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What should be your second motorbike?

Harry second bike
Harry suddenly had a garage full of bikes!

So you’ve read part one of our Second Motorbike series and have found a way to get your beloved to permit you to buy a second bike.

Now the hard part starts: What to buy!

This may already have been decided if your reasoning to your partner for a second motorbike was a special purpose such as saving money by commuting to work.

If it’s open slather, then the main thing is to buy something different to what you already own, so that your second bike extends your horizons.

What’s the point of two cruisers, two tourers, two sports bikes or two adventure bikes?

second motorbike

You can’t ride them both at the same time!

It is also easier to convince a partner if you are buying something different with a separate purpose.

However, my mate Harry convinced his wife he needed a second sports bike so he could use one as a track bike, thereby keeping the insurance low on his main bike.

In fact, he even managed to upgrade his main bike – a Ducati – before he sold it and at one stage had three sports bikes in his garage! He has a very tolerant wife.

Harry second motorbike
Harry suddenly had a garage full of bikes!

I’d suggest you get something at the opposite end of the spectrum. So if you have an adventure bike, get a cruiser and vice versa.

Don’t get something too similar. Buy a second bike that allows you to go different places, learn new skills and meet different people.

You can start doubling up when you get your third bike. Then you’re on your way to becoming a collector!

If, like many riders, you decide you want to restore or customise an old bike there are several rules to follow.

Buy something popular as there will be a market for it if you ever sell. There will also be plenty of spares and lots of forums and friends to give you a hand if and when you run into trouble.

Honda CX500 second motorbike
Hondas are popular, and parts and manuals are plentiful

Buy a bike you loved as a kid. It’s going to be a hard slog finding parts and fixing problems which will drive you insane unless you really love the bike you are working on.

Don’t buy the bike which is the latest craze among customisers or restorers or you will pay too much.

  • Good luck and tell us how you go!
  1. A good choice for an extra bike would be a trail bike or single cylinder adventure bike. Modern dirt bikes are very hardcore so unless you were planning to do serious dirt riding you would probably be happiest with something ‘softer’ as an all-round bike. The 650/660cc thumpers are good on the open road but for everything else, including in town and off-road, low weight is more important than a big engine. Bikes like the Yamaha WR250R (not the WR250F which is a hardcore dirt bike) or the Suzuki DR-Z400 are ideal. If you don’t want to spend much something like an old XR250/400 will do a great job. You can use these bikes to go dirt riding which will improve your skills. Tell your partner that you need to do this to make you a safer rider. Even Rossi and Marquez hone their riding skills on dirt bikes.

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