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Why I Ride video series

Why do you ride? This beautifully shot short video gives us some good answers.
It’s called Why I Ride and it’s been made by American online insurance company esurance. (While you’re on the site, also click on “more videos”.)
It seems they have produced several episodes and this is the first installment so I suggest you bookmark their page and come back later for more.
You can also send them some of your own experiences that have why 5determined why you ride.
The video is not to be confused with the equally emotional and well-shot  full-length feature film Why We Ride which is currently in selected cinemas in the US.
It’s expected in Australia next year. Read my story here and check out the trailer here.
But back to Why I Ride.
It features Matthew Work who opened a motorcycle club called Piston & Chain in San Francisco.why b4
He’s pictured riding his 1976 BMW R75/6 which he once rode across America to New York.
“A 5000 mile backroads trip is one of my proudest achievements,” he says in the video.
“It’s hard work, a little lonely, the bike broke down twice … it’s an experience. You go through a lot of emotions pulling that thing off.”
He talks about how dangerous riding is and how his friends question his passion.
Why 3“People say to me, ‘aren’t you afraid to die?’ and I say, ‘well, are you afraid to live?’’
He also tries to put riding in terms non-riders will understand. He asks if they ski and “What if you could ski to work?”
He also talks about when and how his passion began.
“The first time I took that bike onto an actual road and felt that tyre hook up on asphalt it was just like woh!
“Everything I have done in my life since then has been related to the fact that that tyre hit asphalt.”
Can’t wait for episode two.Why 2
Meanwhile, here is another great biker movie you should check out: Girl Meets Bike.