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ZOX Primo C Track Helmet Hands-On Review

ZOX Primo C Track Helmet
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ZOX Primo C Track Helmet Review Summary
Review Summary
The Primo C Track is an advanced composite fiberglass, full face helmet with ZOX’s conehead technology ZOX helmets have been producing comfortable, safe helmets at a reasonable price for over a decade during which they have grown to now include a full range of Street, Dirt and Snow helmets. ZOX is an integral part of the Canadian racing community, on a local, provincial and national level, and have been since the beginning. All ZOX helmets go through an extensive testing process to ensure quality and safety.
Aesthetically Pleasing
Good Quality
Lack of a micrometric buckle
Average, With Drawbacks

In this article, I will be reviewing the third of three ZOX helmets, the Primo C Track.

This is a full face helmet. A full face helmet covers the entire head, with a rear that covers the base of the skull, and a protective section over the front of the chin.

This type of helmet offers the maximum protection to the rider’s head in the event of a crash.

ZOX Primo C Track Helmet Box Details

I tested this helmet using a Ducati Monster 821 provided by Bow Cycles in Calgary. Check out their website here.

Please keep a lookout for my article reviewing this amazing motorcycle in the near future.

ZOX Primo C Track Helmet Back View

ZOX Primo C Track Helmet Back View Closeup

I like the protection that a full face helmet gives me when I am on a motorcycle. In 2016, the United Nations published the motorcycle helmet study. This study determined that motorcycle helmets improve the chances of survival of a rider involved in a traffic crash by 42% and help avoid 69% of injuries to riders.

A PDF of this publication can be found here.

Diagram of impact areas on crash-involved motorcycle helmets

Source via the Dietmar Otte, Hannover Medical University, Dept. of Traffic Accident Research, Germany

The diagrams above show the impact areas on crash-involved motorcycle helmets. Note that 35% of all crashes showed a major impact on the chin bar area. This means that if you ride with an open face helmet, you are accepting only 65% of the protection that could be available to your head.

Appearance and Finishing

ZOX Primo C Track Helmet Side View with Visor Down

The helmet is very good looking with clean lines and the finish is also very appealing.

The inside of the helmet is excellent. The material used was very good at keeping my head relatively dry. The interior liner is removable for cleaning. I removed the interior liner and reinstalled it without any issues.

The only thing lacking is a micrometric buckle to ensure that the helmet strap is properly fastened. The lack of a micrometric buckle made cinching the strap difficult with gloves as it requires the wearer to loop the chin strap through the buckle.

ZOX Primo C Track Helmet Underside View

Fit and Comfort

ZOX Primo C Track Helmet Fitted View on Model

I found the Primo to be very comfortable. ZOX’s patented conehead technology assures that the helmet provides excellent support around the head without having downward pressure from the top of the helmet.

I found that once the helmet was on, it wanted to naturally stay on my head, and once I was riding, in town as well as at highway speeds, the helmet did not feel like it was moving around at all.

This helmet weighs 1650 g (3.6 lbs). It is not the lightest helmet I have worn; however, because of the conehead technology, it was comfortable and did not feel like a weight on my head.

The inside of the helmet features communication ready EPS ear pockets. The added space of these ear pockets makes the helmet that much more comfortable.

Airflow and Venting

ZOX Primo C Track Helmet Rear view on top of ZOX Box

The helmet has integrated ducts for maximum airflow and rear extractor that create a venturi-effect to keep your head nice and cool. It was approximately 26 degrees Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit) when I tested this helmet. The ducts worked very well.

The front vent can be opened or closed using a lever incorporated in the vent. It provided ample airflow to keep the helmet from fogging up.

ZOX Primo C Track Helmet Fitted View from Front on Model


The helmet worked very well at keeping the road noise at a low level. The Ducati Monster 821 has an awesome exhaust note, but it is not very loud. I found that the helmet did an excellent job at keeping road noise and wind noise to a minimum even at highway speeds.


This helmet has excellent visibility. I rode with the visor up and the visor down (mostly down given I was on a sportbike). The visor is clear and is also scratch resistant. My peripheral vision was not affected by the sides of the helmet.

The design of the chin bar is such that you can still see your instrument cluster clearly without having to lower your head and using the mirrors did not require moving your head due to an obstruction.

ZOX Primo C Track Helmet Fitted View from Side on Model

Exterior Visor

The exterior visor is very well constructed. It is scratch resistant on the outside and is fog resistant on the inside. I was able to remove the exterior visor and reinstall it without difficulty and without tools using the quick release visor fastening system. Should I need to replace it in the future, the process would be quite simple.

The functionality of the exterior visor is excellent with solid clicks as you lift or lower the visor from one position to another. A rubber gasket ensures that the visor seals to the helmet.

ZOX Primo C Track Helmet with Visor Up


The ZOX Primo C Track is a very good helmet at a very affordable price.

If you are looking for a premium full face helmet, this one is a great choice. A full face helmet is probably the most important piece of safety equipment you will ever own. I am confident that this helmet will meet or exceed most people’s needs. It is well built, it looks good, it is quite comfortable to wear and has a scratch proof, fog proof visor.

ZOX Primo C Track Helmet in protective fleece helmet bag on top of ZOX Box

In the box, the helmet ships in a protective fleece helmet bag. Included in the box is the owner’s manual and two ZOX stickers. The finish of this helmet in matte black is subdued and clean. It will go well with your leathers or with your kevlar jacket.

ZOX Primo C Track Helmet on top of ZOX Box

I recommend this helmet.

The lack of a micrometric buckle on this helmet reduces the ability for quick donning and doffing; furthermore, if you have gloves on, getting the strap through the buckle is a bit awkward. This does not affect the retention of the helmet on your head. Once the strapped is cinched, the helmet is secured.

The helmet is very well priced at CAD$199.99 MSRP

*disclosure: ZOX helmets provided the PRIMO C TRACK at no charge for the purpose of this review.


  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Good Quality
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable.


  • Lack of a micrometric buckle for the chin strap.


  • Manufacturer: ZOX Helmets
  • Where to Buy: ZOX Helmets
  • Price when tested: CAD$ 199.99 MSRP
  • Made in: China
  • Alternative Models and Colors: Matte Dark Silver, Matte White, Matte Hi-Viz. Yellow, Red, and Blue.
  • Sizes: XS, X, M, L, XL, 2XL
  • Safety Designations: Meets or exceeds DOT Safety Standards FMVSS 218, SNELL M2015, AMA Pro Racing, RACE, CMRC and other Professional Racing Standards
  • Review Date: July, 2018