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Motorcycle Tool Reviews

Motorcycle Tool Reviews
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Motorcycle Tool Reviews

Wiha Torx Bits and Drivers  |  Stubby Tire Tools  |  Doc Allen Versatool Versadriver  |  Stubby and Ratcheting Screwdriver Bit Sets  |  Thread File for Thread Repair  |  Harbor Freight Hex Key Set  |  Allen Wrench T-Handle Set  |  Oil Filter Wrenches  |  Sears Extreme Grip Wrenches  |  Nebo Ratcheting Screwdriver  |  Nebo 13-in-1 Screwdriver & 7-in-1 Socket Wrench  |  Handy Motorcycle Tools  |  Alden Wrench Set  |  Motorcycle Rust Treatment  |  Wiha Magic Ring Hex Wrench Set  |  Wiha Screwdrivers  |  Wiha Bit Driver

JIS Screwdriver Reviews

Vessel Motorcycle Repair and Restoration JIS Screwdriver Kit  |  JIS Screwdrivers

Electrical System Tool Reviews

Steinel Ultra Heat SV 800 Heat Gun  |  Vise-Grip Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper  |  Quik Strip Wire Stripper  |  Temp Gun Digital Infrared Thermometers

Tool Storage Reviews

Motorcycle License Plate Stash Box  |  Motorcycle Tool Tubes  |  Roadgear Motorcycle Tool Pouch Tool Roll

Brake Bleeding and Tire Repair Reviews

Cargol Turn & Go Flat Tire Repair Tool  |  EZE Bleeder Brake Bleeder  |  Actron Vacuum Pump Brake Bleeder

Torque Wrench Reviews

Electronic Torque Wrench and Electronic Torque Screwdriver  |  Dial Torque Wrench  |  Precision Instruments Split Beam Torque Wrench  |  Craftsman Electronic Torque Meter

GearWrench Tool Reviews

GearRatchet Vortex Tool Set  |  GearWrench XL  |  GearWrench Stubby Flex Head Wrench Set  |  GearWrench Half Moon Box End Wrench Set  |  GearWrench Flex Head Wrenches  |  GearWrench Wrenches

Motorcycle Tire Changer and Balancer Reviews

Cycle Hill Tire Changer  |  No-Mar Tire Changer  |  Tachyon Tire and Wheel Balancer  |  Changing and Balancing Motorcycle Tires

Electrical Equipment Reviews

Quick Cable iStart Portable Power Pack Review  |  Deutsch Connectors Review  |  Posi-Lock Connectors   |  Vise-Grip Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper Review   |  Quik Strip Wire Stripper Review

Flashlight Reviews

On the wBW Flashlight Reviews page

Motorcycle Lifts, Stands, Wheel Chock Reviews

On the Motorcycle Lifts, Stands and Wheel Chock Reviews page

Tire Gauge Reviews

Roadgear Programmable Tire Pressure Gauge  |  TireGard Wireless TPMS  |  Roadgear Accutire Ultra Hi-Tec Gauge  |  Oxford Digi Gauge Motorcycle Tire Pressure Gauge  |  Griot's Garage Compact Tire Pressure Gauge  |  Craftsman "Programmable" Digital Tire Gauge  |  Roadgear Talking Digital Tire Pressure Gauge  |  Roadgear Digital Tire Pressure Gauge  |  Roadgear Old Style Digital Pressure Gauge

Motorcycle Tools

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Air Pump Reviews

Slime vs. AirMan Sparrow!  |  Zfal Alaskan Floor Air Pump  |  Small Hand Powered Air Pump  |  Comparison of Portable Air Pumps  |  Mini Foot Pump  |  Cheap & Portable Air Compressor

Flashlight Reviews

wBW Flashlight Reviews for information and reviews of LED and incandescent flashlights, head lights and more

More Motorcycle Tools

Specialized, Unique and Interesting Tools:  Ducati and Norton exhaust nut wrenches - spanners available from Machinery Cleanery; they also have all sorts of small brushes that can be used to clean and detail engine parts  |  Very high quality butane torches for soldering; made in the U.S.A. by Solder-It; can be serviced and rebuilt, unlike el Cheapo "throwaway" versions  |  Screwgrab Friction Gel is claimed to increase the grip between a screwdriver and the screw by up to 800% to allow removal of screws with stripped heads and "virtually eliminates tool wear and the stripping, rounding or deforming of fasteners"  |  Flex head flare nut "line" wrenches by Lock Technology have a unique flexible head and highly polished surface  |  Setting up a garage shop?  How about a nice electric extension cord or air hose reel hanging from the ceiling by Cox Reels  |  Master Appliance heat guns (for heat shrink tubing) and butane torches

Motorcycle Chain Breakers and Tools:  Here's our advice: get the biggest, heaviest, most robust tool you can find for breaking a chain.  At least two chain breakers we've tried have failed the very first time we used them, so don't try to save money here, buy the best!  |   The EK chain breaking and riveting tool looks like it's a very heavy-duty unit  |  wBW article on replacing a motorcycle chain and sprocket  |  Motion Pro chain breaker tool at our affiliate, Amazon  |  Good article on breaking a motorcycle chain and links  |  Chain breaking tool and master link replacer (we didn't have good luck with this type either)  |  J.C. Whitney chain breaker tools and chain alignment tools  |  YK "heavy duty" chain breaker tool; don't know about this one...

Motorcycle Brake Bleeders:  See the wBW maintenance article featuring the Actron brake bleeder  |  Try "reverse" brake bleeding; check out the Gunson Eezibleed from Auto Expert Products

Motorcycle Lifts:  See the wBW reviews of the Sears Motorcycle Jack  |  Bike Lift  |  Handy Industries motorcycle lift  |  Tommy Jack

UK - Europe Motorcycle Tools:  Premier Tools has some motorcycle tools, motorcycle lifts and other tools that may be of interest to motorcyclists

Waste Oil Heaters:  Use discarded motor oil to heat your garage or shop; there are 140,000 BTU's of heat in one gallon of used oil.  Be mindful of local ordinances and safety regulations!  |  Plans for building your own waste oil heater  |  Lanair waste oil heaters use discarded motor oil to heat the garage or shop in winter  |  Clean Burn waste oil heaters  |  The Freeburn "Baby Burn" is a small garage-sized waste oil heater from Harold Electric Co.

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