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Wizards Metal Polish

Wizards Metal Polish

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Manufacturer: Wizards Products Retail Price: $12.95
Type: Cotton wadding, 3.3 oz. (85 g) Made In: U.S.A.
Category:  Metal polish
Claims – “Cleans, Shines, Protects.”
For Use On – “Use on aluminum, tarnished chrome, stainless steel, brass, copper, nickel, pewter, magnesium, silver, gold.  Not recommended for plated gold, plated silver or show chrome.  Safe for use on coated wheels, motorcycles and marine.”
Claimed Features – “Fastest cut and brightest shine possible.”

Our Opinions

We’ve seen something like this before with Luster Pad metal and chrome polish.  Wizards Metal Polish is a box of cotton wadding, treated with some chemicals (fruity smelling in this case).

The directions call for tearing off a section and using it to polish the metal surface until it starts to turn black.  Wizards also makes a version of this product called “Metal Polish for Motorcycles” which appears to be identical, but it is listed as 3.0 ounces instead of the 3.3 ounces on the regular metal polish.

Inside the metal box is a plastic bag holding a ball of wadding (photo left).  Tear off a piece and use it to polish metal; we tried it on the chrome wheels of the Ducati GT1000 and it does work well to remove oxidation and any slight surface corrosion that was left after washing the wheels with soap and water.

Followed up with Wizards Metal Renew and Power Seal, the chrome wheel definitely looked better than it did when new, and it now has a mirror shine, but it’s a lot of work.


We think the Metal Polish wadding is probably best used to remove very slight corrosion or stains, but this step could probably be skipped if the Metal Renew and Power Sealcombination will be used independently of the Metal Polish wadding.

Wizards Metal Polish also does a nice job of cleaning and polishing other metal bits on the motorcycle that have oxidized or which have very light corrosion.

Score:  4 out of 5

Review Date:  October 2007

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