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You’re Invited to the All-New Sturgis Rally Wrap Party

A poster of the up-and-coming Sturgis Rally Wrap Party

With 2021 calling for unprecedented measures, Why not bring in something fresh?

Enter the Sturgis Rally‘s official, first-ever VIP Wrap Party, scheduled for August 13, 6:00 pm. 

The Sturgis Rally, with multiple bikers sauntering around and doing their thing

Hosted by Why We Ride,, and held within the legendary Sturgis Buffalo Chip, the event will benefit a charity organization called Treasured Lives – a place designed for survivors of sex trafficking and CSE to rehabilitate and heal.

Bazzel Baz, a speaker on human trafficking affiliated with Treasured Lives. He is also the founder of The Association For The Recovery of Children, a former CIA Officer, Actor, Author, Anti-Terrorism Consultant, and Former US Marine counter-terrorism Officer.

Through a partnership with MOTOvational.ORG,  Treasured Lives has just built the first crisis house in South Dakota for victims of abuse. The Sturgis Rally Wrap Party will be supporting this new addition, alongside some neat perks at the party itself. 

The Sturgis Rally Wrap Party will feature a luau theme. It will start off with a cocktail hour, in which attendees will find themselves surrounded by custom motorcycles and fed from a delicious array of tropical-themed morsels.

an attendee of the Sturgis Wrap Party enjoys his prize

After the cocktail hour will follow a series of live auctions, special guest speakers, and a raffle, with 100% of the proceeds going to Treasured Lives. Kelly Paterson, a member of the charity organization, will be selling autographed copies of her book “From Trafficked to Treasured”, and Bryan Carroll, producer of the event and founder of, is more than a little excited:

“Rod Woodruff and I started planning this on a ride up the California coast in 2019. It would have been impossible without his partnership at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip and our great supporters. Better still, it’s a continuation of the charity work we have already done for childhood cancer research.”

a poster advertising the MOTOvational company, as well as the producer of the event and founder of, Bryan Carroll

“Since we made the ‘Why We Ride’ film and my first visits to the Sturgis Rally, I have wanted to host a Hollywood-style Red Carpet celebration to wrap up the event. Our inaugural event already has some great support, and we are counting on the motorcycle industry to join us in the wrap party and luau.”

With the VIP title comes the obligatory seating restrictions – only 250 guests for this event, so make sure to check for space at the Sturgis Rally Wrap Party website.