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Zero electric motorcycles on track

Zero motorcycles electric motorcycles
Zero S electric motorcycle

The full range of 2015 Zero Motorcycles electric bikes is heading for Australia.

Zero Motorcycles Asia Pacific sales director Phillip Wilkinson says they will have four dealers in three states with bikes on the showroom floor by the end of May, 2015.

The American electric motorcycle company has been without a dealer for a few months, but has now formed a partnership with Jeff Gleeson, the Brisbane importer of Gas Gas, Christini and AJP motorcycles.

Phil says the new distributor will provide customer and dealer support for future and previous Zero models. 

The dealers who are representing Zero in Australia are: Moto Arena, Gold Coast; Central Coast Motorcycles, NSW; Moto Technic, Victoria and Euro Bike, Noosa.

Zero motorcycles electric motorcycles
Zero S, SR, DS and FX

Phil promises more dealers will be appointed in coming months.

Rideaway prices for the 2015 Zero range are $20,490 for the Zero S naked road bike and DS dual sport, $26,490 for the Zero SR street fighter with more power and $16,990 for the Zero FX “stealthfighter”. Prices may be slightly lower for the remaining 2014 stock.

Zero Motorcycles have extended the battery range of their electric motorcycles, added anti-lock brakes and upgraded components on their 2015 range.

Zero estimates running costs at $0.01 a kilometre and offers a five-year warranty on all power packs.

READ ABOUT THE 2015 MODELSZero motorcycles electric motorcycles

“It’s an exciting time for electric bikes,” Phil says. “The success of Tesla and BMW with their electric cars has been a good foundation for bikes. And when you see companies like Harley come out with an electric bike it validates the space.

“However, we are still the leader and will remain the leader.”

Phil says he would welcome Australia following the lead of California and now the UK in offering government subsidies for the purchase of electric bikes.

“It’s a good sign of progressive government,” he says in the wake of a stinging attack on the Federal Government by Nissan Australia boss Richard Emery who says the government had dismissed their electric Leaf car. Richard has called for government subsidies for EVs and support for charging infrastructure.

All electric motorcycles in Australia are learner-approved.

  1. Before phil gets too carried away with zero’s leadership in the market
    he should maybe google up electric motorcycles in alibaba and see
    what the chinese are doing and look at the prices

  2. This will be a unique bike to buy but just like last time when Zero attempted and failed, they are too expensive for someone to jump and try it for a change, just like cars trying to sell hybrid’s for a higher price. It will happen, but it’s too early IMO.

  3. Probably unfair to compare a locally manufactured mainland Chinese product made for the domestic market with a ZERO or any of the other foreign made e-bikes/e-scooters of such-like. However range limitation is very real and one of the greatest stumbling blocks aside from the cost of acquisition IMO. Having owned a few locally made e-bikes/e-scooters in mainland China and ridden more than once to the very edge of that range limitation I’d not pay the entry cost for admission with the likes of ZERO et al.
    The day that these manufacturers are able to guarantee a range equal to the majority of ICE motorcycles/scooters at 300km+ and a reasonable battery life-cycle with a realistic MSRP, then I could be interested.

    Meanwhile my ICE motorcycles and scooters (XT1200Z, AN650L4, CF650TR, XVS1100AC & G650GS) win the ‘pick me, pick me’ competition in the garage when I want to go for a ride 50-100km+. My ebike (AU$300 that has a range of 50km) gets the nod when I want to ride the 5km to work if I don’t want to cycle on my fold-up Dahon Courser with front and rear suspension.

    I realise that R&D costs money, as does must other components and interests in the majority of foreign business models… but I compare the MSRP of ZERO to the likes of this for a fraction of the cost. Pretty hard to justify the price point of the ZERO to my wallet…
    Just sayin…


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