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Yamaha Lovers Edition – Yamaha Biker Girl

Shoei Xr-1100 Yamaha Blue TW Steel Yamaha Factory Chronograph Racing Blue Silicone Womens Watch Factory Effex 'YAMAHA' Lined Hooded Zip-Up Sweatshirt Yamaha CRP-10GNV-BK-XL Glove 2014 Alpinestars Stella Kerry Tech Denim Jeans Motorcycle Pants Yamaha Charcoal Knitted Versatile Beanie Cap Stocking Demonia by Pleaser Women's RAGE-302 Motorcycle Calf Boot One Industries Women's 'YAMAHA' Pitch Tank Top Yamaha EPH-20BL In-Ear Headphones Jorge Lorenzo 99 Yamaha M1 Moto GP iPhone 5 5S Case Official 2015 Women's Yamaha Adventure Jacket Image HTML map generator

So ladies-  we already told your boyfriend, husband, illicit lover, or whatever your counterpart might be that he needs to get his act together and be all romantic and stuff. Told him “dude cut the macho act and be a man”. So if that worked you might be seeing your guy trying to impress you with matching outfits. And possibly a romantic snowmobile ice picnic thing where you see the sunrise on the open plains cuddled under a blanket warm as two peanuts in a pod… or is that peas. Or y’know something like that.

You can check out the paired “Yamaha Boy” article for our gentle berating (encouragement?), but this article is about you. You have a sensitive badass and you want him to feel badass while being a totally squishy ball of fuzzy-wuzzy on the inside. So for that we are gonna do things here Yamaha-style. Let’s get you two to complement each other with your girl-gear.

The Legs

First things first. These are a nice pair of jeans with a lot of abrasion resistance made with kevlar. So if you or Jack make a boo-boo on the snowmobile (or even a bike) you will not get yourself all scratched up. Also this particular pair has knee and hip protectors that can be adjusted. And on top of that, it is sexy, stylish and comfortable. Also a bit of a lady badass edge to it.

2014 Alpinestars Stella Kerry Tech Denim Jeans Motorcycle Pants $239.95 & FREE Shipping 

The Torso

After the pants you get into the layers that will be your friends in the cold and against any oopsies (we really hope you don’t have find that out). However, with safe gear you will be… safe and then you can kick his kevlar backed behind for the mishap.

What we will have here is a tank top paired with a sweatshirt and jacket. The look is both pretty practical and practically pretty. Yeah… I know that was awful.

The tank top is blue (this is part of the color motif) form-fitting and obviously designed to accentuate your features so that old lover boy can go just a tiny bit more googly-eyed. For some reason the tank-top has a front “pocket”. We think the designers may have been thinking too hard on that one but it does add a little variation from the norm. Oh and yeah it has the Yamaha logo on it.

Next is the sweatshirt… well more of a zip-up hoodie that falls into the black with blue trim color category. It is fleece with thermal lining so you will be toasty and comfortable. It also has the Yamaha logo along with the tuning-fork design (there will be a lot of that here so get used to it).

The final piece of gear is your Jacket. The outermost layer of awesome that you see when you are riding. So this is the real bit that is important when you are not inside a bar, resort or by a warm crackling fire. This jacket is very effective at stopping cold and also quite attractive in a black and white motif. You can see how the color combinations are coming together: black, white and blue. Sounds like United States of Badass America.

The jacket has an outer waterproof nylon shell, inner thermal lining and solid sealing against the winds. Despite that the manufacturers want you to maintain a gentle glow and not be drenched in sweat. So they have made this whole set breathable with underarm vents to really let the excess heat out. There are also reflective bits for safety and of course the Yamaha logo on front and the tuning-fork design on the back. If nothing else we are consistent.

One Industries Women’s ‘YAMAHA’ Pitch Tank TopSale Price $29.99

Factory Effex ‘YAMAHA’ Lined Hooded Zip-Up Sweatshirt$66.07 & FREE Shipping

Women’s Yamaha Adventure Jacket$93.07 + $17.00 shipping

The Head, Hands & Feet

So let’s get this part of the show on the road starting from the bottom and going to the top. Like an upward pan in the fashion world but without the cheap creeper stuff they do sometimes; no class I tell you.

So first off, the boots. The boots are called “Demonia” and they look really lady-badass. Water-resistant calf boots with ankle and calf buckles. The boots are black and plain but speak loudly. They have an understated edge that we think you will like.
Next up, the gloves. Simply put: warm and windproof. They work perfectly in slushy weather or like not slushy weather. The have the tuning fork design and are basically a solid practical glove that has the understated style that the boots have.
Moving on from there we are now at the head. You may be someone with long flowing locks or short spiky hair. Either way you will love this knit cap. Grey with black stripes, Yamaha branded and comfortable. Will look nice on a whole slew of skin tones and hair color. This is your I am not on the snowmobile right now head gear.

Finally, the cream of the crop, the part that makes you both look like enthusiasts that tame and ride the great creatures of the frozen north, the helmet. This is a nice Shoei helmet by Yamaha in a rich blue color and that speaks to the lady-badass side of you. It is composed of fiberglass and various materials including resilient organic fibers. The padding consists of multi-layered liners and cushioning; it is adjustable and keeps the helmet nice and snug to boot. Don’t want it rattling around for bonus trauma now do we. All these together form a solid protection ensemble.

The visor is easily removable, with pinlocks for an anti-fog shield (visibility heck yeah), the usual UV protection (no blindness woo hoo) and a nice solid seal to keep the nasty ice cream weather outside (Haagen-Daaz No!!!). There are three intake and six exhaust ports to keep you cool and sweat free. Remember girls are supposed to glow or something and not sweat (but that may be a 1960s concept… I dunno). There is also a nose guard redirecting your breath for better anti-fog properties and a chin curtain to keep the noise out of the helmet (well, as well as it can). In the end you have a solid, sexy, badass helmet with a sleek finish.

Demonia by Pleaser Women’s RAGE-302 Motorcycle Calf Boot – Regular: $118.95; Sale: $69.95 to $82.82 (depending on size) & FREE Returns on some sizes and colors

Yamaha CRP-10GNV-BK-XL Glove$46.95 + $2.99 shipping

Yamaha Charcoal Knitted Versatile Beanie Cap Stocking$16.95 & FREE Shipping 

Shoei Xr-1100 Yamaha Blue $715.00 + $4.49 shipping 

The Accessories

Now to kick the whole ensemble up a notch. We start with the official Yamaha MotoGP iPhone case that well simply says “I love Yamaha and Yamaha loves me.” It is official merchandise and will match your Yamaha Boy’s phone case.
The watch is the same deal. Heck it is the exact same men’s watch as the guy’s outfit because we think guys and girls can enjoy the same set of equipment when they want without sexual discrimination. There is enough of that in most clothing (no pockets in jeans, what the heck is up with that?). The watch is a chronograph with a tachymeter and looks nice and stylish. Has a blue rubber strap and a nice steel finish. The dial is carbon fiber (read: the cool new thing and resilient) and glowing hands (read: rave party on your wrist).

Lastly, you have the earbuds by Yamaha. What can I say about them? Hmmm… ummm… they are earbuds and you can listen to music. Yeah! Also do you really want to listen to everything that comes out of his mouth. I mean you can totally do with half the amount of kindergarten humor right? So this is for that. Just an extra bit of fun.

Jorge Lorenzo 99 Yamaha M1 MotoGP iPhone 5 5S Case Official 2015$47.00 & FREE Shipping 

Steel Yamaha Factory Chronograph Racing Blue Silicone Watch TW924 – Sale Price  $599.00

Yamaha EPH-20BL In-Ear Headphones (Black)$18.99 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35

Gear-up Complete

There we are done and the complete outfit for you has been put together. It has blue, black, and white as the underlying theme and Yamaha as the overt theme and of course sexy badass written all over it; just like the boy’s version. You can check the “Yamaha Boy” guide which pairs with this one so you can point “the dude” to it and you guys can have a bit of complementary outfit fun. So go and have a blast!