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Yamaha R3 on 11th recall notice

2019 Yamaha YZF-R3 recall notice
Yamaha R3

Yamaha Motor Australia has issued a second recall notice in a matter of days on the learner-approved 2019 YZF-R3A in what is now its 11th recall since 2015.

Both new issues revolve around separate causes for a break in the front brake hose.

The first recall on Friday, issued through the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, said the bracket supporting the front brake hose may dislodge.

It said this could cause “friction between the brake hose and the front fork, resulting in brake fluid loss”.

“If the brake system loses fluid, the effectiveness of the brakes decreases, increasing the risk of an accident causing serious injury to the rider and other road users,” the notice said.2019 Yamaha YZF-R3 fault recall notice

Second notice

The second notice blames the horn lead wire for the break in the brake hose.

“When the handlebar is turned from side to side, the brake hose comes in contact with the horn lead wire due to incorrect positioning,” the notice says.

“When the brake hose comes in contact with the horn lead wire, this friction can cause damage to the front brake hose, which can result in serious injury to the rider and other road users.

In both cases, it urges owners to “immediately” contact their local Yamaha Dealer and arrange for a free fix.

Consumers can find their nearest authorised Yamaha dealership by visiting

It appears the recall was broken into two because there are different Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) specified for affected bikes.

The first notice affected 202 2018 R3 models. The VINs for the bikes were listed at the end of our first article.

The VINs for the 162 2019 bikes affected by the second recall are listed at the end of this article.

2019 Yamaha YZF-R3 fault
2019 Yamaha YZF-R3

11th recall

This LAMS model has now been recalled over 11 fault issues since 2015.

Issues include such as radiator leaks, gear shift problems, noisy gears, engine vibrations, fuel leaks, loss of electrical power, engine stalling, clutch failures and handlebar crown cracking.

It is also the third recall from Yamaha in a week after a fault with their 2017-19 XP530A scooter stands.

Even though manufacturers and importers usually contact owners when a recall is issued, the bike may have been sold privately to a rider unknown to the company.

Therefore, Motorbike Writer publishes all motorcycle and scooter recalls as a service to all riders.

If you believe there is an endemic problem with your bike that should be recalled, contact the ACCC on 1300 302 502.

To check whether your motorcycle has been recalled, click on these sites:

• Australia


• New Zealand

• Canada

VINS of affected R3 models

MH3RH12H2KK001023 MH3RH12H2KK001040 MH3RH12H4KK001184
MH3RH12H5KK001050 MH3RH12H2KK001054 MH3RH12H5KK001002
MH3RH12HXKK001058 MH3RH12H2KK001068 MH3RH12H5KK001016
MH3RH12H2KK001006 MH3RH12H2KK001099 MH3RH12H5KK001033
MH3RH12H7KK001082 MH3RH12H2KK001104 MH3RH12H5KK001047
MH3RH12HXKK001111 MH3RH12H2KK001118 MH3RH12H5KK001064
MH3RH12H6KK001025 MH3RH12H2KK001121 MH3RH12H5KK001078
MH3RH12HXKK001187 MH3RH12H2KK001135 MH3RH12H5KK001081
MH3RH12H0KK001005 MH3RH12H2KK001149 MH3RH12H5KK001095
MH3RH12H0KK001019 MH3RH12H2KK001197 MH3RH12H5KK001100
MH3RH12H0KK001022 MH3RH12H3KK001001 MH3RH12H5KK001114
MH3RH12H0KK001036 MH3RH12H3KK001015 MH3RH12H5KK001128
MH3RH12H0KK001053 MH3RH12H3KK001029 MH3RH12H5KK001145
MH3RH12H0KK001070 MH3RH12H3KK001032 MH3RH12H5KK001159
MH3RH12H0KK001084 MH3RH12H3KK001046 MH3RH12H5KK001176
MH3RH12H0KK001098 MH3RH12H3KK001063 MH3RH12H6KK001008
MH3RH12H0KK001103 MH3RH12H3KK001077 MH3RH12H6KK001011
MH3RH12H0KK001120 MH3RH12H3KK001080 MH3RH12H6KK001039
MH3RH12H0KK001134 MH3RH12H3KK001094 MH3RH12H6KK001042
MH3RH12H0KK001179 MH3RH12H3KK001127 MH3RH12H6KK001056
MH3RH12H1KK001014 MH3RH12H3KK001130 MH3RH12H6KK001073
MH3RH12H1KK001028 MH3RH12H3KK001161 MH3RH12H6KK001087
MH3RH12H1KK001031 MH3RH12H3KK001192 MH3RH12H6KK001090
MH3RH12H1KK001045 MH3RH12H4KK001007 MH3RH12H6KK001106
MH3RH12H1KK001059 MH3RH12H4KK001010 MH3RH12H6KK001137
MH3RH12H1KK001062 MH3RH12H4KK001024 MH3RH12H6KK001154
MH3RH12H1KK001076 MH3RH12H4KK001038 MH3RH12H6KK001171
MH3RH12H1KK001093 MH3RH12H4KK001041 MH3RH12H7KK001003
MH3RH12H1KK001109 MH3RH12H4KK001055 MH3RH12H7KK001017
MH3RH12H1KK001112 MH3RH12H4KK001069 MH3RH12H7KK001020
MH3RH12H1KK001126 MH3RH12H4KK001072 MH3RH12H7KK001034
MH3RH12H1KK001143 MH3RH12H4KK001086 MH3RH12H7KK001051
MH3RH12H1KK001157 MH3RH12H4KK001105 MH3RH12H7KK001065
MH3RH12H1KK001174 MH3RH12H4KK001119 MH3RH12H7KK001079
MH3RH12H1KK001191 MH3RH12H4KK001122 MH3RH12H7KK001096
MH3RH12H2KK001037 MH3RH12H4KK001136 MH3RH12H7KK001101
MH3RH12H7KK001129 MH3RH12H9KK001021 MH3RH12HXKK001089
MH3RH12H7KK001132 MH3RH12H9KK001035 MH3RH12HXKK001092
MH3RH12H7KK001194 MH3RH12H9KK001049 MH3RH12HXKK001108
MH3RH12H8KK001009 MH3RH12H9KK001052 MH3RH12HXKK001125
MH3RH12H8KK001012 MH3RH12H9KK001066 MH3RH12HXKK001139
MH3RH12H8KK001026 MH3RH12H9KK001083 MH3RH12HXKK001142
MH3RH12H8KK001057 MH3RH12H9KK001097 MH3RH12H0KK001067
MH3RH12H8KK001060 MH3RH12H9KK001102 MH3RH12H0KK001117
MH3RH12H8KK001074 MH3RH12H9KK001116 MH3RH12H0KK001151
MH3RH12H8KK001088 MH3RH12H9KK001133 MH3RH12H2KK001071
MH3RH12H8KK001091 MH3RH12H9KK001150 MH3RH12H2KK001085
MH3RH12H8KK001107 MH3RH12H9KK001178 MH3RH12H2KK001166
MH3RH12H8KK001110 MH3RH12H9KK001181 MH3RH12H3KK001113
MH3RH12H8KK001124 MH3RH12H9KK001195 MH3RH12H3KK001144
MH3RH12H8KK001138 MH3RH12HXKK001013 MH3RH12H6KK001123
MH3RH12H8KK001141 MH3RH12HXKK001027 MH3RH12H7KK001048
MH3RH12H8KK001155 MH3RH12HXKK001030 MH3RH12H7KK001115
MH3RH12H8KK001172 MH3RH12HXKK001044 MH3RH12H8KK001043
MH3RH12H9KK001004 MH3RH12HXKK001061 MH3RH12H9KK001200
MH3RH12H9KK001018 MH3RH12HXKK001075 MH3RH12HXKK001190