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Zeus ZS 508 Review

Zeus 508 Owner Reports

Zeus ZS 508
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Zeus ZS 508 Review Summary
Review Summary

Many webBikeWorld visitors have sent comments regarding this helmet.

It’s apparent that there are a lot of Zeus helmet fans out there!

News: Zeus is one of the few manufacturers that make motorcycle helmets in size XXXL; see the wBW Extra Large Motorcycle Helmets page for more information.

Electric heated visors and double-lens visors to prevent fogging are now available for Zeus helmets; see your dealer for more information

Zeus Helmet Contact: Mr. William Wei from Zeus Helmets wrote to offer his contact information for anyone with a comment or problem with a Zeus helmet. See below for more information.

From “G.C.” : “I purchased a Zeus Flip-up Helmet (model 508) in the USA. I found them on eBay and they were also recommended by someone from an email list of New England cyclists.

I am cheap and have never purchased a new helmet, so price was my first concern. I researched all the flip up helmets I could find and found that the cheapest one available was the Zeus 508 for $86.99.

Of the others out there, HJC, Nolan, Caberg, Roof etc.. I was only able to try on the Nolan and HJC.

I could not put the Nolan on while flipped down and it required two hands to operate. I believe the newer versions are one handed operation but they will be $200 vs. $150. I liked the HJC the best but it was $200.

The Caberg seemed like the best buy at 99 pounds ($150) but I would need a relative to bring it over from England when they come in July.

Then I researched the Zeus. It had all the features I was looking for; cheap price, one handed operation (front button), vented, removable padding, Coolmax lining, removable with chin bar down and solid white color.

I took a chance and the next day it was delivered. I am very satisfied.

I read some reviews and people had complained that it was not removable with the chin bar down but I have no problems.

I ordered one size larger than my normal hat size and the fit is good. The vents seem to flow air but in (this region) there isn’t much difference in air temp when its 99 vs 105 so I’ll still be sweating. Others have claimed good air flow.

As far as finish goes it seems fine to me. I’m sure there are people that scrutinize a helmet for every little flaw.

If I were spending $400 dollars on a helmet I suppose I would too, but at this price point I am not too picky and have found no problems so far with the Zeus.

The locking mechanism is plastic vs. metal, but so is the mechanism on the HJC and the Zeus shield is held on by screws.

The company web site states which certifications they have and I believe most are there except Snell.  I am not sure on the availability in Europe.

This helmet is a great buy and I recommend it to anyone wanting a flip-up, modular, system type helmet. I’ll have to wait to see if it stands the test of time and holds up well. I repeat, this is the best buy on the market.”

Note: More owner comments in the Zeus 508 Review.

From “M.C.”: “Most motorcycle dealers (at least in my area) have a small area dedicated to helmets with a limited selection. For this reason, I turned to the internet when I needed new helmets for my wife and I.

After a lot of research, and looking at the readers comments on your site, I purchased 2 Zeus 508 helmets. We received them, and we are extremely happy with the fit and finish.

The dealer made a mistake, and sent the 508S which is the same as the 508, but has a dual lens with a large black plastic ring around it for a snowmobile rider.

I made an inquiry to Zeus directly, and they sent me replacement motorcycle lenses, free of charge. Amazing customer service!”

Follow-up From “B.C.”: “This is another update on my Zeus helmets, I contacted the company about buying the neck pads and smaller cheek pads. The following week I received a box with the 2 neck pads and 3 sizes of cheek pads for both helmets, and I was not charged a dime!

This is customer service that is above and beyond most company’s practices. You thought I praised Zeus helmets before, you ought to hear me now!  Special thanks to Butch at Zeus Helmet America Inc.”

From “JRB”: “I had mine for only 10 months with average use. I have other helmets and reserve the Zeus for cold weather riding.

Anyway, after only nominal use the side posts on the helmet part broke off and now the shield or chin bar will not ratchet or stay open.

There is no way to fix it either. The helmet is a good idea but I won’t spend another 100 bucks for one unless they change the design.”

From “K.S.”: “I live in Taiwan where the Zeus helmets are made, but couldn’t find anything above XL because local heads run small; their larger sizes are export only.

With kind help from Rick and his Zeus contact Yoshi, I got in touch with their factory in southern Taiwan, and their northern Taiwan distributor called my cell phone and met me by the roadside on his bike.

Then he led me to his house where he had an entire van crammed full of helmets for me to try on.

He spent almost two hours fitting me and discussing their features, sales, etc. Try getting any other company to do THAT!

The round 3XL was still not comfy on my protruding forehead, but I’ve gotta give ’em top marks for service!”

From “G.V.”: “Just a note about the Zeus. I’ve worn mine almost every day for the past year and a half as the KLR is the nly transportation that I own. The helmet has held up admirably!!

Stood up to some minor bumps and knocks well.

New visor was expensive but better quality than original. Minor complaints–could use more airflow in the summer and the forehead is high enough I had to use duct tape to make a sun visor.

Best helmet, best value I’ve owned in 40 years of riding, period.”

From “CSC”: “After reading the reviews posted here I bought two Zeus 508 helmets — one for me and one for my lady.

I ride a Valkyrie, a fairly quiet ride, and took to the road last weekend with temps in the low 50’s and wind almost as high. My Harley riding buddy got cold quickly with his half helmet. Me, I was comfy.

At a stop with the face shield shut I did have fogging but hey, that didn’t surprise me.

What did surprise me was that I rode a good bit with the shield purposely cracked and when I closed it, it was very quiet, contrary to what I have been reading in some of the comments posted here.

Maybe I was just deaf at that point but I doubt I’d find the noise objectionable from the git-go.

I got my helmets from Trax Motorsport quickly. I’m pleased with both Trax and the helmet itself. The convenience of a convertible helmet can’t be overstated.

The only bad news is my lady feels claustrophobic in a full-face helmet so one has to go back.

I urge caution regarding the sizing. I have a small head and wear as size 7 hat. I am very comfortable in a Large 508 and I cannot pull it off. Be sure to order at least one size larger to ensure a comfortable fit.”

From “BRUSER”: Who wrote about a disappointing experience with a Zeus 508 with complaints about visor fogging and a lack of response from Zeus.

For those who are experiencing visor fogging, be sure to read our FogTech coating review, it’s guaranteed to prevent visor fogging; also, electrically heated visors and double-lens visors are now available for Zeus helmets to prevent fogging; see your Zeus dealer for more information.

From “B.S.”: “I bought my Zeus flip up helmet at the beginning of my last racing season (dirt stock cars), I saw the price and design and I couldn’t pass it up.

I wear glasses most of the time so the flip face was ideal, but it didn’t hurt that I could smoke, eat, or drink something before a race.

I haven’t had any problems with fogging (I should say that fogging is much better than my last helmet, an HJC!!).

All in all, I would say that it is the best helmet for your money, especially since it beats out all others in quality for only 80 bucks, kinda makes you wonder about why helmets cost so much in the first place.”

From “M.A.L.”: “Well, I bought a Zeus helmet prior to buying my BMW. I saw them in Dallas at the Motorcycle show and am I glad I bought one.

First of all, I wear glasses and it is such a pleasure to leave my glasses on and put on my Zeus flip-up. My wife recently bought me an HJC CL-14 which was a little higher priced that Zeus and it said it was glasses friendly.

Well, it is not and I went back to the Zeus. I have had it now for two years without any problems. I really love this helmet. I would recommend it to anyone as it’s ease of operation is smooth and one handed.”

From “T.W.”: After my wife’s accident I e-mailed the Zeus helmet company and they got back to me the other day. They are grateful the helmet worked and are sending UPS to pick the helmet up and replace it. That is more then was expected.

I am glad I bought a helmet that the company backs no matter what.

T.W.” also sent this follow-up note:The Zeus Helmet Company stood behind their product with flying colors. You all read about my wife’s accident and what they told me in their response.

As it stands they already sent me a replacement helmet for my wife’s;  also they sent me a helmet for the one I was going to buy my daughter after I saw how it took the wreck. I am very pleased with them and will be telling everyone about them and there product.

I can’t say enough about how they treated me and my family over all.”

From “T.O.”: “I purchased one of these helmets today at a ride in meet. I had looked at many helmets and chose this one for excellent quality and that I wear glasses this works great.

I ride a off road machine, a sports touring motorcycle and a snowmobile.

The helmet I bought has the snow mobile faces shield. Please tell me the difference between the motorcycle face shield and the snowmobile version? And can I purchase the other face shield if needed?

I am a retired engineer and believe this helmet is a superb product..”

Editor’s Reply: I believe the snowmobile face shield has a double lens to help prevent fogging. It’s my understanding that a heated face shield is also available. Extra face shields can be purchased from the sources listed above.

From “J.R.”: “Have not had the problem with my Zeus 508 Liftech that AW had (see below). My seams are tight.

Got mine from Trax Motorsports. Good folks. Thoroughly pleased with mine.

My shield also opened slightly at high speed but I simply tightened the screws and that is not longer a problem.”

From “L.W.”: “Following is a review of the Zeus 508S Lift Tech helmet:

Keeping aligned with the previous reviews, the Zeus 508S Lift Tech Helmet it a tight fit. Graduating to a larger size was not the answer for me as the next size easily slides around my head even with the chinstrap snugly fastened.

I’m concerned by the fact that the chin bar is not padded because I can touch the front of the helmet with my chin – with little effort.

Which leads me to think that in the event of a nasty little spill, God forbid, I’ll need a little reconstructive surgery – Hello Hollywood.

I live in Chicago and the helmet fogs up pretty good when I’m riding up and down Lakeshore Drive in cool weather. Opening the visor (face shield) solves this problem.

Speaking of face shields, the face shield on the Zeus helmet does not snap shut – the only major flaw. It opens a little at high speeds, especially when I look over my shoulders.

I haven’t had any problems with whistling at high speeds provided all vents are closed.

It looks great. The flip up feature is sweet; now I can have conversations with fellow riders and sip water on hot days w/o taking my helmet off.

Bottom line: It’s a solid helmet. It is both stylish and functional. It’s not perfect but you get what you pay for!”

From “J.C.”: “Hello, I thought I’d let you know that I bought a Zeus modular/flip-up helmet after researching on the net, and in particular your web site. I ended up buying a size medium, which according to the sizing chart at Dixie Cycle should fit.

I was at the small end of the med. scale so I thought it would fit even though many people had suggested going up one size. It does fit snuggly but not painfully.

One thing I noticed is that the cheek pad area does put more pressure (at first unpleasant) on the face than the rest of the helmet.

I have a round face, my wife says the helmet is extremely comfortable for her as she has a narrower cheek/chin area.

Other than that I am very happy with it.

There could be an issue with the sealing around the shield but I have not ridden in the rain so do not know.

I would like to thank you for having such an informative web site for novices such as I, keep up the good work.”

From “T.U.”: “I purchased a Zeus flip front helmet from Dixie Cycle and received delivery last week. Dixie Cycle was prompt, actually sold it to me for less than the posted price on the internet, and was very pleasant to deal with.

The helmet seems very high quality to me. The hinges and latch work perfectly and easily and it is not at all wind noisy. I am very pleased with it.”

From “W.M.”: “I just received my new Zeus 508 flip-up helmet from TNT Tires and so far I like it a lot.

After some initial delays and confusion with TNT, we solved the issue when we realized that UPS had sent my package to another state and TNT had them turn it around.

No fault of TNT but they need to make it easier to contact them, especially by phone.

The ZEUS fits very snugly even after I went up one size from the measured one so be sure to go AT LEAST one size larger than the tape measure says.

I haven’t had it up to highway speed yet for a noise check but I doubt it could be any louder than my Z1R. All in all, it seems to be a very nice helmet at a really decent price.”

From “S.S.”: “I just ordered a Zeus M-508 from Dixie. I ordered a white 3XL via telephone and their customer service rep. was OUTSTANDING, Great Price and Service.

Since I require a XXXL and wanted to be sure they my size/color in stock. The lady checked stock, then returned my call, and said she would ship my helmet out today.

It will be great to wear glasses and not struggle with a full face helmet like my Shoei.

The “Flip-up” feature will give me the convenience of an open face with the eye protection of full face helmet, I’m looking forward to riding to bike week 2003 with my new lid.”

From “W.D.” “As I wear glasses, I’ve had a Zeus flip up for over a year, although I wear a Nolan open face with flip down visor in the warm weather.

The Zeus is a good helmet except for fogging at low speeds in the cold moist weather we have here in the northwest in winter.

I have to remind myself to lift the visor a crack in town or when approaching stops. I also have a fog-proof visor for it, but they restrict vision somewhat and aren’t completely fog-proof out here in western Washington.

I had it on last month when a kid in an approaching pickup made a left in front of me at the last second. I didn’t hit the pickup, but dumped the bike and skidded a ways on my Joe rockets.

The helmet did its job by meeting the pavement on the left jaw area and left visor area. A new visor, some touchup with model paint and the helmet is as good as new.

The Joe Rocket outfit did its job too and required quite a few patches with rubber cement to fill the voids, but I didn’t leave any skin on the pavement.

The 750 Virago required about $700 in parts and is back on the road. Wear your protective gear guys and gals, the pavement is the same hardness in all temperatures and weather conditions!”

From “B.C.”: “I had been looking for a new helmet and I checked your web site for any information that you may of had. I noticed the “new” flip-up full face styles, and started reading the reviews.

I’m a married man, so I couldn’t just spend $200.00 to $400.00 on a new helmet. Well I could, but I would be real sore.

Anyway, I checked out the Zeus model 508, sold by Dixie Cycle. At about $100.00 it was in my budget range and the reviews were good.

I ordered one in Titanium and also added the quick release for the extra $8.00.

When I received it I was shocked at the quality compared to the price!  This is one GREAT helmet, the finish and the fit is perfect. It even has a helmet bag that was included. The only problem I have found with it, now my wife wants one!”

Follow-up From B.C.: “I have had my Zeus 508 for over a year now, so I felt it was time for an update. I ride almost every day to work and the wife and I have added 12,000+ miles to our Gold Wing in the last year.

The helmet still looks good and the shield still has no major scratches. The only problem has been with the vinyl on the rear neck piece. It is cracking and starting to flake off.

I have sent an email to the company requesting to buy a replacement. The other issue it the cheek pads. On long rides I have to remove them due to the pressure from them being too large, I am checking to see if I can get thinner ones.

I ordered my wife’s helmet 8 months ago, and she has no problems with fit or quality.

I have 3 other riders that have purchased the 508’s after trying mine, all are happy with the helmet. I still recommend the Zeus 508, and will continue to promote it as a great value with a quality finish.”

From “M.L.”:  “I saw the helmet at the Dallas show last December and ordered one. I have a big head and the XXXL fits great. I have now had it almost a year without a fault.

Also ordered the tinted shield and what a difference it makes. Great product from the folks in Louisiana. I would highly recommend it.”

From “C”: “I am a new rider and was having a hard time finding a helmet I liked.

My Harley riding Husband wears a cap, which didn’t provide enough coverage for me. I found (1) Zeus helmet at a local bike shop. It was very affordable and I love the “flip”. Needless to say, I bought it and am no longer looking.”

From “J.S.”: “I purchased the Zeus from the LA shop on eBay a few months back and I LOVE IT! Easy to operate, price was GREAT, @ $100.00 shipped and it is sharp looking.

I chose the color Black, the visor sometimes flipped at certain speeds when I looked back, but tightened the screws and everything seems to be fine now with it.

The noise is there, but I will be using ear plugs anyway, for the price, you just CAN’T beat it!”

From “HGJ”: “I bought a Zeus from Dixie last year after the Dallas M/C show. I looked them up at the show but, they did not bring the Zeus Helmets with them, so I ordered a Wineberry from them online.

The color is very close to the Honda ST1100 color and looks like it was made to go with Dark Cherry Red ST1100’s.

I am very pleased with the fit and operation of this helmet. It is great to wear glasses with and gives good protection for Contact Lens wearers.

The Flipup Feature gives you the convenience of a Open Face with the eye protection of Full Face. I would do it again.”

From “AW”: “I purchased a Zeus M-508 at the end of the season last year and did not get a chance to wear it in the right conditions.

Let me tell you that the helmet looks great, but beyond that it is really junk.

The fogging is very bad and there are open seams around the shield, causing my face to become numb. I emailed (the manufacturer) hoping they could help me out, but they never responded.”

Zeus Helmets Contact Information

Mr. William Wei wrote to webBikeWorld to say “Hello Rick:  I read all the comments about our helmets on your website and it’s really great. I want to help people that have problems with our helmets. Can you put my e-mail on the website, so people can contact with me directly if they had problems?”

Zeus Helmets

Gao Jin Industrial Co., Ltd. & ATOP Corporation (ZEUS Helmets)
No. 33, Lane 1020, Ta-Wan Road
Yung-Kang City, Tainan Hsien. Taiwan

Fred Kang or