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Police say riders have “nothing to fear”

Queensland Police Media has claimed “law-abiding motorcyclists” have nothing to fear from the increase in police presence on our roads.
The comment was in response to an incident yesterday in which a rider was intercepted by four police cars for an ID check and then intercepted again by a fifth car for a drug test. the incident has been posted on YouTube.
Read the full story here.
The full QPS response follows:
“Police were conducting an ongoing operation in the Logan District and due to the location and circumstances of the vehicle police intercepted the man at a nearby location.
“No offences were detected.
“The Queensland Police Service thanks members of the community for their ongoing assistance. Public information can often provide vital intelligence to prevent and solve crime, ensure community safety, and is vital to the QPS mission to dismantle and eliminate criminal motorcycle gangs in Queensland.
“Law-abiding motorcyclists and members of the community have nothing to fear from this increased police presence and operational activity.”


  1. Tell that to the bloke who has been pulled up 22 times now. Describe his vest and why is he wearing it on a hot day? Is that question going to be asked in every rider in leathers or a jacket? This is a bridge way too far……

  2. If Jamie filed for harassment and intimidation and the cops were found guilty… Because there were more than 2 cops and they’re a member of an association and wearing colors in public, would they be sentenced under VLAD too?

  3. Law abiding motorcyclists have nothing to fear! 5 vehicles! a dozen police officers to carry out what should have been a licence check would be intimidating for anyone on their own. I wonder what would have happened if the rider hadn’t taken video of the the Police.

    One car and two officers could have done the same job, it looks like the servo was shut down as a crime scene. I think this was overkill and a massive waste of taxpayer dollars for what? Must have been a slow crime day in Beenleigh.

  4. “Police were conducting an ongoing operation in the Logan District”

    Of course they were. It’s the same ongoing operation that is happening all over Qld. Stop, question, intimidate.

  5. I’d like to here you justify what you are saying, yes the law don’t apply just to bikers, how many people have been locked up from any other group club, company board or stamp collecting.

  6. It appears that the Qld Cops may be acting “out of fear of losing their jobs” if they don’t do as they are told.

    I received some information tonight that may confirm this.

    Here is what was passed onto me. Mark, you may want to keep this under your hat.

    “G’day John, Hope Chrissy and New Year went well for you mate, you may recall that I have a relative in the Misfits SMC up in Brisvegas I’ve just watched a Youtube clip where a member of the club filmed Police pull him over at a servo and the ensuing events, I’m pleased to say he was compliant yet not intimidated by Police, (they often rely on Bluff) and thought he handled himself very well. I’ve met and had some beers with the group, they are normal blokes and women who enjoy bikes, their President is a one time member of the Hells Angels and he was the main who pushed for and obtained recognition from the 1% ‘ers, I understand they are the only group to be given the approval. Now as far fetched as it might seem the Qld Gov has said that if cops don’t act they’ll be sacked, do you reckon that most cops reckon thiese biker laws are a load of crap and the best way to have it changed is to be such pains that the weight of public opinion would mean the Qld gov would have to change or remove them? Just a thought that crossed mmy mind as I was watchiing…or, have I had too many drinks over Christmas….your thoughts…?”

  7. Saw a bloke being questioned on Tamborine today and looking pretty intimidated by the two cops. I only saw it for 2 seconds as I drove past but I wanted to wind down the window and shout “leave him alone you b**stards”. The thing is it could have been a legitimate pull, the bloke could have been riding like a pork chop. But I immediately assumed the rider was innocent and was being bullied and harassed by the boys in blue. This is very bad PR you and the media are creating QPS. Even normal blokes like me are questioning what you are enforcing. Future generations will look back on this as very dark times.

  8. The police come across as liars. My respect for police has always been high but now I would not consider helping them at all. I warn my kids that they now just want to trip people up create an issue and generally mess with their power and to avoid them at all costs and do not dare speak with them. My kids are under 10. Gestapo is what they now are, nothing less and nothing more. No more Qld holidays for us.

    1. (motorbike) riders have nothing to be worried lets just change one word
      Does that make any difference to what you are , from what im seeing and hearing
      about 6months jail or never ending pullovers difference.
      So how about you do your job wright by using facts and not what the leftwing and cops
      want you to write.

    2. sorry Jonah my last comments were not ment for you,
      they are in reply to the writer Mark Hinchliffe.

  9. look whats happening to this state of ours -its all down hill from here -the respect has gone the boys up stairs have lost the plot completely-yes iv seen the best this state has had to offer its all downhill from here -its the upcoming generations that will suffer now —-ride free-if you are allowed –

  10. I ride every day in the Brisbane area, have not been pulled over yet. I ride a big bike (1,200 cc) wear riding type gear, boots etc, What am I doing wrong, I feel really left out. Now that the Outlaw clubs no longer exist should I get the Misses to run up a vest with a 3 piece back patch (with rockers) on the Singer ? I too want to feel harassed and intimidated by the Cops like my bike riding Bros, do I need to buy a Hardley and paint the open face matt black? Get one of those totally Gay scull facemasks?

    1. Barry, you have answered your own question. Sounds like you don’t fit the Police Profile. Need to work on your image methinks lol : )

  11. Not only a waste of QPS resources but a massive waste of Taxpayers money.
    A large group of heavily armed police officers to licence check 1 man, what a joke, respect for police in Queensland is at an all time low and won’t get any better if this crap keeps up, and yes the general public should be worried, I don’t ride but have been stopped in recent weeks in a shopping centre by two QPS OFFICERS that asked me to show them my tats as I have a large one on my calf that was visible, when I asked why, they told me that they needed to ascertain whether or not I was a member of an OMC.
    I was rather pissed of by this time but they kept insisting, they eventually gave up as they were being heckled by a large group of Saturday morning shoppers, I’m waiting for their home visit.

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