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YouTube videos explain helmet issues

Guy Stanford Youtube videos helmet legal issues easter fitting
Guy Stanford

Three YouTube videos have been launched today to help riders understand the rules and regulations, correct fitting and crash-protection purpose of helmets.

The videos were made by the Motorcycle Council of NSW with funding from Transport for NSW.

Presenter is MCC of NSW helmet expert Guy Stanford.

He says the videos clarify some issues and move discussions away from “stupid laws” and on to a proper discussion about helmets.

The three YouTube videos are:

• WHICH helmet do I wear in Australia?

• HOW do I fit a helmet?

• WHAT can a helmet do for me?

“Basic stuff to provide a key into the subject for questions,” Guy says.

One of the key recommendations is never buy a helmet over the internet.

It could be a fake, may not be correctly certified and may not fit.

“Never buy a helmet you haven’t had on your head,” Guy says.

“Many newcomers to motorcycling (and old hands) have absolutely no idea about why a helmet is useful, other than that you need one or you get a ticket,” Guy says.

“So the videos range across the subject from a user’s perspective, to prompt questions and inform on the basics.

Guy Stanford - Mobile phone while riding - darrk visor helmets tinted visor youtube
Guy and his Vozz helmet

“Hopefully, they’ll raise questions about helmets in the mind that can be readily answered and understood, at least in the general sense.

“There is much we had to leave out to keep to the three-minute limits on a short-attention-span YouTube video.”

The YouTube videos are being officially launched in Sydney today by the NSW Minister for Roads Melinda Pavey.

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Guy has also been researching the vagaries of the helmet laws across the nation for several years.

He helped the Australian Motorcycle Council put together their submission to the National Transport Commission for the harmonisation of road rules, including helmet laws.

Read about the AMC submission here.