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10 Futuristic Helmet Concepts that I would buy today

Motorcycle Helmet ConceptsWith all this technology circling around and advance at the pace of a epidemic disease, the motorcycle helmet industry is keeping pace.

With the recent crowd-funded launch of the Skully Ar-1, the biker industry was due for an upgrade. And this new Skully Helmet paved the way for many new developments combining technology and motorcycles.

It’s always a little fun to speculate where these types of advancements can lead, and just how far off in the future they are.

Let’s take a look at 10 helmet concepts with a futuristic look that I would buy today, should they come into the market.

In no particular order, here they are:

10 Futuristic Helmet Concepts

black iron man futuristic helmet concept

 This looks like a pissed-off version of an early version of an Ironman helmet with a modern steam-punk vibe. I like that it looks incredibly durable, and can take on a major impact to any side or front on.

The amount of viewing room through the small eye ports may not be optimal for riding over 100mph, but I can imagine that there is some artificial intelligence going on in the background that can fix this.

The all black color is always a great choice for any biker, it’s our favorite color.

Black and naked.

Key Features:

1. Carbon Fiber

2. Night vision

3. Beer holders/tubes

future helmet concept red planetA helmet concept that looks like it belongs on a trip to mars, this could be a modular helmet of 2050. (when deep space travel is commonplace)

Of course, the entire inside shield of the helmet will project all the Heads-up information that you will need for taking you hover bike down to the corner store for a 6-pack, or up into space.

Which ever type of ride you are out for – this helmet would be perfect in a post apocalypse environment as it looks to fully seal around your neck for a fresh pumped O2 air tight ride.

Key Features:

1. Full view face shield

2. Bullet-proof glass

3. “If you can read this, try and keep up” sticker.

future helmet concept
More of a tactical, military-ish helmet – this concept has another badass angry vide. The front forehead shield slants down imitating an angry eyebrow line. Bitterness aside, it looks as if there are some fancy hydraulic moving parts on the side. Maybe what the Roof boxer will look like in about fifty years.

I would guess that the bar code on the side is the future version of the Beats by Dre headphones and that some form of partnership happens around 2030 to fully integrate them in a helmet.

The cloth rear the rolls down into a nice urban neck wrap is a nice touch too.

Key Features:

1.  Photochromic lenses

2. Full hydraulic lower shield

3. Moisture wicking neck wrap

future viking helmet concept

The first thing to notice about this Batman styled helmet is the obvious horns protruding from the top. They look sturdy enough to use for self defense in some type of biker brawl you get into on the weekends.

The tinted face shield looks to provide plenty of front viewing area. And I’m not too sure what the side mechanisms will allow to functionally move, but they add a versatile look to this dark and modern spiked helmet concept.

The additional neck support and shoulder support are also need as this helmet looks like it might be made out of solid cold rolled steel, and weight about 35lbs. Hope that you have been doing you side neck raises on neck day.

Key Features:

1. Tinted Bulletproof faceshield

2. All black neck warmer

3. 2 Big pointy Man-spears

futuristic helmet that is from another planet

Something that looks like a deep sea dive would wear in 3020 to explore the center of the world, this helmet has a Halo-ish look and feel to it. The mechanics include several small lights mounted to the lower half of both side and a 3 pain face shield that could support the psi of the deep of the ocean would dish out.

This being a motorcycle helmet concept, I’m not excactly sure where the need for additional lights mounted to the helmet would come into play. Maybe when you are stumbling out of some future bar and can’t find your keys? Eh, they still look cool – and I would buy it just because.

Key Features:

1. Additional lights

2. Deep sea capable

3. HUD telepathy interior display


helmet concept that looks similar to the halo helmet

The first feature that I notice about this futuristic helmet concept is the lower front face shield attaching mechanism. It resembles the way Bell Rogue can either be a full faced helmet or a 3/4 helmet with removal of the face shield.

While helmets have many applications in the military, the distinct dividing line between the armed forces and the motorcycle industry has been fading away.
Many helmets that were once intended to be used by military personnel are being worn on the street, and vice versa. This concept fits into this genre nicely.

Key Features:
1. Removal face mask
2. Fresh air breather
3. Night Vision

military styled helmet concept
SWAT Team meets its new tactical helmet. This helmet has the functionality of an entire swat team combined into one black, mean fighting machine. No need to mount down a GoPro or any other POV camera, this concept has on built in front and center.

Bulletproof Glass? Yup. Night Vision? Yup. HUD?

Key Features:
1. Platinum Chin plate
2. Invisibility cloak
3. POV action Camera



tactical futuristic helmet concept
A mean looking, all-around versatile and fully functional helmet concept. This one falls farther into the post apocalypse side with air filters, and back O2 supply.

Not so sure what the large utility looking forehead crown is for, but there most likely some type of HUD with AI built in behind it.


Key Features:

1. Carbon fiber face shield

2. Titanium shell

3. Darth Vader voice changer



white and orange futuristic helmet concept

 This helmet concept for the sport bike crowd has aerodynamics in mind with its futuristic design. A flip-down extra visor/shield also mounts down to the outside.


Key Features:

1. Lightweight, aerodynamic shell
2. Anti-glare, bulletproof shield
3. Extra headroom for your ponytail

 Police Helmet Conception –Forcite– from DamnGeeky

Forcite Robocop’s-Helmet-in-real-life

Designed with motorcycle police officers in mind, this helmet features wireless comms, heads-up display of auto license plate recognition info, and other cool features (like a built in camera) that a officer smiley would want at his disposal.

10_Motorcycle_Helmet_Concepts reduced

10 more helmet concepts from

Motorcycle Helmet concepts button

Turbosquid is a platfrom for designers to create and share their work and earn a little commission. What caught my attention is that you can purchase the the 3D design from the creator – and then go get it made (or send it off to a 3D printer).

I’ve been developing my own motorcycle helmet in the background for  the last few months, so this hit close to home. Enough about me, let’s get back to daydreaming about awesome helmet concepts.

Essentially, by purchasing a design and maybe making a few small tweaks – you will be hacking the product design learning curve and shortcutting the process by months.


3d max robot futuristic helmetRobot Head C

This motorcycle helmet concept is the sort of thing a person would expect to find on a group of science fiction warriors. The pattern of multi-sided polygons manages to create a specific emotional impression. The polygons that make up the helmet are angled in such a way that they will make the wearer look particularly fierce and determined.

The helmet is a bluish steel gray. It has a solid visor portion over the eyes. There’s a raised metallic section in the back that almost resembles a radio antenna, but is much thicker and stronger. In the center of the helmet, there is a raised, flat section that ends roughly at the forehead portion of the helmet and almost looks like a particularly flat Mohawk hairstyle, as if the rest of the helmet’s ‘hair’ had been removed.

Towards the base of the helmet, there are two pieces on either side of the helmet that extend to cover the jawline area of the helmet. These sections are slightly raised off of the helmet, as if they are part of a mask. There is a black vented section on each of these pieces that manages to contrast with the rest of the helmet’s coloration.

The mouth section of the helmet consists of a large, solid, intricate piece that almost resembles a muzzle, signifying that the wearer is both strong and silent. On the outer sections of both of the eye pieces are two tiny green lights that seem to suggest life signs beneath the helmet’s imposing exterior.

Robot Head A

robot head metallic helmetMotorcycle helmet concepts will vary in terms of the images they suggest. This motorcycle helmet concept almost has an owlish, birdlike appearance. It has two large, round, royal blue eyes. Over the eyes are two large, metallic pieces that resemble thick, angular eyebrows or feathered crests. Between the eyes of the helmet is a short, slightly raised piece that is angled downward.

This piece could either resemble a strong, short nose or a short beak. The rest of the downward portion of the mask is angled in a similar way, which enhances the beak-like appearance of this piece and the birdlike appearance of the overall helmet concept.

On the top half of the helmet, there are two raised, narrow, pointed pieces that could either look like pointed ears or pointed feathers. The upper part of the mask is mainly smooth, except for a raised portion at its center. The forehead section of the helmet is also angled downward in a way that draws more attention to the fearsome eyes of the helmet. The lower portion of the helmet is bordered on either side by two small pieces that curve inward.

The overall helmet is close to the color of slate, and has a smooth, metallic texture. The overall ‘facial’ shape of the helmet has the simultaneously angular and boxy shape that people associate with owls, since owls are often drawn that way in animated features. Owls are intimidating, mysterious nocturnal predators. They are appropriate creatures to emulate when designing a motorcycle helmet.

stormtrooper helmet conceptStormtrooper Helmet

This motorcycle helmet concept should be much more familiar to even the most casual observer, since it already has a prominent presence in popular culture. It’s a motorcycle helmet that is perfectly modeled after a stormtrooper helmet. The appearance of stormtroopers is recognizable for many people, so people riding motorcycles that wear helmets like this will instantly make an impression.

Like all stormtrooper helmets, this one is white, with some black and gray tones throughout. The lower half of the helmet is wider and broader than the upper half of the helmet. The lower half of the helmet also has significantly more detail to it, while the upper half more closely resembles a round, unadorned dome. The helmet has two catlike eyes with a black band that circles the helmet just above eye-level. The helmet has a narrow mouth that is angled upward.

At the jaw level, the helmet extends outward in two parallel ridges. In contrast to the largely white helmet, the ridges have patterns on them that almost resemble bar codes. There’s another pattern on the helmet where the chin should be that seems to point to the center of the helmet.

The implied facial structure that the stormtrooper helmet creates is that of a person with a very short, flat nose, very large jaw, and very small forehead. It is a somewhat uncanny, off-putting look that can easily look intimidating in the right context. The helmet almost seems to be locked into a perpetual sneer.

Iron Man Head Concept
3d model ironman mark 42 3While Iron Man has been a comic book icon for some time, Iron Man has quickly become a household name thanks to the success of the recent films featuring Iron Man. A motorcycle helmet that was patterned after the Iron Man helmet seemed to be inevitable.

In terms of color, the iconic Iron Man helmet is a sort of metallic shade of red and gold. The gold section of the helmet is located in the front, covering the implied forehead and face, almost covering the full chin. This gold section is almost entirely smooth, and it appears to consist of almost one piece. The helmet has two very narrow eyes that appear to be bordered by low, almost ridged eyebrows. The narrow eyes give the helmet an intense, focused implied expression. The helmet almost has a mouth, although it looks more like the border between one section of the mask and another. Since the mouth is located relatively low on the helmet, the effect is particularly uncanny.

The helmet’s implied facial shape has a thick, heavy jaw that still appears to be somewhat rounded. The head shape of the helmet is fairly realistically proportioned, especially given the nature of the mask. The neck of the helmet is also realistically proportioned, albeit somewhat ridged. Compared to many other motorcycle helmet concepts, the Iron Man head has a very sleek, smooth look and feel to it. It manages to be aesthetically pleasing and imposing, so it works on multiple levels.


japanese mask 3d helmet conceptSamurai Mask

Unlike many other motorcycle helmet concepts, this Samurai Mask has a much more recognizable face. It resembles a mask more closely than a helmet in many ways. The mask has recognizable, defined facial features. The fact that they are permanently locked into one emotive expression creates a suitably off-putting impression. The mask is silver and shiny throughout, and its monochromatic nature makes it all the more off-putting given the detail that has been put into the face.

The mask has two very large eyes with large, open pupils. Over the eyes are two eyebrows that are carved to look bushy and thick. The mask has a very short forehead, and detailed forehead lines are carved into the mask like ridges. All in all, the face of the mask is set into a permanent look of surprised rage.

The mask’s nose is slightly elongated and curved, with large, prominent nostrils. Its mouth is opened and has no lips. The mask has a short, very prominent chin that juts out and makes the face appear even more dominant. Throughout the cheeks of the mask are ridges that signify cheekbones, laugh lines, and hollows. The ears of the mask look like detailed human ears with long earlobes that help suggest an aged appearance.

This Samurai Mask is truly a face that symbolizes a vicious warrior, and fits well with the impression that many motorcycle riders try to create for themselves. While not technically a helmet, a face mask is a great way to add some bug protection on the road.



Head of Anubis3d model of anubis head concept

Anubis is a popular character from ancient Egyptian mythology, given his distinctive appearance and his role in the mythology of the Egyptian underworld. The Anubis of mythology had the head of a jackal, and this motorcycle helmet concept depicts him accordingly. The jackal head part of the helmet is fairly sleek and minimalist in terms of the design. It is charcoal gray in color, which enhances its stark quality. The head has very narrow, red eyes that make it look particularly predatory.

Compared to many of the other motorcycle helmet concepts, this one emphasizes certain characteristics much more than it emphasizes others. For most of them, the ears and adornments are afterthoughts, but here, they are prominently displayed. Two very long, pointed ears extend upward on the head. These ears are roughly half the length of the entire head, making them one of the most noticeable sections of the entire Head of Anubis. The jackal’s snout and head are relatively narrow and compact, but they manage to look just as intense.

The Anubis head manages to look appropriately regal in more ways than one. It has an elaborate headdress at the back of the head itself. There are also two long red pieces on either side of the head, completing the look of the elegant headdress. In the center of the forehead part of the mask, there’s a long pendant that has a round, blue, spherical gem. The darker aspects of Egyptian mythology are evident in a head like this, and motorcycle riders that want an appropriately dark helmet could look into this Head of Anubis.

red hood helmet conceptRed Hood Helmet

This Red Hood Helmet is one of the most minimalist motorcycle helmet concepts that’s being worked on today. It is a bright, solid, shiny red in terms of color. The red has neon highlights throughout and manages to catch the light, which somehow makes the helmet seem even larger than it is. It’s a very smooth helmet overall that seems to have a largely oval shape. The shape is somewhat reminiscent of the head shape that people use when they’re drawing aliens, making the helmet seem like it’s from another world.

The helmet has two eyes that are set at an angle and look like two semicircles that are upside down. The upper half of the mask is much broader and rounder than the comparatively angular, lower half of the mask. The front of the mask has a somewhat carved appearance at the cheek level, which helps hint at some bone structure. Other than that, the helmet is largely featureless and simple, leaving a lot to the imagination of the viewer and the imagination of the motorcycle rider in question.

The minimalism of the helmet makes it seem even more mysterious than many of the others. Many other motorcycle helmet concepts here have complicated, intricate shapes and designs. This motorcycle helmet concept is stark and almost feels like a disguise.
underworld helmet 3d conceptUnderworld Helmet

People that want to look actively scary and not just intimidating when they wear their motorcycle helmets could look into this motorcycle helmet concept. This helmet is built into the shape of a somewhat unspecified demon, and has many of the characteristics that people associate with demons. Its mouth is frozen into a perpetual, open-mouthed sneer that bares its teeth entirely. Its teeth are sharp and rotted, making the sneer particularly off-putting. There’s a ridged area above the sharp teeth, which only serves to emphasize how threatening the sneer is. The center of the mouth of the helmet almost looks like it’s been sealed in order to shield it from something.

There’s a ridged feature at the top of the helmet that almost looks like a demonic plant root. The face of the helmet almost appears to be wearing its own helmet, so the wearer will appear to have dual layers of protection. Overall, the mask is black and green, but the colors merge together in places to create a sort of sickly color. The mask almost appears to be rotting, allowing it to truly create the impression of a terrifying netherworld. The eye holes of the helmet are angled in such a way that the implied character appears very angry and fierce, which makes perfect sense for the implied character. Genuinely dark elements are often associated with some parts of biker culture, making this helmet an appropriate entry and an appropriate addition to biker memorabilia.

3ds robot head helmet conceptRobot Head F

This robot head very much feels like something from a war of the future. It has a somewhat softer and smoother look than some similar helmets, but it still appears to be designed with protection and intimidation in mind. The color of the helmet is a sort of muted blue-gray, which gives it a gritty feel. People looking at the helmet may think about elusive, mysterious warriors or assassins.

The lower half of the helmet seems to wrap around the implied face of the helmet, as if the wearer’s mouth has been deliberately hidden. This half is smooth compared to the rest of the helmet, although it was not made in one piece. It has some horizontal ridges along the jawline of the helmet, which can draw the attention to the center of the helmet.

The eyes of the helmet are narrow and angled downward, which creates the suggestion of an intense expression. In the center, there’s an angular suggestion of a nose, but the design of the helmet makes it look as if the nose has been mostly covered. The forehead has more pieces to it, which makes it look somewhat busier than the rest of the helmet. There’s a narrow, raised ridge in the center of the helmet’s forehead, like the sort of armor that a warrior would wear. This particularly motorcycle helmet concept creates the impression of safety, security, power, and poise. People that want a dignified look while on a motorcycle will probably want a helmet like this.


Knight’s Helmetroman night 3d helmet concept

This Knight’s Helmet is clearly the helmet of a dark knight. The dull black color of the helmet will match the pavement outdoors, giving it a rough look and feel. Various intricate, angular patterns have been sketched onto the helmet, and these almost look like they were drawn on with chalk. The satisfying roughness of the helmet is appropriate for a gritty activity like riding motorcycles in the first place. This helmet almost seems featureless compared to many of the other very intricate helmet concepts that are on display. People can project all sorts of characteristics onto it, since it truly stirs the imagination.

There’s a sort of visor area in the helmet where the eyes of the wearer will be exposed. Otherwise, their faces will be covered. The back of the helmet leading up to the forehead has a ridged feature at the center, like a fancy headdress. The lower half of the helmet abruptly juts downward, making it look disproportionately long. The motorcycle helmet concept displayed here almost looks like something a seasoned warrior would have constructed for himself.

This helmet easily distinguishes itself from many of the smooth and polished motorcycle helmet concepts that are on display. It isn’t as recognizable as some of the others, either, so people that ride motorcycles could easily make it their own. It certainly creates the impression that many of them would want.


10_Motorcycle_Helmet_ConceptsTurbosquid reduced

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