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‘Harassed’ motorcycle rider claims innocence

Jamie Evans on his Harley Fat Boy

A YouTube video showing the police interception of a Brisbane motorcycle rider has caused a social media frenzy with some critics calling into question the rider’s record.
Not that it is anyone’s business, but the rider, Jamie Evans, says he has nothing to hide, even allowing his address and details to be included on the video.
Read the full story here.
“I’ve got nothing to hide and no criminal record whatsoever,” he says.
“I haven’t had a traffic infringement in close on 10 years except the recent bogus two that I challenged and beat in court.
“I also stand by the statement I made to the cops on the video that I never have and never will use drugs.
“All I do is ride my bike with a group of mates and yet I continually get hassled.”

  1. I have watched this video about 3 times and I think he maintained his composure well , but I do think those skeletal face masks would be viewed as confronting by many average citizens . In the USA the Police apparently don’t have the power to detain someone on the side of the road unless they are being charged , even at border inspection stations . A Bill of Rights is obviously something that law abiding Australian citizens could benefit from .

    1. The “confrontational” aspect of the skull bandana thing is in the mind of the viewer. I have a skeleton swimsuit – is that confrontational?
      The fact is that people find big blokes on motorbikes intimidating the same way many Americans find people of African descent intimidating. We fear that with which we are not familiar. We suspect people who don’t want to fit in with our view of how things should be. And it is our problem, not theirs – at least until we pass laws that make it theirs. We need to get over it.

  2. from what I can find out we do have the same law here they Don’t have the right to stop you without a valid reason.
    But their valid reason is what ever they feel like saying at the time and you don’t have a leg to stand on.
    I’m looking forward to the second video of this guy being detain for a second time immediately after leaving the petrol station by the 6TH car that passes through in the video for a ” random drug test”
    harassment is harassment.
    how many times in what time frame is considered Harassment??

  3. Sure looks like a solid upstanding citizen to me. Lucky he doesn’t ride in Cairns with that vest he might get bashed by Ex-Rebels.

  4. Do you have a photo of the back of the vest, is it a 3 piece patch with rockers like the overseas Misfits wear. Is it true that the President of the Misfits is a ex-Hells Angel ? Be nice to get the full story.

    1. Barry,

      No, that is not correct.
      We are a Social Motorcycle Club which have pacthes onthe front of our vests and nothing on our backs.
      We are not affiliated with any other clubs.

      Jamie Evans

  5. From Campbell’s F B page . ‘The Police Commissioner has viewed the video and on radio this morning he apologised for the inconvenience to any law-abiding motorcycle riders. He said that the video showed police carrying out a respectful and professional intercept. Finally, he said the new reforms were working, and 505 criminal gang participants had been charged since the end of September. – Premier’s Team ‘ . …….. So now they are not ‘ licence checks ‘ they are ‘ Intercepts ‘ and the fact that this person has already been intercepted on 20 previous occasions is irrelevant .

  6. All this scrutiny, all these viewers, and no one has even mentioned the act that the young constable has his tazer drawn right from the beginning of this tape. Jamie was showing no sign of aggression, he was complying with their instructions, and he was not threatening or endangering these officers in any way. Yet the young constable felt he the need to draw his tazer. WHY? …. Intimidation value I suspect. Ether that or he is a complete coward that was standing there with three other officers surrounding Jamie and he was still afraid of the big bad biker so he took tazer out to make himself feel safer……. I’m leaning more toward intimidation value.

  7. Misfits SMC Australia is a social club with no links to overseas clubs of same name. No back patch.

    1. Checked their Australian website, lots of links to local Criminal Motorcycle Gangs, looks like a feeder club to the 1% Criminal Gangs to me.

      1. Outlaw Clubs recruit from various sources. Feeder club can be many things. In any event, is it a crime to have internet links to other organisations? What about if a Christian Motorcycle Club had a link to certain Churches etc. Does that make them a potential recruitment prospect for a paedophiles?

  8. The main reason he drew attention of the first police officer was the fact he was riding a Harley Davidson! That is what makes me angry – my husband rides a Harley and he does not belong to any gang, has an open faced helmet which he prefers, has tatts, long hair and beard – that is his ‘trademark’ as a drummer (Animal he is dubbed) Jamie did nothing wrong whatsoever, the police are being way too over zealous with these new laws and they best not try the same stunts here because people will take them to court for harrassment and stalking. Campbell has violated the Human Rights, Privacy Act with his ridiculous laws in the meantime whilst he is targeting the motorbike riders the real crims are getting away with blue murder and they are not even in a bikie gang either… Where is the real problem here?

  9. Those fashionable bad-boy facemasks confuse Cops. It used to be only bad-boys wore them, now yuppies love them, and that must add to why you are being pulled over. Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck.. must be a duck then huh ?

    1. Even Bugs Bunny knew not to dress up like a Duck in Duck Hunting season. Porky Pig might shove his double barrel shotgun up your butt.

  10. 20 Kays Under the Limit

    Australia is slipping more and more in to a dictator ship.
    Remember ; YOU ARE NOT automatically a criminal with revolutionary intentions because you don’t live your life, to the letter and by the book of radical police ideologies.
    Losing your personal FREEDOM in very slow increments, almost unrecognizable for the average citizen because it hasn’t got an immediate effect, especially on those who live in their little happy bubble, disengaged from the bigger picture and what the radical enforcement of all kind of laws in the lucky country are effecting Australia as a whole.
    I could be wrong, but in my opinion; many of the ill behaviour of Australians today (binge drinking, vandalism etc.) is caused by a generation of people who are simply being pushed in to a corner by greed and radical, fanatical, dogmatic enforcement in all sorts of aspects of life .
    Nothing to lose, nothing to gain, no sense of a decent future and NO sense of belonging, because it is simply out of financial reach unless working in the mining industry, overzealous nanny state tactics to a level only known previously in dictatorships. It is lately, like if the law enforcement is indiscriminately going out of their way to prove that radical enforcement is the only legitimate way of dealing with the rest of US.
    If you are not a politician or in the police forces, you are US, you are a potential ANARCHIST by default and have to be dealt with.
    The indiscriminate repression of bike riders, who are NOT members of any Bikie gangs, by the Queensland police is more than enough proof that if they won’t be stopped, they WILL tighten their grip and force Australia in to a BANANA – REPUBLIC.
    There will be Politicians and Police and there will be US, the EXPLOITED CLASS.
    The police and Law enforcement is hitting you where it hurts most to bludgeon you in to submission. Not because the Laws are fair and righteous, BUT BECAUSE THEY WANT YOU TO DO AS YOU ARE BEING TOLD RIGHT OR WRONG, like if you don’t have any legitimate human rights as a citizen in THEIR DOMAIN which is Australia. If you have NO say in Australia, it is NOT your DOMAIN; you may as well hand in your Passport.
    We can’t sabotage our own country BUT what we can do to make them listen is slow down the traffic on the roads by 20 kay’s under the limit. Slow down the traffic will slow down everything, including their profits, where it will hurt them most. You can make your own thoughts about what else it will slow down to MAKE THEM LISTEN.

    1. Sounds good but deliberately slowing down traffic comes under obstructing traffic and is also an offence ,
      so that won’t work either . The days of Australia even remotely resembling a democracy are fading fast , rightly or wrongly , for road users , it began with helmets , seat belts and then random breath testing . RBT is known as ‘ offence trawling ‘ , in other words , it is obstructing people to rightfully go about their lawful daily business , I’m not taking at issue wether seat belts , helmets or RBT have proven beneficial , simply that they were the beginning of a slippery slope downwards for personal freedoms . I read on another forum that for every drunk detected via RBT , there are 250 other offences detected , so the original claim , when it came in in the 1980’s , that it would be a quick check and off you go , has long been forgotten . I’m glad I was born when I was , because the youngest generation has a future that will totally suck .

      1. I was riding over Toohey Mountain in the right lane when the car in the left beside me decided he was coming over. I was forced over a double white line into oncoming traffic which had to swerve around me.
        There was a police car behind me and saw the whole thing. I slowed and came up beside the police car and looked at them both. They both laughed at me and went on their way. The car wasn’t pulled over for a licence check,even though it was obvious they didn’t have one. There is no justice … just us.

        1. If practicable , you could have taken note of the Police car’s rego and lodged a complaint , not with the Police , but with your local MP , that way it costs a lot more to investigate and if nothing else shows them they are accountable .

  11. I know what Jamie is saying as I have had the police pull out from a traffic lane of motor vehicles only to pull me over for a supposedly random breath test and licence check. The question I asked at the time was if it is random why was i the only motor vehicle subjected to this random!!!! act. The only answer I could come up with was that I was a motor bike rider. Welcome to the world of discrimination at the hands of our Police and the Government. The other thing that came from my situation was the way that I was treated by the establishment they treated me like some low life form even though I am a businessman and have been most of my adult life and am in a situation where I can afford an expensive toy for my leisure time.

    1. Perhaps you should get a leather vest with the Rockers titled Business Man, you will be fine then.

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