the accused to prove their innocence makes any sentence under these new laws fundamentally unconstitutional and in breach of international common law and human rights standards.

      MY WILL: I hereby state that it is MY WILL that the three (3) Bills known as The Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Bill, The Tattoo Parlours Bill and The Criminal Law (Criminal Laws Disruption) Amendment Bill, be repealed and terminated immediately and that any persons detained under these bills be released immediately without prejudice. You are hereby instructed to execute My Will as efficiently and expediently as possible. Failure to do so will result in legal action being taken to dismiss the current Queensland Government as per the constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia which grants the people of Australia sovereignty over the Government.

      Signed:__________________________ Print Name______________________________

      Of: __________________________________________________ __________________

      (Street, Suburb, State, P/C)

      Dated this ______________ day of _______________________ in the year __________

    2. Irony of it all, before they got them to remove their colours, you knew instantly who you were dealing with, no need to train anyone in spotting them. Still object strongly with them archaic new laws!

  1. This is not harassment. This is called pro-active Policing. The ignorance of people never ceases to amaze me. This man clearly has a criminal history of violent behaviour. Why else would there be a Police response of this sort. The only people being harassed here are the Police, simply doing their job. How would you like a camera in your face whilst you work, especially in a job such as Policing where these criminals will use this footage in an attempt to identify personal info about these Officers. Wake up people.

    1. I agree that this is proactive policing, cannot agree on the 4th sentence though. To be realistic, the police, and the public, are sick of bikie gangs, in no way am I inferring the gentleman involved has done anything wrong or belongs to anything other than a “social” club.
      Do Ulysses members attract this much attention though?

      1. This is Australia, we do not have bikie gangs. We have bikie clubs. While small minded people like you continue to call them “gangs” the harassment will continue. I almost always wear my vest, because I am proud of my membership of my club and I am yet to see anyone who is “sick” of clubs. I am yet to go out anywhere and not have people tell me how disgusted they are with the VLAD laws and how glad they are that there are people who won’t simply roll over for the government when the government is acting so wrong.
        I am not in one of the 26 “criminal organisations” – some of which are not even in Queensland, one of which has a grand total of 1 member and one of which that has never existed. The list was allegedly made up from police intelligence of clubs performing criminal acts. I am still waiting for someone to explain to me how a club that does not exist, has never existed, and will probably never exist in this country commit criminal acts?

        1. At no time have I inferred you are part of a “gang”.
          I was simply pointing out (I hope) that the public, in general, are fed up with the motorcycle gangs involved in illegal activities and that the police are carrying out their duties.
          Please do not use this to start a prolonged interchange between us as I have said what I believe.

          1. yes, you have stated what you believe – you believe there are motorcycle gangs in Australia, and the simple fact is that there is not.

    2. you are completely ignorant you didn’t listen very well he was charged twice and they were dropped both times.

    3. But there was no history. There was no warrant. They didn’t even know his name. All they knew was he was a guy on a bike. If there is a REASON or PROOF to suggest he is a danger or threat or up to something then pull him up and throw him in a cell. But all they went on was that he was a guy on a BIKE with a VEST. Nothing more. They had NO OTHER REASON to pull him up. And he has been pulled up TWENTY-ONE TIMES. Which means 20 times before this, the police pulled him over, for no reason. Did a check for no reason. And logged the check into the system for no reason. And I’ve had recently been inside police vehicles in the passenger seat. I’ve seen how they work. The computers they have in their has ALL of the information. They would have KNOWN by the rego number that he had been pulled up 20 times before, and they did it anyway.

      This is profiling, and it is supposed to be illegal.

      This IS harassment. This IS bullying. And if you think differently then YOU are the ignorant one.

    4. Wake up integrand – the ignorance of sheeple never ceases to amaze me you have been fed media bullshit for the last few months and are now brainwashed into thinking this is ok and good use of taxpayers money well sorry but this IS happening to innocent people every day, Jamie had not committed an offence there was no reason for him to be harassed whatsoever. I bet you also believe that crime has reduced by 40% since the VLAD was introduced – what a joke that is!

    5. You sir, are an amazingly gifted detective. You could tell from this that Mr Evans is a criminal. . The QPS would love to have you work for them. Or is it that you are a deluded fool?

    6. you mr/madm integrand are either a first class devils advocate, twisting the situation to make it look like the police were being “reasonable” – or a First Class Moron. Personally, I think its the latter.
      I guess you didn’t actually watch the video? What gives you the right to ASSUME “This man clearly has a criminal history of violent behaviour” ???? WTF did you get that from. Pull your head out of your arse, and see that’s really going on here!!

    7. You too, one day will say “What happened to our freedoms that we once enjoyed?” Vladimir Putin would be delighted to have the powers and laws that were intro’d by the LNP. Sheeples, wake up and protest against the VLAD and Anti-Association Laws before it’s too late!

    8. intergrand,
      on the contrary, this is a very good example of harassment.
      Firstly, I would like to take you to task on the first statement of yours. “This man clearly has a criminal history of violent behaviour. Why else would there be a Police response of this sort.”
      Really? So from where do you draw your knowledge of the so called offender?
      If I were you I’d be very careful about what you are saying here. You have supplied an email address to get your opinion posted. You could be opening yourself up to litigation if you keep that up.
      I suggest that you are talking from your ass. You need to have some form of proof before you go spouting off a statement such as this.
      Secondly, the police themselves are resorting to wearing cameras and sound recording devices, themselves.
      For no other reason than for their own protection, they say. Well, what is wrong with wearing a camera, then?
      Thirdly, there you go again, “These criminals”.
      The police have my respect, on the whole. They do have a difficult job to do and in difficult situations.
      However, listening to the woman police officer asking the questions that she did, I quickly formed the opinion that she had no other reason to ask the questions that had, to cause confrontation. Instead of asking the bike rider why he wore a leather vest on a hot day, why not ask the police officer beside her what the tattoos on his arms mean. When did he have them done? Who paid for them? Who did them. Was it a member, or associate, of a criminal gang, perhaps…………………….? I could go on.
      The only saving grace was the sergeant who came in late in the actions. He was reasonably courteous and to the point. I would add one proviso on his actions though. He should have sent the other police, (other than the first crew on the scene) on their way. There was no need for that type of intimidation when there was no sign of threat for anybody’s safety.

    9. Might I remind some people here that the last time I checked we live in a democracy that is quickly turning into a fool’s paradise…despite whatever you believe about the above incident perhaps you should research many other harassment incidents that range from young teenagers to older war veterans, to other groups as well…ordinary men and women who belong to social motorcycle clubs out for a afternoon ride and are targeted simply because they are riding a bike and wear leathers… the leathers are recommended by bike manufacturers as the best protection for a rider..and the number plates are already checked before they pull them over so it’s not as if they are randomly pulled over.
      As for our war veterans, all of whom fought for this country and proudly wear their medals marching every Anzac Day, how shameful is it that many of them have had their club houses “raided” by police looking for “evidence” ?
      It’s disgusting and shows a distinct lack of respect. It saddens me as an Australian who has grown up in this generation, that we treat our fellow Australians with so little regard.

    10. Are you serious integrand???
      You don’t know Jamie and even the police have confirmed that he has no criminal record and that they was over the top with their response, you are just another sheeple that has been brain washed by our government, open you eyes and your brain if you still have one and you’ll see that this government is illegally harassing people that enjoy the freedom that riding a motorcycle brings, please WAKE UP before these laws actually come and get you or your family for no more than doing something you enjoy because you or someone you associate with does something that the government or police doesn’t like.

  2. It made me laugh when the female cop asked why he was wearing a leather vest in 30º weather when two of the cops were wearing vests as well lol how pathetic the cops are getting….

  3. people are not ignorant they are feed up with the harassment and as for video taping I would hate to wonder what this bloke would have been though if he didn’t and as for police id this seems fair under the continuing harassment by the police so you wake up integrand

  4. Where does it say this man has a criminal history of violent behaviour? Breathtaking arrogance and prejudice by integrand on this thread . Even if he did (no evidence presented as far as I can see) he apparently was doing nothing wrong in this instance. Seven cars and a brace of officers for intelligence gathering? Two could have done that. A massively irresponsible waste of resources. Imagine the number of speeders, drunk and inattentive drivers they could have potentially nabbed with that number of officers and cars in the 40 minutes. Worryingly, the cops are loving this opportunity to harrass innocent bikers while hiding behind the new laws.

  5. @integrand What are you basing your assumptions on? I have no doubt that if he had any sort of criminal history, the officers would have made mention of it. They also would have made him step further away from them and possibly put him in the back of one of their (many) cars that were present. You are the exact sort of person that has allowed this country to fall as far as it has. I know that service station, and the area surrounding it, it isn’t exactly a “high class” neighbourhood and if those police think it is more important to harass an individual on a bike and pull him over twice within minutes, they need a severe reality check – if this sort of police presence was a common occurrence in that area, there would be a lot less drugs getting around (there are some wonderful people that live in that area – not everyone there is a criminal, far from it actually… BUT there are more than a couple of drug dealers that live within minutes of that particular service station, who would be a much better target for police attention than an individual buying fuel)

  6. Heard it was a servo in Beenleigh, looks like the Shell in Beenleigh maybe it’s part of Beaudesert policing district. But wherever, this is a ridiculous over use of police resources.

  7. Yes the police were doing their job, but regardless of whether or not this guy (“clearly”?) had a criminal history (speculation), what was he doing wrong for being pulled over on this occasion and on another 20-odd times? Answer, in the government’s eyes (and eyes of some bureaucrats and police): he was riding a motorcycle. Worse still, from a distance he ‘looked’ like a bikie. The video also shows intimidation by a couple of the police. They also film their interactions, clearly not liking someone exercising their rights when under duress. When they’ d completed the licence check, why didn’t they thank him for his time and leave? No, this appears to have gone a lot further than was necessary.

  8. Cancelling the Cape York trip because of crap like this. I don’t feel like giving any money to a government that not only condones this behaviour but has legislated for it. I’m sorry for the many rural communities in which I would have spent a bit but it’s just not worth it to have the shine taken off a holiday by police with no common sense or sense of common decency.
    And for the record, I’m a medical practitioner so can’t risk anything remotely criminal or I put my registration, my career in jeopardy.

  9. Proactive policing? 21 times… you’ve got to be kidding me.. this is harassment.

    Police need but note his registration and his licence as not a member of a banned group and not even disturb the man. Random breath tests haven’t been random in Australia in Years, they are targeted, and police are told what to look for to make more revenue rather than catch the drunk drivers.

    Australia is beyond a Police controlled country by stupid laws which restrict our rights to freedom and go where we want when we want with or without reason.

  10. First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.

  11. A register needs to be kept of all officers that harrass bike riders, for when the inevitable class action is taken against these bullying officers.

  12. Integegrand. Are you kidding? It’s idiots like you making excuses for poorly behaved police that make them feel above the law not part of it. I wear a vest too. I’m 58 and never had a speeding fine let alone other offences. Am I a criminal because I ride a bike. These cops were deliberately provocative with their lies about his right to film them and the way they asked the same questions over and over. Do you take drugs? Answer no. 2 minutes and 30 seconds to record this in his notebook. He wanted the guy to go off. We have to stop this lunacy. In this country it’s illegal to discriminate , unless you ride a bike.

  13. Once you have been stopped the details are entered into the onboard computer there is no reason to stop you again except that the Gestapo enjoy screwing your day, and as for class action against officers forget it Adolf Newman and Heinrigh Bleijie have passed legislation in qld freeing police from personal responsibility for their actions in the course of committing their crime sorry duty

  14. mate, take the advice and remove the gang patch. all it represents to ordinary people is fear and bullying. so no sympathy here, good riddance to your kind. good on the police for their bravery and tough stance.

    1. Dave,….bravery, in this instance there were how many police and police cars were there??? No bravery here, just thuggery.

    2. I beg your pardon, Dave? Please remove your joggers- they are threatening to me!
      I wear a vest, because I choose to. I also have a patch- Christian Motorcyclists Association”- now there’s a scary bunch- praise God! I am not ashamed of that patch, and if it makes me a criminal- so be it! But let the coppers find proof first, not just harass. Old saying- “all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”. All of you guys standing up against this draconian legislation are worth a medal.
      Dave- you mention police bravery and tough stance. BULLSHIT!!! 6-8 coppers surrounding 1 lone biker is not brave, it’s bullying, and cowardice!

    3. Clearly you have no comprehension of what anything is to ordinary people. Obviously you are not an ordinary person, clearly you are quite special.

      1. So obviously Dave anybody who disagree’s with your point of view is ‘special’. I consider myself and every person I ride with as ordinary people. We work, we bring up kids, we pay taxes and we ride. I am not affiliated with any 1%ers but I have had quite a few drinks with blokes who are and they are also pretty ordinary when you get past your blinkers and look beyond the vest and tattoos. Tell me have you personally ever been harrassed by a ‘Bikie’? If not, maybe you are being fed crap from a government that is blinding you to the truth that you are having your personal liberties slowly taken away from you. We need more people to use non bias channels like YouTube to show what really is happening.

        1. I think you may have misinterpreted my meaning. I support all bikies 100% and I am in a club (not 1%) and I have spent quite a bit of time with members of several different 1% clubs – every single one of them is the exact type of person I would leave my partner and kids with and know they are perfectly safe.

          Since you brought up being “harrassed by a bikie”, my brother was murdered by a bikie – a member of one of the 26 clubs…. A single bikie, not a club, not a person representing a club, not a person doing work for a club – a single person acting on his own…. and this is the reason I do not hold the club responsible in any way, shape or form. If I am not blaming a club for something a member did, I don’t see a lot of justification for others blaming a club for the actions of a single person – or a group of clubs for the actions of a single club. These laws are punishing the many for the acts of the few – and regardless of whether they are targeted at bikies or not, these laws must not be allowed to continue.

    4. Dave you are another brained washed no it all that reads to many newspapers, I have never been harassed by bikies and I have been visiting pubs with bikies in them all my life. But I have been slapped around head twice when I was a kid for saying “no mate” instead of saying “no officer” but of course being only 16 and being the the first time ever questioned by the police I should of know what to say.

  15. What Queensland police are doing is profiling it’s no better than when police in the United States accost African Americans in the street when they haven’t done anything wrong.

    What needs to happen is not the ‘VLAD’ laws what needs to happen is for our police force to have ‘reasonable suspicion laws’ meaning they are not able to pull someone over just to check their license unless they believe that the person has commuted a crime, and if they aren’t allowed to profile then people who haven’t actually committed a crime will be pulled over.

    1. Siobhan, didn’t NSW police recently get these added powers? A friend’s son is a relatively new NSW copper and he said it is now a lot easier to arrest someone in NSW.

      1. ..and don’t forget Victoria either..there police have unlimited powers to arrest you merely on a suspicion of anything illegal and you can be jailed for up to 15 years and your property forfeited..

        My goodness me, Fidel Castro’s mob would be proud of how Australia is being run these days..

        I’m sure when you get down to the nitty gritty, that it’s all about money, and all the rest is just window dressing to keep us so busy to be looking too closely at why the governments are broke.. anyone have any theories on this line of thought ?

        1. Yes rena. No doubt the distraction value of this whole topic is working well for the LNP. They inherited a nightmare set of financial books, then made the stupid decision to offer redundancies to thousands of public servants, putting Qld deeper into the shit. They want to keep the focus off the state economy, blame Labor in the election campaign, and claim they’ve been tough on crime! They’ll blame the courts for preventing them from carrying out the will of the people, all the time the other areas of crime get little of no attention.

          We need more police (visible and undercover) to do the real work of enforcing the already-in-place laws we have (not these new ones) and investigating the crimes that most affect our communities. Unfortunately, like every other state, we are broke. So the debate on the FLAD laws and the police response helps the politicians to keep the eyes of the “sheeple” off the bigger problems.

  16. What amazed me was the female cop appeared to ask him what he was doing riding in the area in the 1st place , do people now have to explain why they are riding on a public road ? And asking what he does for a living ? What has that got to do with a licence check ? I think this rider maintained his composure admirably , this whole episode is a disgusting abuse of police authority . Dangerously , some people are now seeing so many of these instances that some are either no longer upset by them or are now seeking to somehow justify it . I WILL NOT be riding in Queensland !

  17. The police have a job to do, and I am very appreciative that they do it. This video just confirms what I have suspected all along… That people with fanciful stories of harassment over these laws are ALSO pushing their luck, showing no respect for the police and generally trying to be ‘clever’.

    1. Well Chris let’s hope none of your children ever get pulled over or a war vet that you know because they ride a bike.. we wouldn’t want them to be “upset” at what some people call fanciful stories or while trying to be “clever” in defending their club house because it’s a good place to have a beer and get together with your war buddies.. yes the police have a job to do but harassing ordinary men and women who are enjoying their rights in a democratic country, goes beyond the call of duty..

      It really does come down to respect…..for yourself, your job and who you are as a person.

      Remember that the next time you see our war veterans marching on Anzac Day….

    2. Chris, while this guy is being questioned by 6 police officers, your house is being robbed by an opportunistic thief. They get away with all your valuables because there’s no one to respond to your neighbours call for help…. Have a think about that!

  18. Has anyone NOT noticed but the laws DO NOT mention “BIKIES” read it!!. So why aren’t other groups of “Gangs” ie: any illegal known ones being scrutinised, how about people who drive commodores and are known gang members, may be every commodore driver should be heavily monitored????? Well what about some criminal element who drive BMW’s, Nissans, Mercedes, Fords, etc………. Now bikies are not the only criminal gangs in society. Motorcyclist are more “in view” and a very large misconception that ALL motorcycle riders are “Criminals” I’ve been run off the road by several different car drivers……. so all of them must be “criminals”… why not they tried to kill me!!!!!

    Do not mistake this as saying I support “CRIMINAL BIKIES” I don’t, I’m all for removing ANY criminal element in society, just target everyone not just one alleged section.

  19. Any other previous issues with the law Jamie? Yes you’ve been pulled over 21 times and got off 2 infringement notices but would there be any history that would warrant the police pulling you over in the first place. C’mon Jamie. You want to be seen to be doing good for your brothers. Tell us if you have a criminal history. Maybe even the writer could ask that question in the interview before printing a 1 sided “Woe is me” story.

  20. I grew up in qld and spent most of my life there but now live in nsw. I have a work colleague who rides a cruiser to work and had a tat on his forearm. He was pulled over on his way to work the times in two weeks. This in spite of the fact that he was on his way to a defence base. The man earns a six figure salary and holds a high level clearance but like all bikers in qld he is judged on what he rides and a bit of artwork on his skin. How is this not exactly the same, and just as abhorrent as any other form of stereotyping based on what a person looks like… Racism, sexism, it’s all the same. Makes me embarrassed that I still class myself as a qlder.

  21. I’m a VIC cop. 18 years in the job and I’ve been riding a bike for nearly 30 years. I wear a vest. Occasionally I pull over a bike rider. I’m disgusted and embarrassed by this video. I know the cops are doing what they’ve been tasked to do, but it’s obvious that the initial intercepting police are out of their depth with their stupid questions and it makes them look dumb. A routine vehicle intercept shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Check the rider, check the bike, move on. He was on his own, so why all the VLAD questions? I just hope this shit doesn’t come down to VIC because I won’t be a party to it.

    1. Good onya, Kadman. After reading the Police Oath the other day, I can understand why QLD police feel obligated to uphold even shitty, freedom-quashing legislation, but it sure does rankle.

      We need some more officers like you though. The glee that some of them get from throwing their weight around is pretty galling.

    2. Thanks for that The Kadman. I attended the first meeting of recreational club reps that the Qld Police Minister requested. The Police Commissioner was present with his Taskforce chiefs. At one point the Commissioner said it would be difficult to differentiate many riders (wearing vests & patches, etc) from a distance and admitted many younger officers did not have the experience to know the difference between say a Ulysses Club member and a Vietnam Vets club member with a patch club member. Recreational rider reps at the meeting made it clear it was important that the police hierarchy train these “younger” officers on these matters, to avoid such problems – just like these we are seeing reported time and time again.

      Clearly the younger female Constable was finding it difficult (especially being recorded), whereas the Sergeant at the end had his act together. We expect a lot more from our Police force in terms of effective training on these matters BEFORE they go out like bulls at a gate. The other officers who simply hung around and got in the face of the rider’s face did nothing for PR, only further eroded public perceptions of them. I wonder if any of them will get chatted about poor performance on this?

  22. Dave… personify the ignorance which has resulted in this and other Governments denying we, the people our basic civil rights. Your attitude typifies the ‘current affair’ and crock jock mindset, where you shoot your mouth off without engaging your brain.
    These laws/Acts affect ALL Queenslanders. It might pay for you to read the VLAD Act and at least speak next time from an informed perspective.

  23. its the Caltex near the train overpass.
    my wife wants to know if the service station can sue for loss of earning because she felt that any one needing fuel that went to pull in would have bypassed the stop due to 5 police cars and approximately 10 officers, based on 2 per car surrounding a guy on a bike , they would think a holdup or similar. and where did intergrand assume a criminal history from you clown. and yes he got stopped again after this stop by the car that passes though in the video and drug tested him . I’m becoming ashamed to be a Queenslander , land of the Nazi police force and corrupt government .
    just disgusted with the Government and the jack boot tactics of the police on a power trip. there supposed to be trained in biker intelligence IE: they know the badges and distinguishing Tattoos of each biker clan , yet they continually stop social riders and those they can’t prove guilty of anything without breaching everyone’s rights and Jailing everyone because they are club members. or believed to be club members. at their say so , don’t let something like evidence get in the way of the true.

  24. I could not believe how ridiculous this look, firstly why does it take that many police to get basic details from a motorcyclist, whom was simply filling his bike with fuel.
    The questions being asked are total moronic, your telling me a police officer does not know what the word social means, what a joke lets try and pick on something else.
    The law needs to be abolished as all they are doing is creating more work for the police :to whom are doing there job” This is a total waste of the riders time & the police could be doing something a lot mote important than harassing Social Motorcycle Riders.

  25. Jamie will have to very careful pulling “stunts” such as that as shown in the Pic, with one hand off the handlebars. He clearly doesn’t have control of the motorcycle he’s riding. Just ask the police. A rider recently copped a fine for removing his foot from the footpeg to stretch his leg. Which begs me to ask the question- when is it ok to remove your foot/feet from the pegs when coming to a stop. Or is that not allowed either?
    I might just have to watch the police a bit closer in the future. And wear a camera!

    1. Both feet must remain on the footpegs of the bike while it is in motion. Only one hand must remain on the handlebars though…. waving is perfectly legal (obviously the cops may argue that the rider wasn’t in full control of the vehicle blah blah blah – but there is no law that says one hand cannot be removed from the bike)

  26. I hope the Cops keep doing what theyre doing. These moron gang members sook like babies when theyre being targetted by police. Bikies are bullies in packs and wimps as individuals. Why else would you join a gang other than that your a coward at heart. Keep harassimg them and targetting them and eventually they will wither away. If police did nothing these morons will be running the streets, intimidating people and putting fear into the community. Ignoring bikie gangs wont make them go away it will just encourage it to get worse.

    1. Actually HaHa he stood his ground when the Police tried to intimidate him nor is he in a gang he is in a social motorcycle club.
      Yep he’s a pirate and wears a leather vest to protect his nipples from gravel rash{that is what it’s for ?] but he can cover his arse in vegemite and wear a barbie costume as long as he holds a valid licence and he isn’t speeding or drunk or drugged and wears a helmet.
      The Police have a job to do and this isn’t it.
      If the police used the laws that already exist they could charge,convict and gaol the criminals that behave as you describe.

      1. The reality is that this man is a fool much like your response to the topic. I have to ask you one question:

        What, exactly is the ‘job role’ of a police officer?

    2. I’m sorry, you seem a bit confused… the group you are referring to is not a “gang” it is the “Queensland Police Service”… but unfortunately, I think the QPS is here to stay.

    3. Haha, sounds like a cowards name to me, keyboard warrior sitting on a chair talking tough. People like you make me laugh, you have no idea what you are talking about but you keep talking. Go and buy another newspaper, read the police statements on the net, listen to the politicians talking rubbish. Mate, get a life, get a bike…

  27. The whole motorcycle club scene is full of scared, wanna be no ones. They come across as a pack lemmings and the image is all too cliched with no originality.

    Not bikers all are into criminal activity yet for what some do they all get tared with the same brush and then they whinge like children who missed out on desert when laws are made to f&#k them.

    The finest and most successful criminals are the ones you have never heard of as they blend into society and have never been detected or show on the radar.

    I am enjoying watching this train wreck as it humors my grey matter.

  28. Cops have for the most part, always been bullies in uniform. Their trolling attempts are laughable, and aren’t we teaching our children that cyber bullying is NOT ON?
    Yet here we have a obvious trolls in uniform having their own go at being cyber bully. Poorly.
    New motto for Qld police and government: “Do as we say, not as we do? We want to be the only ‘gang’ in town.”

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