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Rev'it Ultra H20 Gloves

Revit Ultra H20 Gloves

by Rick K. for

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NOTE:  This article was originally entitled "Rev'it Ultimate Gloves" in error.  The Ultra H20 gloves are a brand-new release for fall of 2005.

The new Rev'it "Ultra H20" glove is an update of the original "Ultra" glove (previously reviewed on webBikeWorld), which was did not have a waterproof lining. 

The original Ultra gloves were serviceable and well made, but had a too-subtle styling that probably had an effect on sales.  But they broke some new ground for motorcycle gloves with their use of exclusive Pittard's leather on the palms and leather covered knuckle protectors on the backside. 

I suppose Rev'it could have chucked the original Ultra design and started again from scratch, but I'm glad to learn that they have instead decided to evolve the product instead.  The mid-weight Ultra had some nice features, and they have become one of the most comfortable pair of gloves I own. 

The Ultra gloves were soft and flexible, but the Ultra H20 version is even more supple, probably due a combination of the high quality leather and a different lining construction.  The lining is softer and thicker than the original Ultra gloves, and it now completely covers the internal seams and stitches to prevent any interference with fingers and fingernails.  I can't stand to have seams bunched up around my fingertips when riding, and the Ultra H20 gloves don't disappoint.

Another difference is that the Ultra H20 gloves now use the Rev'it Hydratex waterproof membrane, which is located between the internal fabric lining and the leather.  Hydratex is designed to allow perspiration in the form of water vapor to escape, while also preventing the ingress of moisture from the outside.

I wore the gloves and held my cupped hand under running water at full force in a sink to evaluate the Hydratex, and after about 3 minutes I could feel the gloves getting heavy with moisture absorption.  A single glove weighs 4-3/4 oz. (133 grams) dry; the wet glove weighed 5-1/2 oz. (157 grams), so the leather or the liner must have absorbed the water. 

No water leaked through, but the fingertips did feel slightly damp, although when I removed the gloves, my fingers were dry.  So my feeling is that the Ultra H20 gloves should hold up pretty well in all but the most persistent of downpours.

The Ultra H20 gloves are sized slightly different than the original Ultra.  I normally take a size large men's glove, and the older Ultra gloves in size large fit but were very slightly small. 

I've found that motorcycle gloves have to feel slightly long in the fingertips when trying them on in a store.  The extra length is necessary to allow enough room for the fingers when the hand is curled around the grips of the motorcycle.

The Ultra H20 gloves that I've been using are size XL, and they fit me, well, like a glove!  They have the perfect amount of room in the fingertips -- not too short and not too long.  The very soft and flexible leather definitely adds to the comfort level.

The gauntlet fitted to the Ultra H20 gloves is somewhat larger in diameter and length than the gauntlet on the original Ultra, which is an improvement.  A too-short gauntlet can interfere with a jacket's cuffs, although some riders prefer wearing the gauntlet underneath the sleeve cuff, to help prevent water from running down the arm and into the glove when riding.

The gauntlet also has a slightly larger closure that wraps under the wrist to secure the gloves (see photo below).  The Ultra H20 gloves have the same back-of-the-wrist strap to secure the top.  This one-two combination is one of the best designs to ensure that the gloves will stay put in case of a crash.  With both the top and bottom "hook and loop" closures secured properly, I can not pull off the gloves, so the design does its job.

The palms of the Ultra H20 gloves have the same leather pattern that was used on the Ultra gloves, so I'm guessing that this design has proved itself and didn't need upgrading (photo below). 

The fingertips of the forefinger and middle finger now have an extra section of leather sewn on, compared to the middle finger, third finger and pinky on the Ultra gloves, which used sections of silicone instead.  Some riders complained that the silicone wore off the fingertips, thus the change.

There are short flexible panels located on the back of the glove, between the knuckles and the second joint on each finger.  The back of each finger also has a section of leather-covered padding.  The flexible panels add to the comfort factor, allowing the hands to straighten out with minimal resistance.

The Ultra H20 gloves still use the leather-covered knuckle protector on the back of the hand.  It's well designed, and my knuckles fit comfortably underneath.  The gloves also use Schoeller Keprotec tear-resistant fabric, which also incorporates Kevlar, which "ensures extreme tear resistance, highest rub-proofing (sic) and perfect heat-friction resistance."

By the way -- the Ultra H20 gloves still use the same cool Rev'it! logo burned (with a laser) into the piping along the outer edge, this time in color.  A couple of other minimal logos keeps the styling of the Ultra H20 gloves subtle but slightly more aggressive than the somber Ultras.

Revit Ultra H20 Gloves - View of Palm

Revit Ultra H20 Gloves - Closeup of back of glove
Revit Ultra H20 Gloves - Back side view

The new Rev'it Ultra H20 gloves are an improvement over the original Ultra gloves.  The addition of the waterproof Hydratex membrane adds a level of moisture prevention.  The lining is very comfortable, and add a moderate amount of insulation to the Ultra H20 gloves. 

The Ultra H20 gloves will be listed in the Rev'it summer collection; our opinion is that these are well suited for moderate temperature riding.  The Rev'it Huricane Mesh gloves are probably better for use during very hot weather.

Rev'it makes excellent, high quality products, and the Ultra H20 gloves would be a great choice for a long-lasting, all-around glove that is suitable for a wide variety of temperatures and weather conditions.

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Product Review:  Rev'it! Ultra H20 Gloves

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Available From:  REV'IT! Suggested Retail Price:  $119.99
Colors:  Black Made in:  China
Product Comments:  Very comfortable, with soft, supple leather.  Mid-weight glove.  Hydratex lining is claimed waterproof.  Leather covered knuckle protector and leather covered padding on back of each finger.  Flexible panels below knuckles on back of gloves.  Strap on back of wrist and gauntlet allow the gloves to be securely fastened to the hand. 

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